Daily Shifting Vibration Monitor


Did you have resistance or push against anything today?

If you explained or justified your action or if you attempted to convince anyone of your point of view as the right one and to get agreement or if you argued for your rightness or anothers wrongness then you are not accepting things that you don’t like as they are, you are pushing up against them and that is resistance. This means you are paying attention to them, giving them focus along with the feelings that go with them. It means you are spending time in lower vibrations and taking away time to focus on the thoughts that cause you to feel good. It means you have resistance and are holding yourself away from what you want; all that you want, and using those conditions and people as the reason. Let it go, let everyone have their perspective, they have nothing you need, the universe will provide everything upon your request and you can receive it once you match the vibration of it in your present moment thinking. That is all you need to do; ignore and distract yourself from everything else, engaging in the feel good thoughts.


Did you have any negative reactions today, if so what are you going to change so you don’t continue to react negatively, thus maintaining a high vibration?

A reaction simply means that you are holding someone responsible for how you feel when in fact the way you feel has to do with what you are thinking. If your thinking takes you to a negative feeling and reaction then it is faulty, that is what the negative emotion is telling you. Look at how you can adjust your beliefs, your thinking and / or your perspective so your thoughts feel better to think. When you do this you will respond peacefully rather than react negatively.


Did you have negative feeling thoughts today and if so how successful were you to ignore, distract or shift to better feeling thoughts?

The negative feeling is your indicator that your thoughts are not at the vibration level of what you want. To keep yourself from attracting more of what you don’t want you need to break or stop giving your attention to what is causing you to think negative feeling thoughts. Do you have and are you using tools that help you to distract your thinking (from a negative feeling topic) long enough to shift to better feeling thoughts (even when you are experiencing something that is not what you like)?


Did you need your mind mastery tool box today to help you turn to better feeling thoughts and if so, on a scale of 1 to 10 how effectively would you say you used it?

When negative momentum gets strong, that means the law of attraction is sending so many thoughts that equal our negative energy that it is a challenge to get access to the good feeling thoughts. This is when that tool box can really be the latter to pull you up out of the hole. When our mind gets saturated with negative feeling thoughts the tool box is that external aid that can help us get a new foot hold and start to change the direction of the momentum from negative to positive. The quality of your life, or lack of it of course depends on the amount of time in a high vibration, so you really want to use every tool you can get your hand on to turn negative momentum into positive.


Did you allow negative momentum to get going today and if so how effective were you in turning it around?

The law of attraction works consistently, you give it a bad or good feeling thought and one equal comes back. Now you have increased intensity or momentum of that thought stream which makes it easier to stay in that conversation in your head and cause yet another thought of the same vibration to come back. You can see how the momentum builds until it seems like thoughts are thinking you and you can’t seem to get off of that train. For this reason awareness of how you are feeling in every moment is critical to maintaining a high vibration. As soon as you feel negative feeling thoughts, you must turn them around realizing the only reason you feel negative is because of the thoughts you are thinking, not anything outside of yourself. From this perspective you are in the driver seat always to change your thoughts, feelings and therefore vibration. You want it high so you keep your day flowing easily as you move to and realize your desires. The quicker you catch negative momentum the easier it is to turn it around so really raise your awareness of how you are feeling in every present moment.


Did you experience contrast (what you didn’t like) today and if so did you use it to your benefit or your detriment?

Contrast means to experience something you don’t like and it is through those experiences that we learn what we do. It’s all very good. The only trouble comes as a result of keeping our focus on the contrast rather than on the new thing that it caused us to ask for. When you focus on the new thing you are using contrast for your benefit. When you focus on what caused you to do the asking, you are using it to your detriment. Use contrast as your friend, you can even say, this is great, I have something more to ask for, then ask yourself how it feels to have this thing you asked for. Now shift your thoughts to match that feeling / vibration and watch what manifests.


In the heat of the moment when I started feeling negative and about to react, was a practiced enough to maintain a high vibration? If not am I willing to practice more?

The best way to prepare your day such that you find yourself peacefully responding rather than negatively reacting is to get momentum going first thing in the day so you are meeting people and circumstances at that high vibration level. Further if there is a specific topic or person that you want to have a more positive, empowering and feel good interaction with then you must practice positive, empowering and feel good thoughts about them when things are calm and peaceful (a new story). As you create this new image / story of that person or situation, this will become your new point of attraction and experience with them (or if they don’t rise or have that vibration going you will not meet them at all). You will also notice that the more practiced you are on good feeling thoughts, your momentum is more positive, and you will have more resilience to stay in a high vibration and maintain your positive perspective in any situation. From time to time it is likely that old momentum will call on you through the day so practice a tool that allows you to quickly be aware of negativity, how to pause it and shift it. This will augment your day starting momentum and really keep you steady on a high vibration. Another thought you can practice is that everything in your day is simply feedback of your vibration, your emotional attitude on the subject or topic. You can be thankful for the indicator letting you know where your vibration is. No one is doing anything to you, they are only feeding back your vibration. One last thing to remember is that when something happens you don’t like practice telling yourself that you are now clearer about what you want and the vibration needed to attract it.


Did you listen to any ones negative story today?

Did you encourage / influence an empowering perspective or did you allow others to influence both their and your vibration down.