The Law of Vibration and Attraction Cycle

The cause for what happens in our life, the good, bad and ugly and how to change anything.

By Brian Withers


Click this link to access the diagram referred to in this article The Law of Vibration and Attraction Cycle Diagram


The Human Beings User Guide to a fulfilling Life

Before getting into the details of what The Law of Vibration and Attraction Cycle is and how it works. I want to position it in terms of why we really need to understand it and use it if we are going to take charge of any and all areas of our life and cause them to be what we want them to be.

I often say that we didn’t get the human beings users guide that shows us how to live the fulling life that we want; get the results that we desire. This users guide notion may seem a bit odd because most people think, could there be such a thing? Why would there be such a thing? What would it show us? But think about it, anything we want to use effectively that has a variety of controls or settings or the like, we need to study the guide first so we know how to use it effectively and when we find we are not operating it effectively we go back to the guide. When it comes to the human mind there are definitely a variety of proverbial controls and settings that are the cause for what we experience. In fact, we, our thinking mind, are the cause of our life experiences, all of it, and we do it through the way we use our mind. That being the case, doesn’t it seem sensible that we need to understand how to use our mind effectively so we can get the results and experiences we desire. Doesn’t it make sense that if we don’t know how to use it effectively that our results are not going to be what we want. Think of an airplane, what kind of results do you think you would get if you got in the cockpit and attempted to fly without any training or from hand me down information from others who didn’t study the guide but just worked on trial and error. Now let me ask you, have you been formally educated on the faculties of your mind and how to use them? Have you been formally educated on your energetic nature and how it relates to the use of your mind as well as the law of attraction which is responsible for bringing equal energies together. If not then you are living life by trial and error, or you could say by the seat of your pants. You are almost certainly experiencing one or more things that you are not satisfied with and therefore not living the fulfilling life that you came here for.

Think about it, does it really make sense when you look around at this planet and see the wonder, the beauty, the magnificence, and the intelligence that we came here to be puppets on a string, to be subject to some mysterious unknown power that is deciding what we can and can not have, to scratch out what ever we can? Does it make sense that life is intended to be one long hit and miss, random and chance set of experiences that we have no certain control over and then presto were gone? It makes no sense at all that our purpose would be to come here to be part of a puppet show and simply get what is given to us, what randomly shows up, or what we can scratch out with no real say or specific determination on what our experiences will be. This notion of no certain control over our life is particularly none-sense when you realize 1) the powerful faculties of our mind, 2) that there is a larger part of us that holds steady on our desires and orchestrates a joyous path to them, 3) that we can set our vibrational frerquency such that the law of attraction connects us with that path to our desires as setup by source.

When you know these things then you know there has to be some reason that explains why we can’t seem to get to, or sustain the level of fulfillment and satisfaction that we desire in various areas of our life, We want more love, we want something more out of our relationships, we want better health, we want a better job, we want to start a business, we want our business to be more successful, we want more money, we want more travel, we want more fun and enjoyment, or we just want to feel better about our self. Why is it that so often we can’t make these things happen to our satisfaction? Could the answers to these questions be in a human beings users guide, one that gives us all the information about how to operate our mind effectively and in conjunction with the larger part of our self and the laws that govern cause and effect? Is there such knowledge that explains to us and shows us how to conduct ourselves in a way that would produce a fulfilled and satisfying life? Sure, why would there not be such a thing? Would someone create a powerful machine to manufacture a product and give no instruction guide with it? It just does not add up that there would not be available, the information on how to use our brilliant, creative and intelligent mind.

In the absence of such a users guide, really up until this time in human history its been kind of the same old, same old. Living life by trial and error because there has been no no information that allows us to know with certainty, how to get the results we want – guaranteed. As with any piece of machinery, using it without a guide simply produces unpredictable and uncertain results and this is no different for living life.

We now know that education, accumulated money, knowing the “right” people, doing the “right” things, position, or hard work does not guarantee us a result that we want. We know that there are things that all of the money in the world cannot buy. We know that our success cannot be connected to someone else, some condition, right timing, or anything else outside of us because we do not have total control over those things. Essentially if we are not connecting with the truth about who we are there has to be some level of insecurity, uncertainly and vulnerability because without the truth it has us looking to the outside world, at least in part, to get the things we want, and again we know that we do not have total control of those things.

Although there has not been much in the way of human beings user guide, people have never stop seeking how to get in the drivers seat of their life, to be in charge of their results independent of any others, conditions or circumstances. The reason for this is because the larger part of us (source energy) knows we can be, do or have what we want. Now, finally, in this article we have the users guide that allows us, the human conscious part of our self, to understand how to operate our mind as nature intended so we can deliberately live the life we choose, independently, and on an easy, effortless and joyous path.

So ask yourself, what is going on in my life that I don’t like and I don’t really know how to change it or have been unsuccessful in getting the change I want? What is causing my life to happen as it is? How can I get what I want? Now, you can get the answers to these questions in this users guide.

So now what you must pose to yourself is this, either you have been assigned a limited ability to take charge of your life, to change what you don’t like and experience what you desire, or you simply lack the knowledge and know how to do so. If you agree that you simply lack the knowledge then read on to acquire it because it does exist. If you believe you have limited say over your life then read on to see if you can understand why that cannot possibly be true, and then acquire the knowledge that does allow you to take charge of your life.

I propose to you that there is human beings users guide, it is here in this article and it is the missing link that shows you how to take charge and navigate your life to health, happiness and harmony; therefore all you need to do to take charge of any and all areas of your life is consult the users guide to acquire the knowledge, engage the training and put it to practice. That is exactly what this article is all about – it is major part of the human beings user guide to taking charge of your life. For a more comprehensive step by step guide I have developed the Higher Vibrations Program – 20 weeks to Taking Charge of Your Life.

The remainder of this article will introduce you to The Law of Vibration and Attraction Cycle which will show you why you are in charge of and responsible for your life experiences. It will also show you how to use this knowledge to exercise your power of deliberate creation. Not knowing about The Law of Vibration and Attraction Cycle, or knowing about it but not using it effectively accounts for all of the discomfort and dissatisfaction in our life. Knowing about it and using it effectively allows you to turn any discomfort or dissatisfaction into comfort and satisfaction.

The law of attraction cycle is at work every moment of our life and connecting us with experiences, conditions, people and circumstances that equal the energy frequencies we have active in our self. Once we learn about this cycle, and learn how to use it effectively, it will make a tremendous difference in the quality of our life. It’s the difference between driving your car with your hands on the steering wheel versus not. Have you ever heard of the phrase that we only use 5 to 10% of our mind (intelligence)? This article is showing you that we are actually using 100% of our mind, but we are using it so ineffectively that it seems like we are only using a small amount. It’s time to get the full value from it.

As you read through this article, what is really important for you to take from it is two things 1) understand that how we have been taught to use our mind is to some degree inhibiting us from experiencing the life we desire and 2) understand how to use your mind as nature intended to really live the fulfilling and satisfying life you desire.

Life without knowing about the cycle and / or understanding how it works.

Did you ever have someone make a remark or display a certain behaviour to which you instantly reacted, that is, you barked back, or you retreated in hurt, got defensive or down in some way? Wouldn’t it be nice to remain in a positive frame of mind no matter what was going on around us? Wouldn’t it be nice to have a layer of insulation to protect us against reacting and therefore feeling negativity? It is possible; not only is it possible, it is paramount to the quality of our life that we learn how to do this because being in a negative state does far more damage to our life than we probably realize. A negative feeling is simply the result of a process, one that if we understand, we can turn it around. We really can choose how we feel regardless of circumstances. We just need to learn how.

We are typically not aware of the what is happening in our mind when we react to a circumstance, but there is a process happening; understanding this process is mandatory to taking charge of our mind, which means taking charge of our emotions, our vibration and therefore our life. The process is explained in this article and illustrated by the Law of Vibration and Attraction Cycle diagram (per link indicated at the top of this article) .

This cycle is the cause and effect of everything in our life. Every moment we are in some part of the cycle. Knowing where we are in the cycle, and understanding that part of the cycle will help us to most effectively use it for our benefit versus sabotaging our self in some way. Knowing how the entire cycle works will allow us to live to our full potential, fulfillment and satisfaction because we will use it to take charge of the way we feel. What is so important about the way we feel? Our feelings are the vibration we are activating and the vibration that is active is the one the law of attraction uses to connect us with like vibrations. This means when we deliberately choose our vibration, which we can, will be taking charge of our daily and our life experiences. In order to intentionally cause different results in our life: attract what we want, we need to master this cycle. This will allow us to shift our vibration and therefore what we attract into our experience; more of what we want and less of what we do not.

Before learning about the cycle, because negative energy is so destructive to our life, I want to draw attention to how often we can actually find our self in it through a quick reaction or thought-feeling. It is vital that you become aware of the frequency, intensity and amount of time you spend in negative energy so you can work on lessening it. The more you allow it, the greater the impact it has on your vibration to drive it down and attract what you don’t like. Negative energy simply attracts equal negative energy. That means when you are choosing negative energy, you are choosing to attract unwanted things into your daily life and inhibit your natural health, causing a lack of wellness. It does not matter why we engage in negative energy; if we allow it into our mind, it’s our damage. Through our unawareness of the effect of negative energy, we don’t realize that it is the negative energy we are choosing that is actually causing those life situations we don’t like. This highlights the significance of learning how The Law of Vibration Cycle works so we can stop that self damage and self sabotage; stop derailing the things we want to experience. Once you understand the cycle, instead of getting involved in negativity, whether self talk, a situation or an exchange you can actually use it to turn your energy positive and be much more effective in attracting what you want. That is what will change your life.

Whether we engage in negative energy in the form of a troubling emotional conversation in our head or from a current issue, the past or perceived future or we take something personally and get outwardly defensive or aggressive, the bottom line is that we have chosen a low vibration that affects our life; regardless of what is happening with anybody else. It is vital to the quality of our life that we understand this; the effect of the emotional state in our head affects the quality of OUR life circumstances. We must learn how to stop beating up on our self and sabotaging our life with these negative thought-feeling choices. I have listed examples below where people can find themselves in a quick negative reaction and you can probably think of many others. It really gives you an idea of how much time we can be in the negative zone and therefore how much of our attention goes into actually attracting the life we don’t want. We are literally sabotaging our own life without knowing it. For each example below, there are really a variety of possible responses, see if you can come up with a few for each one. Is there a reaction for each one that you see people commonly choosing? No one can inject a response into our head, the choice is purely ours. This is such an important point to note that I will repeat it; there are a variety of response options to virtually any situation and we can choose any one. Unfortunately, we tend to snap to the same old one which causes us to live the same old experience. When we start to make a new choice, have a new response instead of an old reaction; that is where our life starts to change.

Your spouse says or does something or flat out leaves the relationship
A coworker makes a remark or has a certain behavior
A business associate unexpectedly pulls out of an agreement
A customer is not paying their bills
You are on your way to an important meeting and your car breaks down
You gave a presentation which was not well received
You are going to write an exam
The food in the restaurant takes a long time to come and is cold when it does
You find out about a serious health condition
Your job position is eliminated
You are about to pull into a parking lot and someone quickly “steals” your spot
You just got a call about your kids causing damage to someone’s property
The plumbing in your house springs a major leak
You are criticized
Your job is not fun anymore
You step on the scale and see that you gained weight
Your flight is cancelled
Something that triggers you to feel inadequate, lonely, unattractive, unworthy etc


The Law of Vibration and Attraction Cycle and how we typically use it

Our reactions to the things in our day very much sets us up for the quality of experiences in our day and in the days to come; that is, the vibration from our reaction will attract its equal. If we continue to react in the same way to a given situation or memory or perceived occurrence, we will find that it or something similar will to show up again and again. If you have a situation in your life that repeats, just pause for a moment and look how you react each time it happens. If you react the same way then you are going to keep it coming. Why? This is what you will learn by understanding the 5 part Law of Vibration and Attraction Cycle which includes the influence of beliefs and the use of the imagination, a real tool for changing our lives.

If you look at the diagram you can see the 5 part cycle and the two colored circles near Part 2 and Part 3. The red circle represents our beliefs and the purple circle represents our imagination. It looks pretty simple eh! But let’s look at the way we are using it.

Looking at the diagram, although we do not get any direct education on this 5 part cycle, we can easily identify with Parts 1, 2 and 4; that is, we know things happen in our life, we know we have thoughts about them and we know we have feelings about them. We also know that we have a reaction or a response which depends on how we use the cycle; that is, notice in the diagram a reaction skips Part 3 while a response comes out of Part 3. This is extremely significant and will be further explained.

I have indicated on the diagram with two dotted lines (within the circle of arrows) that we are essentially only using a portion of the entire cycle; that is, Parts 1, 2 and 4. Parts 3 and 5 we tend not to be aware of and have not been educated on how they function; this leaves us at a severe disadvantage in running our life in terms of achieving fulfillment and satisfaction. You might argue that you are using Part 3 but lets have a closer look and you can be the judge of whether you are using it effectively or not.

Part 3 is where our power to change and direct our life lies. This is where we can independently choose thoughts no matter what our five senses are experiencing in the moment; that is, we can deal with the matter at hand in an emotionally detached manner while turning our attention to thoughts that will match the vibration of our desires and therefore cause us to attract the results we want. This is where we can question fear, worry and doubt and the cause of any other negative feeling and know why we can dissolve them. This is where we can change beliefs from ones that do not support us because they are flawed to ones that do, which are based in the truth of natures laws of cause and effect. This is where we can decide to feel the confidence and joy to follow our heart, live our dreams and know that everything will be OK when we do. When we make a consciously aware positive thought choice regardless of what is happening (“what is”), we can move from a negative reaction to a positive response. This is how we support our self in attracting what we desire; this is how we change what is happening in our life that we don’t like to what we do. Think about this, you don’t have to react or become negatively emotionally involved in a situation at all (past, present or perceived future), you can choose anything you want in that very moment when something is happening that you don’t like. When you consistently choose to think feel good thoughts no matter what is going on that you don’t like, that is when you change your life experience from what you don’t like to what you do, simple as that.

Ask yourself, how often do I step back and catch myself in a negative emotion and / or reaction and change it to something positive right there and then? How often do I emotionally detach, right on the spot, from something that is capturing my emotions in a negative way? This is why many people think they are using Part 3 but are really not. Any time you are reacting to life, going to a negative emotion, you are not using Part 3. Even if you are successful in detaching that is not enough. Where do you go after you detach, how do you effectively produce a positive feeling about a positive intention in the moment; that is, an authentic positive feeling that is dominant in your mind? To answer this let’s explore the rest of the cycle.

With regard to Part 5, we really have not received any formal education that it exists and therefore have no understanding of it. For this reason we don’t realize that the thought-feelings we choose (and every one is a choice) translate into our life experience. We do not associate the fact that our feelings attract our life experience. The reality is that they do. We tend to think that once a negative feeling passes it is gone, but it has simply kept that negative feeling thought active, and the related negative vibration (on a topic) that the law of attraction will use to bring an equal vibrational experience. Low vibrations attract more of the unwanted type of experiences and high vibrations more of the wanted. Of course the great news about our feelings being a vibration is that it makes you, and only you, the captain of your ship, the maker of your physical reality. That awareness alone should give you tremendous motivation to learn, and use Part 3 of the cycle effectively. Realizing that you are the captain of your ship may be a bit shocking at first as it essentially makes you responsible for what is going on in your life (the good, bad and ugly); however, once you digest it, you should be quite excited about your ability to take charge of your vibration through your choices which allows you to take charge of what happens in your life. You are not subject to anything in your world except to that which you give permission, and that happens through your choice of thought>feelings.

To be clear about your power, like a ship, where the captain cooperates with the engine room for the movement (of the ship); in the same way, you are a co-creator, with the larger part of yourself (source energy) being your engine room along with the law of attraction (Part 5 of the cycle). Just like the engine room on a ship does not question the captain’s instructions, the law of attraction will not question yours; it simply carries out the instructions as stated through your feelings. It does not know anything about the circumstances you are in, it simply only receives instructions through the feelings you are choosing. Your instruction language to the law of attraction is feeling (where feelings are unique vibrations); therefore, as you can see, Part 4 is crucial because it is where Part 5 gets its instructions in the form of an energetic vibration (thought-feeling-image). This once again tells you the critical nature of Part 3 because it is Part 3 that leads into Part 4. If we use Part 3 ineffectively or virtually not at all as we have been taught, then Part 4 will be ineffective. If Part 4 is ineffective then Part 5 receives ineffective instructions, causing results in our life that are ineffective and unwanted. Further, when we bypass Part 3, which we typically do as shown by the dotted line in the diagram; that means our beliefs are causing an auto thought that leads us into reaction mode (this is explained below). Remember that many of our beliefs are based on faulty information, lacking knowledge of the truths and laws of the universe, and this causes us faulty type reactions (negative) like anger, sadness, guilt, worry, anxiety, panic, helplessness and others. By using Part 3 effectively we will consciously choose thoughts that lead us to a positive feeling in Part 4 which will go to Part 5 as a high vibration. This will cause the attraction of what is equal to that vibration; the things we desire to experience.

If we put this into the context of a typical day, what happens so often in our life is that we think about what we want, we talk about what we want, but then we counter that positive energy with negative. Why do we do this? Because our faulty beliefs have us defeating what we want by coming up with reasons why we can’t have it. Again this highlights the critical importance of us understanding this cycle because it makes us very clear on how our thought>feeling choices cause our life experiences and therefore makes us responsible for the quality of our life. By understanding this cycle, it helps us to know how to take charge of our life and cause it to be what we want it to be. So we must understand and accept the following so we can effectively use this cycle to be the intentional creator of our reality that we came here to be.

* We choose our thoughts
* We have the ability to choose thoughts independent of circumstances
* Our beliefs silently and strongly influence our thoughts
* We tend to react with a thought as a habit which is based on a belief
* Thoughts lead to feelings
* Each feeling is a unique vibration of energy
* The vibration from the feeling is used by the law of attraction
* The law of attraction attracts experiences to us that are equal to our vibration
* Beliefs are simply thoughts repeated and accepted as true
* Many beliefs are based on faulty and missing information
* The law of attraction does not know the difference between an imagined or physical experience, it just picks up the energy vibration of the feeling

* You can select how you feel from either a physical or imagined experience
* You can choose a new perspective on the same topic that gives you a different feeling

* You can talk more generally about things that feel good or that you know to be true

* Our imagination is what allows us to take our thoughts to where ever we want
* Whether we use our imagination for destructive images or constructive images, the law of attraction does not question it, it just accepts the instruction and then goes to work to attract it.

Let’s look at a quick example of how we want something but yet set our selves up not to receive it. Let’s say you want a loving relationship but “feel” envious of others that have one. Although the thought in your conscious mind says “I want it”, the feeling of envy is the instruction that goes to the law of attraction as a low vibration. Remember it is the feeling that causes the vibration, not the thought. In this case the feeling of envy is effectively saying “I don’t want a loving relationship”. Why? Because the feeling of envy does not match the vibration of joy which is the feeling of a loving relationship. The law of attraction arranges what you vibrationally ask for. That is its job. Remember, you’re the captain, your feelings are the instructions and the law of attraction is the engine room. So you see, it’s not that we can’t have the loving relationship, we most certainly can, but because we don’t understand the working of our mind, we operate it in a way that gives us what we don’t want. To put it another way, we don’t allow what we want by redirecting our focus and vibration (instruction language) to what we don’t want. If we would simply identify that we want a loving relationship, hold that feeling, feel great for others that have it and basically keep all thoughts and emotions in the direction of that loving feeling, we would attract it. Why do we redirect our vibration away from what we want? That’s next.

Why do we (unknowingly) redirect our vibration? It has to do with more unawareness. Through unawareness, this is how the incredible silent power of our beliefs influences the cycle. As you can see in the diagram, when we think thoughts about a situation (Part 2), they are processed through our beliefs before they reach Part 3. Any belief that has to do with the situation will cause an auto thought selection, which unless we are aware of what is happening, will send us straight to Part 4 where we have the associated emotional and physical reaction. The belief is like a pre-recorded response to a situation; that is, if something happens and it is related to a belief, the associated thought-feeling reaction occurs. Going back to the diagram, the feeling (Part 4) from the auto thought based on the belief goes to Part 5 as a vibration (instruction). The vibration then attracts the same situation or one very much like it all over again. When the old familiar situation happens again, the same process happens within the cycle and you can now see why we keep reliving a certain experience or experiences similar to that vibration level. You can also see why history repeats itself. The same thinking and feeling keeps producing the same vibration which keeps attracting the same result.

Going back to our example of the person who wants the loving relationship but does not get it, let’s put it through the cycle. They desire to have a loving relationship but when they see people in a loving relationship (Part 1), and they start thinking about it (Part 2), those thoughts go through their belief filter. In the belief filter there could be something like ‘why do others have a loving relationship and I do not’, ‘I do not have a loving relationship’, ‘I’ll never have a loving relationship’, ‘nobody wants me’, ‘I am not lovable’, ‘I am not attractive’. From this an auto thought emerges and the feeling of envy results (Part 4). The feeling of envy is telling you that the thought is invalid. That is basically the job of emotions to let you know if your perspective is valid or not. Emotions are your guidance system, your sixth sense to guide your thinking such that it is valid. Positive yes, negative no.

Because we are not aware of the process or the damage and self sabotage that envy is doing to us, we do not contest this auto thought and the resulting feeling of envy, but process it through to Part 5, thus setting our self up for a repeat of the same thing. To emphasize, what has happened here is that Part 3 essentially is skipped (the place where we choose thoughts that produce a high vibration (positive emotion)), and we go directly to Part 4 where we feel the negative emotion and react with negative self talk within or strike out in frustration perhaps. That vibration goes on to Part 5 and we have now just asked for another one of those circumstances we don’t like. That being said, if we are aware of what a negative emotion means we can use Part 4 as the point where we change that thing we don’t like to be what we do. This will be covered more in the last section of this article. Are you starting to see how we attract what we don’t want by redirecting our attention to it and consequently away from what we do want? The bottom line is that whatever instruction the law of attraction hears, it follows. In this case it hears “I don’t have a loving relationship”. And that is what it delivers.

Beliefs in the subconscious mind always win over wants in the conscious mind because they have more momentum associated with them. For example we may want a loving relationship but if we have a belief that we don’t deserve a loving relationship that means we have given that thought a great deal of attention, much more than the thought of having a loving relationship. What wins out is what gets the dominant attention. When what we want is different than what we are experiencing, you can bet there is a faulty belief at work. It is these faulty beliefs that cause us to redirect our thinking and therefore our vibration to what we don’t want. We allow, out of unawareness, a belief to hijack the cycle, short circuit it and take over our results. The negative feeling thought is the redirector that comes from the faulty belief. Negative feelings are always the result of faulty (invalid) beliefs about life and about self. In this way, a negative feeling is your sixth sense to let you know that your thoughts are invalid in accordance with who you are as a vibrational being, invalid in terms of you being the creator of your reality, invalid in terms of the truth of abundance and invalid in terms of not matching the vibration of what you want.

It is of course a faulty thought to think we don’t deserve love because the truth is we do, we are love, and we can attract others at the vibration of love, but we got to love our self first, recognize that we are love. To not love our self is a faulty perspective. That belief would have been picked up along the way some where as we are not born with it. We come here with the truth, it’s only the faulty and missing information that makes us think otherwise.

To demystify beliefs, they are simply a thought repeated until we accept them and they become a habit. In fact they get wired into our brain through our neural pathways making the reaction easy, but the power of choice still gives us the final say and we can rewire the brain with new beliefs any time. With knowledge of the truths and laws you now have, you have all of the information to make new choices and setup new valid beliefs. Beliefs are like a lens, if you look at something through a red lens, its red, if the lens is blue then the object looks blue and so on. What we want to do is get back to a clear lens so we are seeing the truth instead of a skewed version of the truth which is what the red lens gives us. What is the truth, in our example it is that every one is love, is lovable, deserves love, emanates love and can have a loving relationship. In the world of truth, envy cannot exist nor can any emotion that is based on information contrary to the truth of you, the truth of abundance, and the law of vibration, expression and expansion.

One thing to be aware of is this. Earlier I mentioned about the importance of being aware of the thought>feeling that is dominant. This is significant because sometimes we think something in terms of positive words but it is just a cover up a thought that we are attempting to ignore, deny or hide for some reason. The thought being hidden is always more dominant than the words attempting to cover it and therefore drives our feelings which then drives our vibration. Did you ever listen to someone tell you something or give you an answer to a question and you could tell their heart was not really in it, their body language or voice did not agree with their words. That is what I am talking about here. Be very careful of this, if such thoughts continue to be hidden they can do damage because they are causing you to have a negative feeling (Part 4) which gets sent as a low vibration to Part 5. You don’t need to hide those unwanted thought-feelings; in fact, they can be used to your advantage and be a real tool to change your emotional state. Instead of hiding them, we will want to bring them up on the table in Part 4 so they can be a trigger for the first step to lead us back to their cause. To use it as a trigger means to identify it and then turn it around to what it is causing us to ask for, something that attracts what we want. What we don’t like is a great spring board to help us to state clearly what we do like.

What is also significant to note here in terms of the cycle and how it relates to health, is that since it is innate for us to express our natural gifts and talents and seek our desires, nature has a way of making sure we do so. The way it does this is through the law of vibration. When we are not living our true desires, we feel down in one or more ways. This down amounts to a low (negative vibration) which brings us circumstances we don’t like and also inhibits the cells of our body from getting what they are asking for from source energy (each cell is intelligent and knows how to look after itself as long as communication with source is not inhibited). The amount of feeling down (and you can tell by the emotion) is directly related to how far away our thoughts are taking us from what we want. For this reason you can see how important it is to our health that we express our selves as we desire and generally fill our life with what we desire. If we understand this Law of Vibration Cycle, we can use it to do just that. If we don’t understand or don’t abide by it, can you see how we can just keep reliving and “fighting” against the things we do not like (and getting more of them) instead of using them as input to reset to positive thought focus and cause an increase in our vibration. Can you see that how we are using the cycle (dotted lines) just continues to activate and give more momentum to negative energy (faulty beliefs) and cause imbalances and dissatisfaction in our life? With regard to health, can you see why drugs and surgery or anything else that is focused exclusively on the body is only treating symptoms and therefore are really ineffective, and a short term solution at best? What we really need to change is the cause (our vibration), and to do that we need to understand this cycle and how to abide by it.


Life when we know how to use the cycle effectively

So what can we do to start using this cycle as intended by nature and really get the fullness of life? What can be done about these invalid beliefs and our habitual reactions? For starters, we can interrupt or pause the law of vibration cycle at Part 4 by using a negative feeling as a trigger that we have fallen into the trap of a faulty belief reaction. Once we realize that a faulty belief is influencing our thinking we can neutralize our thinking and stop the negative reaction. Sometimes we are so accustomed to feeling certain negative emotions that we are not totally aware of their presence – that is the result of a habit. So turning up our awareness about how we are feeling is essential to interrupting the cycle and stopping the momentum of the negative feeling and reaction.

One thing that can help alert you to the brewing of this negative emotion is to listen to your body for any sensations (stomach, chest, head) that are uncomfortable or take note of a change in your energy. Once you are aware of the negative feeling, the first thing you can do to neutralize it is to realize that what is happening is simply the manifestation of an active low vibration you choose. Accept it as, not good, not bad, it just is. In fact, it is literally like a shadow on the wall, you can’t change a circumstance by working with it directly, you must change the source that caused it to manifest, which is the negative feeling thought on that topic. You can nullify the negative feeling thoughts by putting them up against the truths and laws that govern cause and effect. You see this in the diagram to the right of Part 4. Once you do this you will realize that your negative feeling thoughts on the matter are invalid and you are now free to choose a valid response; a positive feeling response back in Part 3. As you do this repeatedly, that circumstance will discontinue to manifest because there will be no vibration to support it. What will start to manifest is the new circumstance that is what you want and what matches the high vibration thinking you are sustaining.

When you put any thoughts up against the truths and laws that govern cause and effect you will find relief and you will relax. That process allows you to emotionally detach from the situation so you don’t take anything personally or be critical of your self or others. It helps you to stay away from judging it or getting defensive. It allows you to release fear, worry and doubt. When we relax we release negative energy. When we accept “what is” as simply a manifestation of our energy, we are OK, and when we are OK it goes away because we have withdrawn attention from it.

With our mind clear of negativity we can go back to Part 3 and investigate why we selected or allowed the thought>choice that led to the negative emotion in the first place. What we will find is that it is based on a faulty and limited belief about life or about our self. It would be very good to identify that belief and replace it with a new supportive belief. If you are doing my Higher Vibrations program or have finished it you will have identified your faulty believes and listed their replacements. Now you can make a new choice from the choice options in Part 2 and naturally proceed along the cycle. There is more to help you with making a new choice when imagination is discussed in the remainder of this article.

As you start to practice this new way of catching yourself in a negative place and turning it to positive, it may seem odd at first to, in a seemingly negative situation, respond positively instead of reacting negatively, but with continued practice it will become a habit and your norm, and really, your natural way of being. This new habit will cause you to connect with more of the life experiences you want because you will be maintaining a high vibration; that is how you connect with all of the details to bring you to what you want.

What you must understand is that a negative feeling says, I don’t want it, and a positive says I do. For example, if you find yourself in a line up and get irritated and say something like I always get stuck in line ups, your vibration is saying that you want more of it and the law of attraction makes sure you get it. Notice the feeling of ‘irritated’ along with your specific attention on getting stuck in a line up activates a specific vibration. This is the perfect recipe for attraction. You just communicated your vibration in a way that gives you what you don’t want, despite in your conscious mind you really want to move quickly and easily through the check out. Can you see how you can want something but yet you attract the opposite. The remedy is as outlined above, if you are in a line up, talk to yourself in a way that gives you the feeling of flowing quickly and easily through the check out. As you consistently feed this instruction, it will become the dominant vibration for what you attract. The vibration that says you want to be in a line up will deactivate with lack of attention. Just have patients, it may not change overnight but it will change. This is a big thing for many people, if it does not change over night they give up. Also, this idea of “feeling” happy in the middle of something that is not a happy situation can seem so odd and uncomfortable that people won’t go there. In fact some will think, I am just pretending and lying to myself. That attitude only shows how deeply we have been programmed in erroneous beliefs. It will take mental will to start using this cycle effectively as we tend to get caught up in what is happening in the outside world and let it rule our mind. It’s almost like we have to live a dual life. The life we observe with our 5 senses; what we are experiencing, and the new life story we tell ourselves; the life we want to experience. As the teachings of Abraham say, stop telling it the way it is and start telling it the way you want it to be.

To really make this all work, we need to be aware of another piece of this process and that is our imagination. This is where all of the magic happens. I know you know about imagination but you may not know about the power of imagination. The imagination is not just a fantasy that will never come true, or something to be used by a child for fun, it is a serious faculty of your mind that allows you to be the deliberate creator of your reality. If used effectively it will do just that. We have been taught to think of imagination as something in our head that goes no where, so wrong. It is incredibly powerful when used in conjunction with what you are learning here. We can literally use our imagination and our ability to think independently (from what is going on in our physical world) to hold an imagined experience, complete with emotions, just like it is really happening in the physical world. When we do this the related vibration causes the law of attraction to match us up with the frequency of that imagined experience. The law of attraction knows nothing of what your 5 senses are taking in, NOTHING, it only knows the vibration you are activating, and you can use your imagination to activate any vibration you want. But be aware, your beliefs can also use your imagination and you most likely can identify times when you used your imagination to see “bad” pictures. Unfortunately those are equally powerful vibrational offerings which the law of attraction will use to find you what matches, so you must be very careful with your imagination, it is very powerful.

Now let me give you a very graphic tool that will help you to remember to use your imagination. Let’s say you are taking notice of a negative feeling coming on related to a situation you are in or a conversation in your mind. You suspend / interrupt it in your mind, and right on the spot (in your mind) you get up and walk into the portal. What is the portal? Look the Law of Vibration Cycle diagram and picture that purple circle, representing your imagination, growing big enough that you can actually walk through it. As you walk in, you completely separate from the situation and anything you are feeling about it, I mean completely let it go, seeing it for what it is, a vibrational manifestation, a shadow on the wall, an illusion, or a movie on a screen (yes you are walking out of the movie theatre called your life). Once you have walked through this portal, you look out and see the field of all possibilities where you can pick anything you want – anything. What do you want? What do you want instead of the negative thing / feeling that you were experiencing? In my Higher Vibrations Program there are a number of exercises that help you to identify what you really want. You pick what you want and return to your situation but now you are no longer negatively emotionally engaged with that “what is” situation that got your attention in negative way. Your body may be there but your mind is free, you deal with the situation (or self talk) but at the same time you are talking to your self with the language that will generate the vibration of what you want to attract. I don’t mean positive thinking or simple positive pump up tools; I mean the language of vibration uninhibited; a clear image with intention, expectation and the feeling that would go with it, in other words, it is believable, conceivable and achievable. It’s real; you are experiencing it with your intuitive 5 senses. This will take practice and you may fall back to old ways at times, but if you keep doing this exercise, your life will start to change as you introduce new higher vibration thinking. At first you will attract in a subtle way, then in small ways, then in medium ways and then in big ways.

Just remember, if you had a lot of negative momentum going on a topic, you may have to go more general in your self talk as the specifics of situation may only keep the negative feeling thoughts activated. You can see two articles on this website to help you with moving from a negative momentum back into positive. One is called “Your Emotional Guidance System”, and the other is called “Maintaining a High Vibration”.

Also of note is that sometimes, you can’t walk into the portal totally, you must deal with an unwanted situation. In this case your faculty of perspective comes in handy. Let’s say you have a job you don’t like. You can’t really walk out without causing yourself even more negativity because of the lack of money in the immediate days ahead. You can’t spend all day sitting there in imagination, you must do your work. There is where you can find a new perspective and focus on the things that are working and that you do like. This can keep you in a high vibration while and the law of attraction will connect you with the job you want. It may actually be where you are or some where different, but if you hold your vibration high you must be matched with what equals it, it is law.

Getting back to the example of the person wanting a loving relationship, if we apply the complete cycle it looks like this: When they feel envy coming on, they interrupt it, they stop and say, I am feeling negative, why am I feeling this? I am feeling this because I believe for example some faulty belief such as there is only so much to go around and all of the good partners are taken or I believe that I am unworthy of love. Then they would acknowledge such beliefs are invalid because of the truth of abundance and the law of vibration and their power to activate the vibration they choose. They would know that they can offer a vibration that equals exactly what they want and that what they can manifest is unlimited because energy is unlimited. They would know that everyone is entitled to the joys of life and therefore they are. This would also help them to feel joy for the loving relationships of others; with the feeling of joy coming in all directions it causes them to attract the loving relationship they desire. With this acknowledgement they would detach from those thoughts that generate envy. Then they would visualize themselves walking into the portal and choosing the relationship they desire, holding a clear picture of it along with emotion. Now they see themselves coming out of the portal, relaxed, detached from the feeling of envy but holding the thoughts-feelings-image of the thing they want. This sets up a vibration and with repetition, trust, gratitude and expectation, this image will start to be drawn to them as they are to it. If persisted, “out of the blue”, it will show up or perhaps there will be one thing that leads to the next thing that leads them to this desire.

If we look at the cycle, what happened was that the person, in Part 4, noticed the negative feeling rather than automatically going with it and sending it to Part 5 for a repeat performance. Being aware of that negative feeling allowed them to interrupted it and return to Part 3. From there they were able to look at the thoughts that caused the feeling of envy and look at the beliefs that caused the thoughts. This allowed them to diffuse the negative feeling thoughts by identifying with the truths and laws that govern cause and effect. From truth, they were then free to pick any thought they wanted and they used the portal as a tool to help them focus on the experience they do want (imagined). Once they did this it caused the feelings related to the imagined experience to go to Part 4. This then produced a vibration in Part 5 that caused the attraction process to start and bring that experience to them. If every time envy shows up, the person follows what you just read, “out of blue” that imagined reality or the steps to get to it must become a physical reality based on the law of vibration. That being said if the person looses trust and gives up; going back to old ways of thinking, the attraction of that experience will stop and they will get more of what they do not want.

To sum it up, perhaps the easiest way for you to start using the full potential of your powerful mind and experience the life you want, is to be aware of when a negative emotion is coming on. Interrupt it, then follow what you have read here to turn it around. If you do this continuously you will make positive thought choices, create new positive beliefs and respond with positive feeling thoughts and actions. This will cause you to consistently activate a high vibration which will cause you to connect with all of the details that will move you to the life experience that you desire. So whether you want to start a relationship, improve a relationship, start a new career, improve your health, your finances or anything else, the reason you don’t have what you want is due to a vibration you are choosing; catch it, change it and change your life.

Now you have the users guide to reference and practice your new way of thinking that will allow you to have the life experiences you desire, easily and effortlessly.