High Vibration Monitor

Knowing how to maintain a high vibration


A high vibration is what matches you up with the vibration of all of your desires, with all that life has caused you to ask for. If you will allow yourself to find the feel good, in fact take charge of your thoughts to choose feel good, no matter what is going on, you will find that life keeps turning out (manifesting) in the pleasant and joyous ways you desire. If you allow circumstances to dictate how you feel and you don’t like the circumstances, then you are a mistmatch to the vibration that causes what you want to manifest in your life. So pay very careful attention to each question / statement below to be sure that you are always choosing the vibration that matches the vibration of what you want.

Answer the following on a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being most true.

I go to bed deliberately feeling good (list your methods).

Every day after waking up, I deliberately focus on feel good thoughts and / or experiences to start positive momentum (list your methods).

I am aware of how I am feeling in every moment.

I always focus on the positive aspects about what I am doing and who I am doing it with, even if there are aspects about it that I don’t like.

I acknowledge that everything in my life is there because I attracted it.

When something happens that does not feel good I acknowledge I attracted it.

I always say thank you to everything I attract that does not feel good because it is a reminder for me to shift my vibration to what I want.

I am aware that I have negative thoughts, perspectives, beliefs and attitudes about certain topics, subjects, situations and people and I look for new empowering thoughts on these topics.

I am aware that even when I am feeling good, and things are going good, the negative momentum I have on any topic, situation or related to a person could manifest as something that does not feel good at any time.

I choose positive responses rather than negative reactions most of the time.

When I have results or happenings that are not what I want, I am great at accepting that I have had thoughts, feelings, beliefs and attitudes that caused the manifestation of those results or happenings.

I find it easy to change my thoughts, feelings, attitudes and beliefs to support the manifestation of what I want

I find it easy to change my thoughts, feelings, attitudes and beliefs to agree with my power to manifest, unlimited abundance and the universal laws of vibration, expression and expansion.

I keep my self connected with the truth about who I really am on a daily basis using various sources as necessary.

I am ok and at peace with where I am in the various areas of my life because

I know that if I am not that it means I have resistance.

I know what I want is unfolding and “what is” is a temporary condition

It is just equal to a vibration that I have been offering

It will change as a change my vibration

I don’t pay any attention to what others think about me, it is none of my business.

I do what I do because it feels good period, not to impress or please others, nor because of what they will think of me, nor to manipulate or persuade, nor to be responsible for their happiness.

I don’t hold others responsible for how I feel, I know that how I feel is my choice.

It is easy for me to ignore and distract myself from thoughts that do not feel good.

The people in my life treat me with respect and appreciation. Rate the following







Team mates


Add others as applicable

I graciously accept compliments.

I take time for myself; I am great at self care; finding ways to feel good and doing things that feel good to me.

I find that where and how I spend my time is interesting and exciting and it allows me to express my creativity, gifts and talents and develop my ideas, gifts and talents or I feel good that I am on my way by focusing on the positive aspects of where I am now or I am settling for the way it is). Rate the following as follows, put a 1 next to it if you are where you want to be, a 2 if you feel good that you are on your way and it is unfolding or a 3 if you are settling:

Job / business






Leisure time




Family (maternal)

I feel good about the contribution I am making to society.

It’s easy for me to say no in a pleasant way and feel good.

I often hear my intuition.

I often follow my intuition.

I can easily quiet my mind to a settled and relaxed state with no resistance.

I deliberately use my faculties of (rank each one on scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being most)





Mental will


I never compare my self to others.

I never let what others think or say deter me from doing what I want to do that feels good to me (things that do not harm me or others or impose my desires on others).

I never let that voice in my head deter me from doing what I want to do that feels good to me (things that do not harm me or others or impose my desires on others).

I allow myself to dream, to feel what excites and makes me feel good to think about (things that do not harm me or others or impose my desires on others).

I have an expectation of the universe to deliver but do not have expectations of how it will be delivered or who will deliver it. I let the universe figure out the how.

It feels good to believe in my dreams because I know they are a vibrational reality and I have the power to cause them to manifest into form from their vibrational state.

I feel no need to please others because I know they can please themselves.

I never take responsibility for the happiness of others, I know we are all responsible to manifest what makes us feel happy.

I never beat myself up over anything.

I stay calm when things are not going my way, it is just contrast that causes me to be more clear about what I want.

I think about what I want to think about no matter what is going on around me. I am a deliberate thinker.

I am patient, understanding and appreciative of people no matter what they bring to me because they are always an indicator of the vibration I am offering.

I am effective to find a way to peacefully remove myself from negative feeling people, conversations or influences.

I always consider that every topic, like a tree, has 360 degrees of perspectives and I always find the one that feels the best.

The way people act around me and towards me tells me that my vibration is dominantly high.

The circumstances I find myself in tells me my vibration is dominantly high.

What the voice in my head is telling me, tells me that my vibration is dominantly high.

The state of my health is telling me that my vibration is dominantly high.

I am very effective to use my mind mastery tool box to help me back to a better feeling stream of thoughts.

I am very effective to use generally positive statements to move to a generally good feeling place when I am aware that I am starting to think negative feelings thoughts.

I do not ignore any negative feelings nor do I participate in them. I allow myself to feel them, then I acknowledge them as letting me know I need to shift my thoughts and perspective to a better feeling place in order to allow what I want to manifest.

When I have a lot of negative momentum going I don’t try to reach for a really happy vibration, I just reach for thoughts that feel a little better, have a little less resistance and therefore move me up the emotional scale bit by bit to a high vibration.

I have a list of easy feel good thoughts I can reference at any time.

I am effective to use my mental will and imagination to come back to good feeling or better feeling thoughts after I notice myself in negative thought.

I most often turn away from negative feeling thoughts (to positive)

Within 17 seconds

Within 30 seconds

Within 1 minute

Within 5 minutes

Within 15 minutes

Within 30 minutes

Within 60 minutes

Within 2 hours

Within 8 hours

Within 1 day

Within 2 days

Within 3 days

Within 1 week

More than 1 week

I can easily and quickly accept a circumstance for what it is, a manifestation of my choosen vibration. For this reason I easily detach from it and keep my focus on what feels good to think about (my story, positive aspects, things to be grateful, what I want).

I can accept others to be who they are and be where they are without affecting my vibration.

I like my self as I am. I don’t need approval from others to feel good about myself.

I am aware that the only reason I would take something personally and get defensive and hurt must be due to a faulty belief around fear because I am a creative being, the creator of my reality and can have, do or be anything I desire (provided it does not harm me, others, or impose my desires on others).

I don’t take things personally and therefore I don’t get hurt or defensive (which are low vibrations attracting more of what I don’t like).

I use what I don’t like as a trigger to identify and focus on what I do like.

I don’t have a need to be right, I accept that others have different perspectives and views from my own and I am ok with that, I realize we are all unique and want different things.

My response to anything or anyone is generally acceptance through

acknowledging differences

gratitude for the vibrational insight

compassion to promote relieving resistance

apology to promote relieving resistance

raising awareness to make sure of intentions and understanding

I am not judgmental.

I live in the present moment, my thoughts are focused on here and now on what feels good to think about.

I make choices based on the path of least resistance.

I see the good in people no matter what their choices and behaviors are.

I don’t listen to anyone’s negative stories, I influence them to find the stories that feel good.

I give the little things to people, like a smile, a helping hand, a compliment, with the intention of adding feel good to their day, and generally acknowledging that they are special and unique and on their journey in their way.

I apologize as a way to let someone know I care about how they feel and I had no intention to cause them to feel badly; to relieve any brewing negative feelings.

I take care to surround my self with good feeling everything – people, food, music, scenery, books etc

I always base my choice on the option that is easiest to feel good about and I use my mental will to remain focused on the feel good of the choice.

I use my conscious mind only to 1) find the best feeling thoughts and 2) be aware of acting on inspiration, ideas, impulses, and urges that come to me.

I am effective to allow my source self to orchestrate the details of what I want. I trust it to figure out all of the details necessary for me to realize my desires.

I am patient to allow the unfolding of my desires because I know as I hold the frequency of them, their manifestation is certain.

I am satisfied that when I feel my desires, it means they are a vibrational reality in the process of manifesting as I hold my vibration high. It is certain.

When I have a day where strong negative momentum gets going, I sooner or later realize its no big deal, I can start fresh the next day after sleep.

I find it easy to be OK with “what is” that I don’t like, I accept it, it is alright, it is just a manifestation of my vibration and an opportunity to remember what I like and that I simply have to match the vibration of what I like to attract it.

I would keep living as I am, doing what I am doing even if someone deposited 10 million dollars into my bank account. My job, relationships, home, car, self care, vacation time, hobbies, material possessions would all remain roughly the same with no big changes.

Are your scores telling you that you are effective to start your day with positive momentum. Are they telling you that your awareness is keen to know what vibration you are in? Are they telling you that you are effective and efficient to switch from negative to positive vibration momentum?

If your scores are low you can go to the Program Exercises by Mind Mastery Area reference at the end of the book or consult your Mind Mastery Tool Box and go to the section Mind Mastery Area 3 – Maintaining a High Vibration. In this section are a list of program exercises, program articles and program diagrams that will help you to increase your scores and therefore proficiency in this area of mind mastery. Select the specific exercises, articles and diagrams that will most effectively help you to increase any low scores. The more you practice the more proficient you will be and the higher your scores will be. Your scores in this area of mind mastery let you know your level of mind mastery in this area only. Remember, total mastery requires that you have high scores in all areas. To be a total mind master is to take charge of your thoughts, your feelings, your vibration and therefore what you are manifesting, regardless of conditions, circumstances, memories, experiences or anything else that could influence your thinking.