The Missing Information

On this video you will hear things that you most likely have never heard before about what makes our life what it is.   Why do we have the experience we do and how do we change it.   You may be familiar with some of the information but again probably have not heard it in this way.


To give you some insight, here is some of the things you will hear.  Below is a list of the topics covered and the time they occur on the video.


4:20 – what we feel affects our body.

5:30 – there is a field of intelligence that is everything and as we influence the field it gives rise to our reality and our body.

5:40 – thoughts are important but change happens through the feelings in our heart.

6:00 – how the combination of thoughts, feelings and emotions changes the energy that is projected from our heart, the electromagnetic field actually changes in our heart.

6:35 –  our energy field emanates from the feelings in our heart.  This energy connects to the field and this alters our physical reality according to the energy.

7:00 – healing your body, healing the bodies of others

7:50 – how to return the body to its natural state \ how you cure cancer or anything

8:40 – our physical body is the expression of a frequency that is not physical

9:18 – focus on what you want things to “be” rather than what you are experiencing. Do not spend time rejecting the thing you don’t like, but manifest something new.

10:00 – why affirmations do not work

11:00 – 14:00 why affirmations do work – the importance of self esteem

14:00 – we have been conditioned to feel the things that we don’t want and are afraid of.  How would our life be different if we choose what we want to have rather than from what we have been conditioned.

15:50 – 20:00  where the truth got lost / the core truth about our being

21:08 How to create the feeling, it’s the things on the outside that help create the feeling on the inside.

21:32 – we have learned that it’s the words but it is the feelings inside that can’t be seen that are the manifesters

22:00 – why we get frustrated when we are not successful in manifesting our life

23:00 the power of compassion

24:00 why it is true that we are all connected

26:00 the language of the field of all possibilities that we are part of, what it understands, is the language of thought/feeling/emotion.

26:30 the field works in real time, everything is now based on our clear intention