Change your life in 30 days

Being the deliberate creator of your reality means to think deliberate thoughts that are a vibrational match to the vibration of your desires (which are setup for you to receive, right now). So here is a start of day / all day process on how to line up your present moment thoughts with the vibration that matches your desires. As you get the momentum going on the upside, the path to your desires really starts coming to you. But know this, the path is gentle and enjoyable and starts non-physical (thoughts, ideas, impulses, urges, inspiration), don’t be in a rush, don’t be looking, just let the good feeling thoughts flow you down the stream, know that feeling good means you are on the move to your desires.

One caveat to the process below, the more you are in tune with the creative process, the more meaning and more feeling this process will evoke, and that really is what you are wanting to do, evoke as much good feeling in each present moment as you can, that’s what keeps you moving. So if you need an understanding of the creative process, I will be posting one in the next couple of days to summarize it which will really help you to see why and how you are for sure the creator of your reality, giving you the high vibe of confidence and thus, no matter where your life is or what is going on, you know that you can change anything.

Daily thought process

The first thing waking up each day, no matter where you live or what is going on in your life and even if you are in a funk when you wake up, just clear your mind and say this thought gently, just to feel it “This is the best day of my life” Embrace it as you repeat it a few times, feel the realness of it, feel the excitement of it (if you like write it or have it printed out and put it where you can see it upon waking). Just let it connect you with the fact that, what all of your life experiences have caused you to ask for, Source has got it setup (right now) and a really nice path, and is calling you to it, orchestrating everything. Note, you probably do not have a concrete reason to make this statement, no evidence at all, it has to come from knowing that this is the way that life is meant to be. You want to train yourself to expect and know that every day is meant to be the best day of your life, because the new stuff you want is ready to unfold, and because things can happen in an instant and seemingly out of the blue that will blow your socks off. This is true because the power that creates universes and everything in them is the same power working for you to have your desires. It’s a power you can’t comprehend in words, but you can feel the excitement of it in your body and in your thoughts.

Next meditate, even if it’s for 2 minutes, begin to train your mind to be in a state of no resistance, each day perhaps add 30 seconds until you work your way up to 15 minutes.

After meditation 3 more thoughts. Repeat and embrace these thoughts a few times. Just the thought, regardless of what your life experience may be right now, is connecting you with something that feels good and thus moving energy in the positive direction.

Thought 1

Kind, friendly, helpful, encouraging people.

Thought 2

Everything is meant to work out for me

Everything can work out for me because Source is taking care of it

Thought 3

I am the creator of my reality, I am worthy and deserving of all I want, I am a powerful creator

Thought 4

Surprises and Delights

Now, if there is something in particular you desire to physically experience like a car, job, house, relationship etc.

Just state it as an awareness, for example

Loving relationships

Red shiny cars

Two story house

The idea here is to kick start the idea and let the law of attraction fill in the detailed thoughts as layed out by Source, they will come because they are in your vibrational reality. By introducing the subject with a very general thought, there is no resistance, just the image, you just want to bask in the image that is in your vibrational reality right now. Just spend a few minutes with these thoughts.

Now the next thoughts you just want to say once to yourself as you go into your day. You may want to touch base with these thoughts through the day to keep your momentum going in the positive direction, and give yourself a boost, in fact you may want to redo the whole process as it’s really only about 10 minutes apart from the meditation.

It is my intention, that no matter where I am, what I am doing and who I am doing it with, I am going to reach for a good feeling thought, I am going to see the upside, I am going to find the positive aspect.

I am going to take responsibility for everything in my day because I know it’s there due to my active energy, I will accept it as this, nothing more, nothing less. I will thank it / them (in my mind) and let it help me to refocus to what I want. I will do this for any unwanted or unpleasant experience in my day knowing that as I withdraw my attention from it and place my attention on the wanted, my life changes with the change in my vibration over time.

Even if I get into a funk at anytime in the day (because some old negative energy flared up), I am OK with that, I know what it is, and even if I can’t find a good feeling thought I know that naturally, my mind is going to wonder from resistance and when it does, a good feeling thought will come and when it does I am going to ride it, I am going to watch for the opportunities to feel good.

I know it is good feeling thoughts that bring the path and so it is my intention to let the feel good thoughts bring the path. I am not going to make anything happen, I am going to let it happen. Every thing I think, say, observe, listen to, converse about, do will be strictly and solely for the reason of feeling good. Even if I am feeling low, I am going to make that OK so there is no resistance and then I know a good feeling thought will come.

This is the end of the process.

Do this for 30 days straight and you will change your vibe and that will change your life, then keep going until it becomes a habit and you will have complete domain over your life in all matters for all of your life.

On another note, my personal intention is to deliver high quality, high value, effective, low cost empowerment knowledge, know-how and support world wide to help people learn to be the intentional creator of their reality and take charge of their life. To this end I like to offer the option for those who feel they are receiving value to give in return what feels good to them, giving for value is a high vibration for a few reasons. So if giving for you is $1, $2, $5, $10, $20 or $100 or more, it does not matter the amount, what ever feels good. Further you can give regularly if you feel continued value from the ongoing support, inspiration, encouragement and strategies for training your mind to high vibration thinking. There is a donation area on my website at (the link is on the main navigation bar).

Thanks all for being part of this group, being committed to taking charge of, and responsible for your own well being (via your energy), to live the fulfilling life you came to live.