Training Your Vibration

Why would you want to train your vibration?  Because you are an energy being and it is your vibration that is the cause of what is attracted into your life experience, the good, the bad and the ugly.   Remember, like energies attract, so the higher your vibration, and the more time you spend in a high vibration, the more satisfying your life experience is.  Conversely, the lower your vibration, and the more time you spend in a low vibration, the more dissatisfying your life experience is in one or more areas of your life.  For this reason we would want to be in a high vibration as much as possible, but the fact is that we tend to spend a great deal of time in a low vibration.    Why is this; because in roughly the first 10 years of our life we were (unknowingly) trained to engage in low vibrations?  How did this happen?   It happened because the general base of knowledge that we are exposed to at this time in human evolution has been missing critical information about who we are as a human being, how to use our power and our relationship to the universe as well as our support from it.   Further, in the absence of this information, many faulty beliefs have been accepted by us in our growing years as had the generations before us.   For this reason we would want to be very keen on learning the truth about who we are and training our self into a high vibration and sustaining it as much as possible; the quality of our life depends on it.   It is the solution to all of our dissatisfactions.

In terms of faulty beliefs, they generally have to do with limitation, scarcity and simply not being enough or having enough.  This causes us to spend a great deal of time with fear based emotions such as vulnerability and insecurity.   This can spur on other negative emotions such as anger, guilt, blame and many others.   Further we don’t realize that the incidents and conditions in our life that we don’t like are actually the result of a vibration we choose from the beliefs that we have accepted.   Even though we have the choice of what vibration we hold in any given moment, our early training caused us to be very unaware of the power of choice and how it is fundamental to what happens in our life.  Therefore we don’t use our power of choice very effectively in choosing our vibration For this reason we tend to engage in habitual reactions to virtually every condition and circumstance in our life.   If they are high vibration that is good, but when they are low, it keeps us stuck in a place we don’t want to be.  We do not make the relationship between what we think about and how we think about it as having any bearing on what actually happens in our life.   For example if someone was rude to you, you typically don’t make the connection that such an incident is the result of a vibration that you are offering.   The only way you could have the experience is if you offered a vibration that attracted it.   So training our vibration is really paramount to living the life we want to live.   It could be said that nothing else really matters, because our life is about our vibration and if we set it up to attract what we want, everything else (in the physical world) is taken care of (as a manifestation of that vibration), life will literally roll out easily and effortlessly in all ways that give us complete fulfillment.

So what does it take to train our vibration?  Training your vibration is like training for anything.   You practice a behaviour / process until you achieve the result you want and then repeat it until it becomes a habit.   Once it is a habit it will be virtually automatic.  For example, if you are learning to play a musical instrument and practice it until you achieve the level of play you desire, and then repeat it, it will become a habit and you will not have to think so much about it, your actions to produce that level of play will be automatic.   That is, your fingers, your timing, all aspects of playing will be done without really thinking about it.  In terms of vibration, we are learning to maintain a high vibration.   This means we are going to practice staying in a high vibration and also practice catching our self in a low vibration and turning it around to a high vibration.   Once we practice this enough times, we will understand the process and if we repeat the process it will become a habit.  Then our thinking and responses will automatically be of a high vibration.  To help you with this, here are some ideas and strategies.

When you feel the low vibration coming on or are in it, think of the following, these will help you to turn away from low vibration and train yourself into sustaining a high vibration:

Have great Clarity about what you want in great deal and with great feeling.

Know what it is that generally Feels Good,  and engage in it.   Things that feel good to think about, gratitude, thankfulness.    Things that feel good to do, people that feel good to be with, conversations that feel good, places to go that feel good, events that feel good, sights, sounds, touches, tastes, scents that feel good and engage them.   Jobs that feel good, education that feels good.   Let the feeling guide you.  That is what you emotions are for, to guide you to what feels good.   Sometimes it may be a case of choosing the best feeling situation which may not be your ideal but it will get you there if you follow it.

Distract yourself with something that feels good

Acceptance / Detachment – just see the situation as a vibration that you attracted, see it as an opportunity to shift your vibration.   Acceptance allows you to free your focus from, and attachment to the thing you don’t like and put your focus in a place that will cause you to attract what you do like.   You may physically need to remove yourself from a situation but regardless, the key is that you remove your mind from negative feelings by choosing to fill it with something that puts you in a high vibration state of mind.

Ignore what is going on, put your thoughts to something that feels good.  Your subconscious mind only receives the feeling you choose, not why you are choosing it.  Give a feeling that will cause what you want to be attracted to you, not what you don’t want to keep being attracted to you.   When you get tangled up with the unwanted, you give it more life and cause its recurrence.

Release everything and everyone from having any responsibility for the way you feel, everything in your world is yours, you vibrated it into your life.

Defenseless – allow others the freedom to express their opinion about you or anything else, it is their right to express themselves.  If they are in a low vibration, that is their karma, you have no reason what so ever to defend yourself or point of view, it is not up for right or wrong or debate.  Your view of life is yours, and you are the person you choose to be simply because of your life experience.   If you find a new perspective that will serve you better than you can freely change but that is your choice, not in relation to what another thinks.

Pretend, Fake it till you make it, Act as though  things are going perfectly the way you want them to go, just go to your imagination channel and play it out.  Your subconscious does not know the difference; it will just accept the vibration of the feeling.  Stop telling it the way it is and start telling it the way you want it to be.

In addition to diffusing a low vibration in the moment, you can practice what is on the list below daily.   They will help you to more readily choose a high vibration response.   They will tend to insulate you in the sense that they will cause you to draw only high vibration circumstances into your life.   When this happens you will simply not be confronted with any situation (or with far fewer) that will tempt you into a low vibration.



Practice finding a way to feel good.  Whatever takes you to a place of feel good.   When you get there you are in a high vibration and if you keep talking about it, experiencing it, hearing it, tasting it, touching it you will stay in a high vibration.   Once you achieve and sustain a high vibration, it’s like a path opens up where none previously existed.   In this high vibration, as you get more specific, more specific good things happen.    Sometimes to think of our desires directly and specifically causes us resistance in the form of faulty beliefs around that desire.   In that case you can’t get there from where you are so you have to go step by step.    To do so, think of things that generally feel good and connect you with who you really are.  This will help you move step by step to the level of vibration related to your desire.   Again, once you get to the level, if you give focus and attention to the specific desire it can now find you.   Here are some general ideas to get into a high vibration.

Do anything that has a feel of fun to it

Take your day easy, allowing things to go easy, no drama, no big harry deals

Be relaxed about everything you do because you can trust in the power of who you are

Look for what brings you peace, gives you a feeling of peace

Engage in joyful thoughts, actions, words, and feelings

Build confidence in who you are as a human being and what power you have through study, understanding and practice

Exercise patience with regard to knowing manifestations are in process

Know that what you want already exists vibrationally and is manifesting

Hold eagerness about what is manifesting

Hold excitement about what is manifesting

Hold anticipation about what is manifesting

Hold expectation about what is manifesting

Make decisions to choose high vibration thoughts and feelings

Show gratitude for every little situation, no matter what anyone, any situation brings, they are loving you or showing you that you need to work on loving yourself more.

Show gratitude for what you hold in your vibration because it is reality and the feeling of gratitude puts you at the vibration to manifest it.

Show appreciation for every little thing

Live in the present moment because it is all there is and it is the point that determines

what you are causing to be attracted into your tomorrows

Give any little or big thing

See the abundance all around you

Do your best

Surround yourself with daily things like food, music, exercise, people, tasks, and experiences that feel good

Trust and know with great certainty that your life is a manifestation of your vibration

Find the good, what feels good and give it your undivided attention

Identify what you do like when something happens that you do not

Take your mind to a completely different perspective, breaking routine, testing beliefs

Walk away from anything that does not feel good or find some positive aspect of it

See in your mind what you want to live in your physical world




That any thing can happen any time (the subconscious orchestrates everything)

That physical life is energy taking form from a vibration, master your vibration, master your life

That any physical form is possible because energy simply takes the form of the vibration and vibration has no limit because it can come from imagination

That energy is a field of any possibility, there is no one reality, reality is only whatever we ask it to be

The truth about who your are (see document called Why Everything is OK)

The laws of the universe (see document called the missing pieces)

At source you are love, abundance, creativity, health and these are all available to you at any time, all you need to do is maintain alignment by sustaining a high vibration.

You were born a success, you only have to allow yourself to express your passions and find a way to feel good, then everything spontaneously and effortlessly comes

Life is like a play, everybody in your life is like an actor in your play.  They are acting out the script you wrote with your vibration.


As you practice a generally good feeling vibration and acknowledge who you are and your relationship to the universe, you will attract better feeling thoughts and these thoughts will get more specific.   As you persist in staying in these good feeling thoughts, the path to your desires will start to manifest.