The Power of Choice

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If you look at the two groups of stick people you will see that the black stick people represent negative experiences and the blue stick people represent positive experiences.   If you ask yourself what causes a particular experience you will see that a low vibration attracts negative and a high vibration attracts positive.  Further you will see that the vibration is the result of the emotion you felt when thinking a thought; the thought>emotion together is the feeling (vibration).  This tells you how important your thought>emotions are, they lead to the experiences you have in your life.   This being said, beliefs that we recorded in the subconscious mind have a strong influence over our thoughts.   This is why we must be aware of our responses and the conversations we have in our head.   If they are negative we can change them.   If we change them in a certain way, we can create new more dominant beliefs and increase our vibration.   This will attract more of what we want and the things we don’t like will fall away (there will be no vibration to attract them in the absence of our attention to them)

If you are unaware of how to think in this certain way, be sure to review the material on this site and you will understand it.   In short, if you have a crystal clear image of something that really brings out a strong positive emotional state about it and if you have a crystal clear intention to see yourself in that image, and if you have a crystal clear expectation with anticipation of this image occurring, and you do this repeatedly along with the mental will to turn away from what you don’t like, don’t want; this will mean you are maintaining a high vibration and along with the patience to allow your image to manifest, you are then exercising mastery of your mind and therefore the quality of your life.   To be completely clear on this matter of attraction, you could think of or do anything that gave you the feeling of that thing you desire because the frequency of joy is the frequency of joy no matter the reason.   In fact you will have to learn to do this because you can’t effectively spend all day focusing on what you desire, but you can find the feeling of joy in everything you do.  There is a way, and when you learn how to do it, once again you are the master of your mind and the quality of your life experiences.

This site will give you more in depth information on these components of taking charge of your life.   My program provides a step by step approach to mastering your mind.   Feel free to contact me for more information or to enroll.