The Truth of Abundance

To know the truth about one self is perhaps the first step in taking charge of ones life.   The truth being the realization of unlimited abundance for all, the power to attract ones desires and the support of nature to live a fulfilled life of service to others through the expression of unique and natural gifts and talents.   Let’s face it, we can think about all of the dreams and desires we want but if we really believe 1) that those dreams and desires are subject to powers outside of us, 2) to luck and chance, 3) that those things outside of us make the final determination of what we get and do not get and 4) if we believe that resources are limited and scarce;  that really puts a damper on our motivation or leaves us with the stress of fear, worry and doubt that we will not receive those dreams and desires.   This has many giving up on their dreams because of the perception of something they want so much being snatched away out of their control.  Many would simply rather skip the heartache of this perception by settling for what they think they can have.

We hold the belief that we have to work harder and longer to get what we want.   We believe that there are things working against us and that we have to overcome great obstacles to experience the life we want.  This thinking is simply the result of the faulty and erroneous information we were exposed to and accepted.  Just for clarity, when you are doing what you love to do, you may be working hard, but it will feel like fun and enjoyment versus hard work.  Hard work is doing something you really don’t want to do but for some reason find you “have” to do it.

Here is what I believe to be the truth about who we are.  You may not resonate with this right away because it really conflicts with much of what we were taught and accepted about life, but over time, if you continue to entertain its possibility, you will see it actually is true and feel more and more comfortable with it.  If you have read my article called the “Missing Pieces” on this site, it will greatly help you to identify with this truth.    You may want to read the Truth of Abundance every day to help you reconnect with your true nature.



I accept that the universe is unlimited abundance because everything in the universe is a vibration of energy. This energy cannot be created nor destroyed, it simply is without beginning or end; it is infinite. I accept that I am a vibrational being, that is, a manifestation from this universal energy. So, not only am I a vibration of energy, I have the power to choose my vibration relative to any subject or topic and therefore cause the law of attraction to connect me with an experience equal to the vibration I choose. Choosing my vibration relative to a topic means to choose how I feel about that topic, therefore my dominant feelings (beliefs) cause my life experience. It is my birth right to live a life of abundance and I have the power to do so. I can be, do or have in accordance with the dominant vibration I choose.

I notice that nature is full of examples of abundance; the air that I breathe, the rocks and the trees, there is so much abundance all around me in so many forms. The more I am grateful for what I have, for what I have access to, the more abundance comes to me because gratitude is a high vibration. Through a sustained high vibration, I allow all forms of abundance to flow into my life. I know that abundance flows not from making things happen or forcing things with my hands but from simply matching the vibration of what it feels like to have what I want. The law of attraction will bring to me, what matches my dominant present moment vibration.

I know that I have unique gifts and talents and that the dreams and desires that fill my heart is the larger part of me seeking expression of these gifts and talents through my physical self. I know that the source energy supports me in every moment to live my dreams and desires and I am thankful for this. I know this support is true because increase is the fundamental impulse of the universe; to grow, to unfold and expand is natural. I know that in living my natural expression, not only do I experience fulfillment in my own life because of the high vibration associated with high satisfaction, but it allows me to provide the highest service to others for the benefit of all to live a fulfilled life.

I know it is my job to identify what I want and allow the universe to organize everything necessary to make it available to me, then I need only act on inspiration to realize it.  I feel thankful for everything that comes into my life as the result of sustaining a high vibration. I also feel thankful in knowing that they can come to me in ways beyond my imagination, that they come as a result of attraction, not force. I know that in feeling joy for the abundance that others have, more abundance flows to me because no matter how I achieve the high vibration of joy, it causes an equal attraction to me.

I see the good in every situation, knowing that it is in some way supporting the unfolding of life; it is either what I want or causing me to be clearer about what I want. I accept that the universe is beautifully orchestrating everything for the good of all no matter what it may look like from time to time and in different places. I vibrate at the highest energy possible to do my part in this orchestrated symphony of life; and therefore every desire of my heart is now fulfilled and I find joy and abundance in all that I do.