What people are saying about my program

If you have tried other self help programs that didn’t stick or are new to the self help world, this book is one of the best. Brian Withers’ insight has been one of the greatest gifts in my life. I have used his life coaching services in conjunction with this book to heal myself emotionally and physically (to the point where I said “No” to chemotherapy and have amazed my doctors by my level of healing). It was an amazing journey of self discovery and challenging destructive beliefs that most of us have. I now live my life with ease and relaxed excitement after a lifetime of looking frantically for solutions.

Lisa Hall


This amazing author wrote a book titled, “Higher Vibrations for Health, Happiness, and Harmony”, which I’ve been working through with a coach. Let me tell you this has been life changing to say the least. I highly recommend friending Brian Withers for his daily posts and reading his amazing book!

Sue Jeffery


I’m thankful for Brian’s teaching that Good Vibes (the power of positive thinking/feeling) is essential to a happy and healthy life. I was astonished to learn, it can really be that easy, good sustained thoughts lead you to happiness.

Chris Hopkin


Higher Vibrations for Health, Happiness and Harmony is a book of self empowerment that teaches how to intentionally use the Law of Attraction to manifest desires and take charge of one’s life. This book provides practical applications through exercises, tools and resources to practice the Law of Attraction intentionally each and every day, no matter life’s circumstances. The changes in my life since studying this material have been incredible! Now as a certified coach of Higher Vibrations for Health, Happiness and Harmony I am seeing tremendous growth and changes in my clients also! Thank you Brian!

Toni Marchese


“Higher Vibrations for Health, Happiness and Harmony has really impacted my life. I never thought of myself creating my own world. I was always on the “poor me” road. Since completing the course my life has changed dramatically. I think the biggest thing I’ve taken from it, is to be grateful. Not to look at things in a negative way. I’m still growing each and every day and am excited to find that higher vibration in everything.

Corrina Brady


We attract all things into our lives whether we realize it or not. Thank goodness for the law of attraction, which was revealed to me through the book, “Higher Vibrations For Health, Happiness, And Harmony” by Brian Withers. This law innately attracted me to this wonderful and inspiring guide to personal mastery and ultimate freedom. I am now using this law that showed me how to directly influence my present and my future by releasing the universal powers gifted to me by the universe as my birthright. Brian clearly and easily shows us how to “show up” for ourselves and each other in this inspirational and motivational program laid out in an easy to follow and enlightening format. Thank you Brian for your fantastic contribution to the universe and its mostly overlooked and sometimes unknown laws. For revealing my faulty beliefs are no ones “fault”, and for educating me on the power within all of us, each and every one, I am GRATEFUL.

Arthur Jennings


Just wanted to say how much this program has changed my life. Brian worked with me for 8 months, I was in a very bad way emotionally and physically. With his help I was able to change the way I think in a much more positive way, compared to the downward spiral I was heading. I can now see lots of sunshine in my future. By following his book, I can now bring wonderful things in my life’ It has also influenced my husband and son. They see how much more happy I am. By using the techniques in his program I am now helping as many people as I can, to lead a more positive life Thank you sooo much for changing my life !

Kim Barry


In meeting regularly with Brian and going through the Higher Vibrations program I learned 3 things 1) I came to understand the rules of life; that I am offering a vibration with each thought I think and the law of attraction is matching me up with an equal vibration. This caused me to be very aware of how I thought about things 2) that the Higher Vibrations program showed me many ways to repeatedly practice higher vibration thinking and this helped me to do more of that 3) the importance of maintaining a high vibration because it is a high vibration that causes me to attract what I want. As I embraced this new information and began using it, it definitely helped me to change my life to more of what I wanted.

Marius Grigore