The Process of Change


How do we change things that we don’t like in our life to things that we do?   The diagram above illustrates what is described below.

When you are experiencing something you don’t like, whether it is negative feelings within (about yourself), or negative circumstances in your life or health issues, it is a sure sign that you have faulty beliefs that are attracting these things. These beliefs, which are stored in your subconscious mind are kind of like a train barrelling down the tracks. They have momentum and they keep attracting to you vibrational energy that is equal to the belief and feelings related to these beliefs.

If you want to stop attracting these things you don’t like, and attract what you do, you must stop giving what you don’t like attention. It is your attention to them (with feelings) that feeds them and therefore keeps them alive. It keeps the train barrelling down the track towards “what you don’t want” land. Of course, just like a train in full motion that cannot be stopped on a dime and turned in the opposite direction, you cannot stop the negative momentum that is happening in your life and make it instantly change. The trick is to slow the momentum to the point where it can be turned around. To do this, you need to turn your attention to the positive, what you do want. This will slow the negative momentum, and if you stick with it, will cause the train to switch directions and go barrelling down the track to “what I do want” land.

The process of slowing the train; that is, instilling more dominant, positive, truth based beliefs in your subconscious is a little different than the way you are used to changing things I suspect. You see it is an invisible process. Each time you have a negative feeling, you need to turn it around with a positive feeling. Each time you do this you are causing a new belief to form, one that is slowing down the train. At some point, after doing this consistently and repeatedly, the new belief will take over and your train will go in the opposite direction causing the attraction of the things you do want. The thing is, you must trust that feelings are vibrations of energy, and that they go to your subconscious mind, essentially as in instruction. You cannot see or touch the feeling, nor see it get deposited into your subconscious. The only way you know it is happening is when your circumstances start to change. This is why it takes repetition, trust and patience.

Emotions are really our guidance system to tell us if we are on course or off. If we have beliefs that get in the way of our true self and living our passion felt purpose, they will cause negative feelings and negative circumstances. Instead of getting tangled up with the negativity which just reinforces it and keeps the train going in the negative direction we must detach from the negativity. We can do this by realizing it is helping us. It is telling us that we have work to do within our selves. We need to clean up those faulty beliefs that are keeping us from our greater self and greater life.   Once we do, we get on the new high speed train to “what I do want” land.