Weekly Vibrational Check in

Score the following over the last 7 days on a scale of 1 to 10
If it’s helpful you can score them at the end of each day to really home in on any areas that require a shift in vibration

Negative reactions

Positive responses

Identifying / noticing a topic / subject that feels really good and talking it up in your mind such that is arouses / excites your vibration

Feeling calm, at ease, everything is OK just as it is

Acceptance of circumstances as simply vibrational “stuff”

Feeling trust, confidence in the creative process / receiving the path

Easily discarding low vibe thoughts, shifting to high vibe (shifting topics or perspective)

At ease that feel good about anything means you are receiving the path to your desires

Scripts practiced to sooth well known areas of resistance

Morning routine to get positive momentum going

Daily thought practices to keep high vibe going

Setting “easy” intentions to demonstrate / build trust that desires turn to reality

Feel resistance, find relief

Mindful of what stories you are talking about

Paying attention to the good parts (of anything) and accepting the unwanted parts as seeds for expanded joyous experience (future joy)

Complaining, blaming, judging, annoyance, impatience

Accepting others

Feeling good about yourself (acceptance, worthy, deserving, expanding)

Feeling the satisfaction of things in your life

Knowing that life is setup to work for you, give you what you want

Listening / reading material that does not feel good

Listening / reading material that does feel good

Feeling optimistic, positive expectations, positive anticipation

Doing what you love, loving what you do

Knowing what allows your desires to manifest

At ease trusting that the how, who, when and where are details that are all figured out for you

Playing with your dreams and desires in a playful, fun, interesting, excited way, knowing for sure they are on the way

Pleasing others

Expecting others to please you

Proving, explaining or justifying yourself