Daily Vibration Monitors


Are you getting as much enjoyment and satisfaction out of your days as you want? Are all areas of your life sailing nicely along? If they are not, are you making progress? In this section there are 3 Daily Monitors containing questions to help you see where your daily vibration is and therefore understand what you are attracting into the various areas of your life. If you are not attracting what you desire, reviewing these monitors daily will help you to raise your awareness of your vibration and therefore giving you an opportunity to increase it. As you increase it, you will increase the level of ease and flow, of enjoyment and satisfaction in your day.

If a particular question brings some awareness in terms of where you could raise your vibration, you may just want to focus on that question daily until you raise your vibration in that area.

You can simply read the questions for awareness about your vibration level or you can answer one or more questions for more specific awareness related to that question. If you find that a specific question helps you to see where you could raise your vibration, you may want to visit it daily to track that you are indeed raising your vibration relative that question. You might want to make note of what you are doing differently that helps you to raise your vibration so you can practice it more often and therefore maintain a high vibration more often. The longer you maintain a high vibration the more you are supporting the manifestation of what you want by becoming a vibrational match to it.

Once you read each of the Monitors through you can identify which one or ones have most value to you on a daily basis in terms of maintaining a high vibration.

The questions in the Daily Positive Focus monitor and the Daily Shifting Vibration Monitor have descriptions to help you understand the value of the questions. You may want to read them initially then touch base with them as needed, this way each day is a very quick read of the questions to keep you tuned into your awareness of your vibration level.

As you contemplate your answers, ask yourself “Is this a typical day”. If it is and your satisfaction / vibration is low, you may really want to stand back and see where your life will be in 3 to 5 years if you don’t start doing something new on a daily basis to change that vibration, and therefore, satisfaction level.