Daily Positive Focus Monitor


Did you start your day with intentional expectations of a wonderful day?

Regardless of circumstances in your life, did you intentionally choose good feeling, uplifting thoughts or inputs to start your day with energy momentum going in the positive direction? Did you talk about something you would like to have happen in your day like just imagine if . . . , wouldn’t it be nice, something with no resistance but something that feels good to think about.


What were you grateful for today? What did you acknowledge was good about your life, what is working, what is here now and what is manifesting?

Showing authentic gratitude for anything no matter the size is simply a high vibration. A high vibration is what puts you at the vibration of your desires, and when that match is made, all of your desires can flow into your life easily. A high vibration also allows for physical and mental well being as your cells can get what they call for from source for their repair and maintenance. When you constantly show your appreciation and gratitude, you’ll find more good things falling onto your lap to feel grateful for and appreciate.


What act of kindness or thoughtfulness did you see or perform today?

By asking this question, you are raising your awareness to be present when witnessing an act of kindness. Kindness is high vibration. Recognizing kindness in others also inspires you to be kind to others and yourself.


What made you feel really happy today, did anything show up out of blue that was of benefit, anything magical or great?

Bringing awareness to what feels good keeps you in a high vibration and reminds you of what is coming into your life as a result of your point of attraction. It’s all evidence of your vibration and inspires you to keep your vibration high as you come to realize the universe can deliver anything you want in any fashion. The key though to receive these high vibrational clues, hunches, urges, occurrences, deliveries etc is to be on the same vibrational level as them. Your desires and everything that helps you realize them are high vibration events so by keeping your vibe high you get to connect with them on a fun, easy and magical journey. This could also be what was great about today, what magical thing did you see today.


Did you intentionally stay focused on good feeling thoughts today no matter what the conditions or circumstances were?

This brings awareness to where you placed your focus, attention and intentions. Ultimately it is your focus that sets up what will be attracted to you, what will manifest in your life experience. Did you find the positive aspects of the topic / subject at hand or switch to one you could? Remember it is no ones job to please you or make you happy, no one is responsible for how you feel except you. And of course as you do take charge of your feelings, what comes back to you in your life will be equal to the vibration you offer. The reward for tending to your vibration regardless of what is going on around you is gigantic.


Did you make choices on the basis of what felt best and did you keep your focus on what felt good about that choice?

We often make choices based on what is right or wrong, good or bad; what will please others or put us in the most advantageous position; what we are supposed to do or should do. Or we may not make a decision at all and procrastinate (which is in and of itself a low vibration). Unfortunately when we try to think our way into a decision it often is not the one that feels be best or has the least resistance so we do in fact take on resistance and give up our feel good. When we give up our feel good, we are preventing our self from being a match to what we want and therefore attracting it into our life. When we give up the feel good its like saying I don’t really want what I want I would rather live a life full of things I don’t want. Listen to your feelings they will guide you to the highest vibration choice. Essentially what that means is what option is easiest to think good feeling thoughts about, which option has the positive aspects that can most keep your focus. Which option has the least resistance. Making choices in this fashion is what keeps your day flowing. Remember the choice you make, it really makes no difference, its the feel good you are after, the choice is just a means to the end, so pick the one that feels best. The feel good will open the door to everything you want, you have already asked for it, the choice in and of itself does not get you there, its the feel good of the choice that gets you there.


Were you aware of each thought you had before you spoke it or carried on with it in terms of its feel good (vibration level)?

Did your present moment thoughts produce a vibration that matches the vibration of what you want or did they produce a mismatching vibration. Did you ask yourself if that thought was going to move you (vibrationally) closer to what you want or put you vibrationally further from it.


Did you tell your ideal life story when talking about or thinking about the various aspects of your life today? Can you easily recite your story?

How did you talk about your day, your life, yourself, your circumstances. The universe hears your story through your feelings and manifests it for you. What you are talking about, how are you talking about it and how does it make you feel? This is your instruction to the universe.


Did you take responsibility for what you attracted into your day?

Any negative reaction means you are not taking responsibility for what you attracted. It is an indicator that you are blaming and making others responsible for your vibration. There is no chance, randomness or luck, everything you experience is equal to a vibration that you are offering. Did you experience what you want or did you experience what you didn’t want? If not what you want, did you use that as an opportunity to identify what you do want and then shift your thinking to match the vibration / feeling of it? You can also look at what happens in your day as evidence of your vibration, what evidence did you receive today; that your vibration was high or low. The easy, fun, exciting, satisfying and pleasant experiences tell you that your vibration was high, the things that go hard and are unpleasant in one way our another tell you that you are offering a low vibration.


Did you bring a positive and energetic attitude to people and your environment today regardless of conditions and circumstances?

How you are towards others is a very good indicator of the vibration you are in. Being aware of this also makes sure you are diligent to clean up your energy from things in your day and not expose others to negative energy or perpetuate negative momentum within you. You can be a great influence in so many ways when people experience you as a positive and uplifting person. Coming to people with positive energy also shows them a great deal of respect and this is a high vibration.


Did you see the good in people today?

Did you look past their behavior and connect with the truth about them? Did you recognize that they are on their journey and doing their best with what they know? Did you accept that where ever you are connecting with them, it is your vibration that invited it, you are both meeting at a common vibration level.


Did you make the best out of all situations?

It is what it is. Regardless of the situation, find the positive aspect to keep your vibration matching with what you want. It does not matter what you look at, what you say, what you do, who you talk with or how you talk with them, or anything else for that matter, it just matters how you feel about those things, that’s what causes (or allows) what you want to come to you. Once you match the frequency of what you want it has to flow to you so always think thoughts that match that vibration.


Did you accept “what is” today, “the way it is”, and therefore be at peace with it?

It’s just vibration feedback and to be at peace with it and accept it means you are not focused on it in a negative way, and this frees up your mind to be focused on thoughts that match the vibration of what you want, that is, good feeling thoughts. You want to be always tuning your thoughts to the frequency of what you want.


What did you do today; what experiences did you have, are they your ideal situations, or are they situations that you have found a way to feel good about knowing that will cause what you want to be attracted into your life or are you simply settling for what is because you think its the best you can have?

This will help you to really be aware if you are where you want to be, on the way or not moving. Once you know this then you know whether your thought focus is supporting the life you want to attract or not. If not you know it is time to shift your focus to thoughts that are in vibrational alignment with what you want. This means you need to find the feel good in what ever you are doing. If it is possible to not pay attention to something that is one way not to think about it, but many times we can’t walk away from life situations without causing more resistance so we need to find a way to feel good while being in them.


Did you take time for yourself today as desired, did you honor, respect, and accept yourself?

You are the center of your universe, the sole instigator, producer, director and writer of what is created in your reality, everything starts and ends with you. You must have a solid understanding of who you. When you do, you will feel a huge amount of appreciation, respect, power and joy for yourself and this will be the foundation from where you approach everything in your life, it will dictate your perspective and therefore your outcomes in terms of what you attract. Everything you do you must do for your own satisfaction, do it because it feels good to you, and you will find that those around you reflect this satisfaction and inner joy.


On a scale of 1 to 10, how much did you acknowledge the abundance in your life and all around you today?

Abundance is simply the fundamental fabric of the universe, everything is energy and energy is unlimited, moving back and forth between manifest and unmanifest. There is nothing you can’t have, its just a matter of applying a present moment vibration that equals the vibration of what you desire and it will be yours. To help you with this perspective of abundance, consider all that nature offers for free, things you don’t even have to think about. The universe manifests a never ending stream of air, sunlight, rocks, trees, grass, birds etc. Look at what is part of your day that you get for free and it keeps coming every day. Realize that you too have the power of unlimited manifestation of what you desire, you have the ability to manifest your world from an unlimited supply.


Did you allow yourself to be a conditional thinker today rather or were you a deliberate thinker?

This may be the most important question of all because if you have, in every present moment today, deliberately chosen a thought that felt good or at least better than the last one, then everything in your life will simply work out to your satisfaction; the journey and the realization of your desires will simply be joyous. Life is really that easy and that good because your life experiences constantly cause you to ask for what you want and they are instantly given vibrationally. The universe orchestrates everything for you and once you are in a feel good vibration then everything needed in your day to move you along to your desire shows up / is accessible to you because you are a vibrational match to it. The journey is delightful all the way to the realization of the desire at which time the law of increase and expansion causes you to want more, which is give vibrationally and so off on another journey you go. This is the journey of life, and you get to ride virtually for free, the only payment is that you tend to you thoughts and chose only the ones that feel good or better then the last one.