Daily Acceptance of Who You Are Monitor


Do you accept that you are an energy being with the ability to intentionally control the vibration you offer and that whatever vibration you offer, whether intentionally or not, an equal one is returned (law of vibration and attraction)? Example happy returns happy, frustration returns frustration?

Do you accept that your vibration on any subject or topic is how you feel about that subject or topic?

Do you therefore accept that you are the creator of your reality because you choose how you feel?

Do you therefore accept that everything that happens in your day is a mirror of a vibration you are offering?

Do you accept that you can change the vibration that you offer at any time and therefore change what you attract?

Do you accept that you are unique with unique interests, qualities, gifts and talents and that you seek to express them for your joy and inherently, others will enjoy them?

Do you accept that you came into this physical life for the fun of exploring and deciding what you want, knowing that you could manifest it?

Do you accept that you are free to choose what you want to experience (based on your choosen vibration) and in the experience either decide it is for you or that it helped you to know more clearly what would be fun and enjoyable to attract?

Do you accept that life is a continuous journey of expansion, some times as physical, sometimes as non physical and because of this, you can never get it done; will always want to be more, do more, and have more?

Do you accept that you can’t get it wrong because every experience you have that you don’t like, even if repeated, is simply helping you to identify more clearly what it is that you do want? It is just reminding you that you have not yet shifted your vibration (thought>feelings) to match the vibration of what you want?

Do you accept that emotions are simply indicators to let you know if your thinking is producing the vibration that matches what you want or not. Negative No, Positive Yes.