Script Writing Step 1

Script writing to release resistance and allow desires to manifest

Step 1 – Leveraging negative emotion

Acknowledge, understand, accept the presence and value of negative emotion, then give thanks to it and release it

You always want to acknowledge that you are feeling a negative emotion and what that emotion is. Say things like “oh I am feeling (negative emotion)”.

In order to release resistance you must acknowledge the negative emotion you are feeling. You are where you are and the only way you can move from where you are is to acknowledge where you are. In order for you to effectively acknowledge where you are, you got to feel at ease to be there. If you don’t feel as ease to be in a negative state you won’t let yourself admit it and then you can’t move. So it is really important to understand why it is OK to let yourself feel that negative emotion as this will be helpful in admitting where you are so you can get on with moving from that vibration to a higher vibration.

Why can you be OK and at ease to feel negative emotion, because it is perfectly natural to feel negative emotion. Emotions are your indicators for the vibration of your thoughts. If you didn’t have them you would simply never know the vibration of your thoughts and therefore not have any awareness that your vibration was not a match to your desire (or the truth about yourself and life). You wouldn’t be aware that a shift in your thinking was needed to return to a vibrational match with your desires; therefore, there is nothing wrong with acknowledging you are feeling a negative emotion, it is a very natural and necessary thing to do if you are to effectively exercise your power to shift your vibration and intentionally allow what you want to manifest.

Let’s really understand what a negative emotion is and where it comes from so you can get really comfortable to know it’s your friend and helper to your desires, then you will embrace it with open arms, know what to do with it, how it can help you and finally easily let it go. A negative emotion (or positive) is simply an indicator of the vibration of your thought. It comes from your inner being who is sending it to you, to let you know that your thought is not accurate with what it knows to be true about you, about life and about your desires. It’s the way your inner being communicates with you to guide you to thoughts that allow your desires to manifest. Your inner being knows why you came to planet earth, it knows your power to have the life you want using your energy vibration, and it knows how life is setup to work. It also knows that it has setup all of your desires and they are ready for you to receive, which you do when you are vibe is high. So anytime your thought is not high vibe it let’s you know by sending you a negative emotion. In fact any time you feel any negative emotion you can say “oh, what I am thinking is not accurate and therefore not a vibrational match to what I want”

To have emotions means you have a wonderful indicator system to make you aware of the state of your vibrational alignment. Because of your emotions, both positive and negative, you can always know if you are in alignment with what you want, who you are, and how life works or not and if not, refocus your thoughts until you feel positive.

So not only are negative emotions OK, they are a tremendous asset and something to celebrate when you feel them, they are essential for you to navigate your thoughts to a high vibration. They are something to really appreciate like those highway bumps on the side of a highway that alert you that you are going off the road, without them you would go off the road, with them you get to make adjustments to keep yourself safe and enjoying your drive. Without negative emotion, you could keep offering negative energy thoughts without awareness and cause unwanted manifestations in your life constantly, but with them, you get to know where you stand vibrationally and make the adjustments moment by moment. From our traditional teachings of life we do not leverage our negative emotions as guidance and instead, unaware of what is happening vibrationally, we hold on to negative feeling thoughts which cause the same negative manifestations to recur over and over and it can look like we are stuck, but we are not, we just keep getting the same old manifestation from the same old vibration, but we can change all that now by learning to use negative emotions to guide our thoughts.

This notion of making negative emotion OK is such an important piece of releasing resistance because so many times, we even feel “bad” for feeling “bad”, like there is something wrong with feeling negative, or we are doing something wrong or ruining the manifestation of our desires. When we avoid acknowledging or deny the presence of negative emotion, we deny our self the awareness of moving to higher vibration thoughts and we stay stuck in that low vibration of the denied negative emotion. We simply cannot release resistance when we do that. So in step 1 we want to make it OK and feel really good about negative emotions say “oh I am getting notification that my thoughts / beliefs are not accurate with the truth of who I am, and they are not accurate with the creative process. They also are not a vibrational match to my desires and that means that they are not in agreement with what the larger part of me knows to be true. Wow, that is such a great relief to know because now I know what to do, now there is something I can do to change how I am feeling and allow my desires to manifest. I just got to start reaching for thoughts that are true about me, about life and about the fact that my desires are in the process of manifesting“

There is also something else very important going on when a negative emotion is present. In that moment, it means we are feeling dissatisfied in one way or another and that means we have asked our inner being for the new improved experience to which it has created it (vibrationally) and it is ready for us to receive. So the negative emotion is also an indicator that life just got better. You can say “hey, this negative emotion means I just asked the larger part of me for the new improved experience and it has created it. It is now ready for me to receive the path.” You can see that if you deny negative emotion, you are denying that there is something better on the way, where as if you acknowledge it you also get to acknowledge that you asked for the new improved experience, it is created and ready for you to receive. Now that is a celebration. That is a paradigm shift in thinking about feeling negative.

Now with this understanding of negative emotion, instead of wallowing away on a circumstance in negative energy, you can bounce off of that negative emotion to thoughts like, “I just got really clear about what I want”, or “I just discovered what I really like”, or “I just identified what I desire”, or “I now know what I prefer”. This is so much more empowering, uplifting and life changing rather than staying stuck in the thoughts of the unwanted situation that you don’t like, which also keeps you stuck manifesting the same old unwanted thing over and over.

Knowing the function of emotions really makes it easy to accept negative emotion, thank it for alerting you to the fact that something better is now on the way, it did it’s job and now you can let it go. The presence of a negative emotion means a lot of good stuff is happening. To summarize, we have awareness that we are thinking a thought that is not allowing our desires to manifest, both we and our Source get really clear on what we want, Source creates it and makes it available for us to receive.