Self Worth Monitor

Indicator of Self Worth, Acceptance, and Respect

Mark a score between 1 and 10 with 10 indicating you always do and 1 you never do.

Part 1

The Higher the Score the Higher the Vibration relationship with Self

I am kind and understanding of myself when I make a mistake

I am kind and understanding of others when they make a mistake

I see myself as capable of accomplishing whatever I am interested in and put my mind to

I feel that I am worthy and deserving to experience the things I want

I take time for myself and feel good about it, I make sure my needs are met

I am comfortable to participate in any activity that interests me and I want to regardless of who is watching and what my skill level is

People treat me with respect, dignity and appreciation

I feel like a success

I accept myself as I am

I pursue my dreams with all of my heart

I treat my self to special and nice things

I graciously accept compliments from others

Others treat me to special and nice things

I feel worthy of being loved, respected and appreciated

I know that I am unique and special and have gifts and talents that others seek.

Others like to be associated with me

I know that I can achieve anything I put my mind to

I have compassion and understanding for others versus taking it personally

I believe people see me as a strong and capable person with clear direction

I enjoy the things I choose to do and everything I do is a choice

I get great support for my ideas

What I want to experience in the various areas of my life is what I experience

I feel empowered to attract into my life the things I want to experience

I feel beautiful

I feel good about taking time for myself

I make it a priority to take time for myself

I believe I deserve to enjoy myself and have nice things

I believe in myself

I believe I deserve success as much as anybody else

I believe I have the intelligence to accomplish what I choose, that I am capable


Part 2

The Lower the Score the Lower the Vibration relationship with Self

I believe it is my responsibility to please others and for their happiness

I interpret people as putting me down even when I am not really sure they are

I compare myself with others in a way that leaves me feeling not good enough

I am highly concerned with what others think about me

I am constantly trying to live up to the expectations of others

I am constantly trying to live up to an image that I think makes me acceptable

I react and take things personally

People second guess me

People judge me and criticize me

I feel guilty for enjoying myself

I always put myself last

I criticize myself

I stop myself or feel guilty for pursuing the things that interest me

I feel like no body cares about me or listens to me

I feel unimportant

I feel helpless and / or hopeless

Are there people in your life now that do the following or I interpret them doing the following.

Disrespect me

Do not appreciate me

Are rude to me

Take advantage of me

Ignore me

Belittle me

Minimize me

Abuse me

Use me

How do people treat me or how do I interpret they are treating me