We are Energy

How can it impact your life to understand your energy nature, that you are energy?  How can it help you to take charge of every area of your life?   Consider the 6 points below and how they will enable you to take charge or your life from an energy perspective.    Following that are images to support these points.    These points and images are based on the foundation that energy cannot be created nor destroyed, that every physical thing and each emotion that we feel is a unique frequency (vibration) of this energy, and like energies attract:

6 Points of your energy nature

1) Your body is a mass of molecules at a certain rate of vibration, the molecules are your physical body while the energy vibration supporting those molecules is your energy body.

2) You have a conscious and subconscious mind.

3) Your conscious mind, via thoughts>feelings activate a vibration which is used by the law of attraction to bring you together with other like frequencies.

4) Your source self (source energy) does all of the work to orchestrate the requests from your conscious mind, whether you are aware you are making requests or not.   Your requests come in the form of your dominant focus / attention and feeling and also from when you experience something you don’t like.   When you experience something you don’t like, it causes you to (vibrationally) ask for what you do.   Your requests and the path to them, are instantly, vibrationally granted as.  All you have to do is choose a high vibration to connect with this path and therefore realize what you want.   When negative feelings are dominant they cause negative circumstances, where positive dominant feelings cause positive circumstances.

5) Your beliefs very strongly influence your thoughts and therefore feelings.  For the most part, if you really examine your beliefs, you will see that you did not independently and objectively choose them; you accepted them from the influences and experiences of your very early years.  It is always a very good idea to question them, to determine if they are supporting you in attracting your desires or not.  For example, what are your beliefs around money, relationships, career, personal power, self, etc.  Do they limit you, cause you stress and to feel negative or do they make you feel good in the sense that you can experience the things you want.

6) Negative feelings (low vibrating energy) cause resistance and “pinch” you off from the inspired action that connects you with what you desire and also “pinch” off your cells from getting their requests, so your health is then impacted in a negative way.

If you do not understand and apply these concepts, it is unlikely that you are intentionally attracting what you want into your life.  It is more likely that you are unintentionally and unknowingly attracting what you are experiencing (the good, bad and ugly), wondering why things happen as they do.   Without the full knowledge of the laws that govern everything in the universe, and these concepts (neither of these are taught in school), it is likely you experience worry, fear and doubt at times and to different degrees.  It is also likely that you deal with uncertainty, insecurity and vulnerability, again at times and to different degrees.  It is likely that you feel a lack of control in terms of what happens in your life.   Again, you may work hard and / or do the “right” things, know the right people, but still you wonder, is this going to work out, am I going to get the result I want (in any area of life)?

What is interesting to note is that the very feeling of worry, fear, doubt, insecurity etc., if dominant, causes the attraction of the subject of those emotions.  It is also imperative to realize that these negative energies come from negative beliefs.  In this sense it is the belief that is really the root cause of the attraction.  When there is a negative feeling there is virtually always faulty beliefs about life or about self (image, worth).   What is also important to realize is that beliefs will always win out over wants until the want is supported by a belief.   If you are wanting one thing but find you get the thing you don’t want, you can bet there is a belief at work influencing your thinking and therefore what you are attracting.  For example, if you are afraid to fail at something (even though you don’t want to fail, your thought and feeling (vibration) of failure (motivated from a belief) is inviting that result.  Holding low vibration emotions tends to cause a self perpetuating cycle of ups and downs in life but that cycle can be broken.

You can take charge of what happens in your life anytime by 1) fully understanding the complete and natural functioning of your conscious, subconscious mind, source self and how to master them 2) understanding the 3 basic laws of the universe (attraction, expression and expansion) and the truth of unlimited abundance.

The IMAGES  below support the above information.  You can Click an Image if you wish to Enlarge it.

Your hand magnified, what you think is solid is mostly empty space.   Your physical hand is the physical form of a unique frequency of energy.

magnified hand

The energy “body” of your hand.  Kirlian photography

Hand - Kirlian

Picture of a leaf with regular photography.  The leave was divided and a picture taken of the bottom only.   Nothing out of the ordinary right.  See the next one.

Half Leaf

Same leaf using Kirlian photography.  The full energy body remains despite the removal of half of the physical body.  You can even see where the physical tear occurred.

Energy Leaf - half

All physical “things” have their energetic blueprint or body.

Energy Body

The picture below represents the difference between the conscious mind (above water) and subconscious mind and source energy self (below water).   It gives you an idea of how important it is that we understand the workings of our total self.


Below are water crystals after being subjected to positive and negative emotional energies.   The one on the left reflects “Thank you”.   The one in the middle reflects “Love and appreciation”.  The one on the right represents “You make me sick, I will kill you”.   Consider this, of the 1% body mass that you are, 75% of that is water.   How much do your think your emotions affect your body and your life?   Pictures taken from the work of Dr Masaru Emoto – Hidden Messages in the Water.


You can see from the image below, the different effects of emotions within the energy body.  The colors represent the different frequency changes related to the emotion.  Since the physical body is the extension or manifestation of the energy body, it will be impacted by any changes in the energy body frequency influences.  This shows you the link between how your feelings affect your state of health and what you attract.

Body Maps