About You

It’s most likely that you are here because there is something going on in your life that you have not otherwise been able to solve.  Further, whatever is going on is probably something that has some degree of discomfort, dissatisfaction, disruption or pain that you are no longer willing or can live with.  Or you can see that if it continues it will result in something serious that will be potentially devastating to your life.  It could be something to do with a relationship, with your career, your health, your finances etc.  

What I have learned is that there is some very basic facts of life that we did not get and in their absence, we received some very faulty information about life and about our self.

How effectively could you build a house without carpentry education and experience?   How effectively can you really live life when you are missing some of the most important pieces of information about living life?  Look around this planet, how effective are we? The following are just a few areas of dissatisfaction.

The majority of people do not like their job or may be OK with it but it is not the work they really want to be doing.

People are looking for love but are not finding it or are experiencing unrest in their relationships.

Anxiety and Depression in young adults is on the increase.

People are becoming more and more aware that prescription drugs and surgery are not “fixing” their health issues.

People are sick and tired of being sick and tired.

Children are spending great amounts of time on electronic devices at the expense of physical activity and social development.

Young adults are having stress due to not knowing what direction to take their life in or racking up large education debt trying to figure out what they like.

People are eating more low quality and toxic food, experiencing more stress and exercising less leading to higher rates of obesity and other physical and emotional issues.

Problematic issues between teens and their parents are increasing.

People have dreams and aspirations but are afraid to follow them or don’t know how to follow them.  They stay stuck in a life that they find a way to accept and tolerate for lack of knowing how to change it.

Once you go through this site you will know that the quality of your life is in your own hands,  that you are not the subject of the world around you but the co creator of it.  You need only acquire the missing knowledge and put it to work.

Most people can tell you in a moment what they don’t like, what’s not working and what they don’t want, but ask them to clearly describe what they do want, and why.   Most people are lost for words when asked this.  You will learn on this site how significantly this impacts your life. 

How many people accept themselves, are kind to themselves?  How many people have a strong self image and self worth?  How many people have had a past that has left these things shattered?   Damaged self image is like an invisible ball and chain on your foot but you can get rid of this damage for good.   This is another critical factor in having a life of health, happiness and harmony.

How many people know what it takes to be in a high vibration?  How many people even know what a high vibration is?   Without that knowledge it is virtually impossible to achieve your desires and live the life you want.

When you stand back and you see all of the imbalances, stress, life dissatisfaction and life style choices, should we really expect to have a good functioning body when life is full of dis-ease.   A life that lacks ease is at dis-ease and where there is dis-ease in life doesn’t it make sense that there will be dis-ease in the body.  Does it really make sense that we can “fix” the body without “fixing” the life perspective that led to the state of our body?   How can we really expect to have a beautifully healthy body and sound mental health amidst the things in the list you just read?

One last item that you may not realize is impacting your life, is emotional baggage.   There is much more to emotional baggage then just a casual term we use in conversation. You will learn more about this on the site.

So what lies in front of you are 4 main things 1) to acquire the missing knowledge about your true power and who you really are, and how to use it   2) identify the story you want to live and practice it  3) how to maintain a high vibration  4) understand when and how to act in a universe of vibration and attraction.   These are the four areas of mind mastery.   They could also be called the 4 areas of vibrational mastery or emotional mastery.   Once you master your mind you will then be taking charge of the quality of your life.

If you have any questions on this page or others be sure to use the “Submit a Question” page.   If after you go through the site, you would like a 30 minute complimentary session to understand more about how my program and services could benefit you please feel free to contact me.

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