About Becoming a Trainer / Coach

Are you interested in being a trainer / coach to empower people to be the deliberate creator of their own world that they came here to be.   You can do so using my 20 weeks Higher Vibrations program.   Here’s how.

If you want to work with someone though this program, or in conjunction with this program for a fee, you will need approval to do so. I issue an annual approval certificate to coaches and practitioners of personal empowerment for life changes to use this program for compensation as follows:

1) They have demonstrated through either experience and / or education that they are committed to helping others improve some aspect of their life.

2) They have completed the Higher Vibrations Program with an approved coach or practitioner.

3) They have led one or more people through the Higher Vibrations Program.

4) They accept, agree with and practice the concepts of empowerment as presented in this program.

5) They use this program in the spirit intended, which is for the strict purpose of helping others to be empowered and take charge of their life independent of any other person.