About Higher Vibrations

What is your vibration, how is it affecting you and what can you do about it?  Understanding your vibration is the single most important piece of information you will ever learn in your life.  It is the root cause for virtually everything that happens in your life and it is what will allow you to take charge of your life.

There is a questionnaire on this site to help you know where your vibration level is but first you may want to understand what I am referring to with the word vibration.   

EVERYTHING is energy and what makes one “thing” different from another is a unique frequency of that energy.   Emotions are things, each with their own unique frequency of energy.   Vibration is another way to say energy frequency.  When using the word vibration, in the context of this material, what I am referring to is the energy frequency of the emotion you are feeling because of what you are choosing to think about and how you are choosing to think about it.   The emotion and subject together constitutes your vibration.  For example if you decide to buy a new car, you probably feel happy and excited and hold an image of the car, perhaps an image of you driving it.  That would be a high vibration.   However, if you follow that feeling with a thought of, oh I don’t have the money, then disappointment, sadness and other emotions set in and you have just cancelled the high vibration that would have attracted that car to you with a low vibration that basically nullifies it.  If you are having a dispute with your spouse you may be feeling one or more of several emotions along the lines of anger, anxiety, blaming, unsupported, frustration etc and you are probably having some intense internal conversations and perhaps images.   That would be a low vibration and even though you may be thinking you are directing those feelings towards your spouse, they are actually be deposited into your subconscious mind because they are “alive” in your conscious mind.  Feelings are the language that the conscious mind talks to the subconscious mind.  What you deposit to your subconscious mind . . . it does not question, it just accepts and then the law of attraction proceeds to attract an equal vibration into your life experience.

Of course our vibration is highly influenced by our beliefs because our beliefs influence how we think about things.  So unless we are very aware, our responses tend to be automatic from what we believe and we can easily get into a cycle of attracting what we don’t want as the result of a faulty belief.   The fact is, in the absence of the truth about our self and how life is to be lived, we have many faulty beliefs and that alone tells you we are attracting unwanted circumstances.

So from this short overview you can start to get the idea of how you are involved with what is causing your life experiences.   Without knowing about the law of vibration you would have no idea what so ever how to connect a “bad” experience with anything related to you.  We are not taught about how powerful beliefs are in influencing our vibration and therefore what we attract to our selves.   We don’t realize that when we get into a negative state, it was influenced by a faulty belief, and that emotional energy (vibration) is going somewhere, it is being used by the law of vibration and attraction to match us up with an equal frequency event in our life.   Our choice of what we think about and how we think about it is never without effect, it always returns to us a circumstances that equals its vibration.

If you want to get an idea of where your vibration is in the various areas of your life, you can go to the Questionnaire section and complete the Vibration Indicator Questionnaire.  It will help you to quickly identify where you may need to shift your vibration if you have an area of your life that you would like to increase your satisfaction and attract more of what you do want for your life experience.

If you have any questions please enter it on the Submit A Question page in the comment box and post it.  I will receive notification of your question and in most cases answer it within 24 hours.