Script Writing Step 2

Script writing to release resistance and allow desires to manifest

Step 2 – Positive acceptance of unwanted circumstances

Understand and accept the unwanted circumstance (people), then give thanks and release it / them

In step 2 we want to vibrationally understand the circumstance that is related to our negative emotion because that will help us to let it go and in fact will make it easy to let it go, we want to get to the point where we do no push up against anything.

In our traditional teachings, when we are feeling negative emotions, we are attributing it to the way someone is behaving or to a circumstance, in other words there is an element of blame which is actually a second layer of resistance. For example a person will say “I am angry because my cheque didn’t arrive in the mail today”, or “I am annoyed because my spouse . . .” or “I am lonely because nobody ever calls me”, or I am frustrated because, I don’t know how to . . . “ In all cases the person is blaming their negative emotion on something or someone external to themselves and we know that is not accurate for 2 reasons 1) the situation is simply the result of offered energy, that is, no one or nothing inserts itself into our life arbitrarily, in can only be there because it is a match to a vibration in us, so there is never anyone or anything to blame, there is only the acknowledgment that we offered a vibration (intentionally or not) that caused that experience to manifest for us and 2) a negative feeling is coming from our inner being, telling us that our thought about the situation is inaccurate (low vibe), and therefore not in agreement with our power as the creator of our reality to be, do and have as we want. We are receiving the negative emotion because our thought in some way is saying we are powerless, or helpless or unworthy or not enough, or not capable of having a good life or can’t have what we want. When we choose thoughts like that, we receive a negative emotion to alert us that our thought is not true and because it’s not true, it’s low vibe and not a match to the high vibration of our desires. That means we can’t receive our desires, so that negative emotion we are feeling is an indicator to change our thoughts, it has nothing to do with the circumstance or person.

When we understand this working of our energy then it is easy to accept all circumstances as vibrational feedback or what manifested from our vibration (that we chose intentionally or not), and not only let them / it go, but be thankful for the awareness they provided about our vibe and what we really want and the opportunity to refocus our mind to the thoughts (vibration) that match our desire and therefore will allow us to receive our desired experiences.

Now, we can take our old thoughts about such situations and turn them around by saying it like this “That person is annoying me, oh wait, no they are not annoying me, I am simply receiving the emotion of annoyance from my inner being because of how I am thinking about this situation. Let me re-frame this, it is not their job to behave as a want, it is my job to attract the kind of experience I want. I am the creator of my reality. If they are behaving in a way that I find annoying then I got to be more mindful with my vibration so I attract the kind of interactions I like rather than do not like. I like people who are loving and supportive . . . I also am now learning that any behavior that comes my way that I don’t like is all about my vibration and I now understand and accept that and let it go (in fact am thankful), it’s not their job to change for me or be what I want them to be, it’s my job to change my vibe”. Now we have moved from being annoyed and blaming to understanding, acceptance, release and gratitude. Through our understanding, we are now empowered to take charge of our life by taking charge of our thoughts. That is a complete release of resistance and the forming of a new accurate high vibe belief that will support your desires.

To really hit home how we have been living, without the understanding of how our energy works, the emotion of annoyance came from a faulty believe that others are supposed to please us and when they don’t they are wrong and somehow our annoyance with them is going to make them change to please us. People take tantrums all the time thinking that is the way we get what we want. It comes from when we are young and taking tantrums and others giving into us, we learn this faulty behavior and belief. Also what could be in the mix of faulty beliefs is a feeling of unworthiness, like why are they not doing that thing for me, am I not worthy. That feeling of unworthy can cause us to think all kinds of faulty thoughts like, why do I not get treated with respect, why are the things I want not important etc.

So in step 2 we want to be very clear that unwanted circumstances are simply and only about our vibration, and negative emotion comes from our inner being to let us know that our perspective / beliefs are not in agreement with the truth of our self, of life and our desires.

With this new understanding we can easily accept all people and circumstances as vibrational feedback and release them, knowing that to do so, frees up our mind to focus on the kind of thoughts that produce the vibration that allows us to receive what we want. Now that really makes us pay attention and want to leave that unwanted circumstance alone very quickly, knowing that to keep our focus on it only means that we are attracting more of it.

As in step one, where we thanked the negative emotion, now that we vibrationally understand circumstances and the people in our life, we want to thank the people and circumstances for the awareness they gave us about our vibe as well as the clarity about what we want.

Now we have further released resistance by understanding that we are 100% in charge of, and responsible for what is happening in our life, our thoughts about it, and that we can change our thoughts about it so as to cause a different manifestation, the one we want. We now realize why and how we are the creator of our reality. We also realize we are receiving emotions based on the way we think of things, which we get to chose. This means we can change our emotional state anytime and it will always be a good feeling emotional state when we choose thoughts that are in agreement with who we are, how life works and our desires.