How do we keep our vibe high when we start to feel negative from a thought in mind or from thought of a person or a person in your space etc.

Here is the whole question  “sometimes we experience some bad situations.. or had some bad experiences.. if that thought or person comes into your mind or infront of you.. at that time we loose our vibes.. how to workout on this”.


This is a really important question in terms of the creative process and deliberate creation. Thanks for asking this. I believe you are following my posts called the 4 legs of consistent successful manifesting. This question falls under leg 4, vibrational awareness. We can have the other three legs in good shape but if this one is not, then the chair will not stand, meaning our effectiveness at deliberate creation will be inhibited because our vibration will be wobbly so to speak, rather than pure positive.

The ground work to deal with such situations comes by way of really understanding and accepting that everything in our day is there (in our mind / our space) because of the vibration we offer. No one comes into our life in any way by accident, luck or anything else other than something in their vibration matches something in ours. So the first thing we obviously want to do as you have done, is be aware, oh I am feeling somewhat down / negative. That is your emotional guidance system at work telling you that your thought is inaccurate and out of line with what you want and your power to attract what you want. So then you start to diffuse that negative energy with some self talk like, oh, it’s just a manifestation of my energy, no big deal, I still have some work to do to let go of that resistance and be more focused on what I want. Then you can say, what I really like, what I prefer, what feels good is . . . (now you fill in the blank). You see that thought or circumstance about that person, that does not feel good, it helps you to identify what would feel good and then when you refocus you can attract the preferred experience. In this line of thinking, another tool you can use is to say Thank You (in your mind). That means you are seeing this situation, not as an antagonizing situation by one that is reminding you to do more work to focus on what you want. Now isn’t that much better feeling. Another mind strategy is to say I DID THAT. This means you are accepting responsibility for attracting the situation / thought which empowers you because you then admit, hey if I did that, then I can do this (attract something different that I like).

This process of catching yourself feeling negative then moving back to positive is like falling down a bank. Lets say you are walking nicely along an enjoyable trail then all of sudden you slip and tumble down the bank. The first thing in your mind is, I got to stop this fall, so you reach for something that will do this. Then once you are stopped the next step is, how do I get back up so you look for ways to climb back up and then you get back on the trail. The slipping and falling is like that negative energy that comes to your mind, then in your awareness of the feeling you want to stop it, put it on pause. To do this you go to simple thoughts or just deep breathing to give your mind some space to start to think. Then you engage the self talk I mentioned above. As you start to feel soothed and more at ease you can really shift to the preferred experience you want to attract and make that more of your focus.

You just let everyone and everything off the hook as having done anything to you or having any control over you because they do not. You can visit my article called shifting negative energy to positive to get a process for such situations It has pictures to help really implant solid triggers in your mind as to where to go with your self talk once you find yourself in a negative spin for any reason. The name of the game here is to release resistance, vibe rises and then all the good stuff comes. We don’t want to give our power away to any one or any thing, there is no need to and it just keeps us from the experiences we want. If you want a more in depth process you can also see my articles called Your Emotional Guidance System and Maintaining a High Vibration. They are under INFO>Articles on my website as indicated.

If you have a particular situation that recurs you will want to practice your positive response as indicated rather than going to negative reaction. If you don’t practice when things are quiet and calm, in the heat of the negativity you will most likely react in the same old way and the old thoughts will tend to take over. This means you will keep attracting the same old thing because you are giving the same old instruction to the law of attraction.

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