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Letting go of low vibes from past experiences

Here is a scenario where a person is looking for resolve to a past experience, to let it go and be free of it 1) so it doesn’t keep getting in their thoughts and feeling low vibe and 2) so as not to attract more like it Hi Brian I am chuckling to myself as […]

How do I heal bad acne (or any heal ailment)?

Hi Brian, After reading your self worth post today it made me think of an issue my husband has been dealing with for over 9 years. He had beautiful clear skin all throughout middle school and high school. When he went to military school at age 18, he started breaking out due to the temperature […]

How to change my country?

I have a question to ask which is about how to respond when it comes to talking about bad leadership in my country…how do I avoid this because it could be hard to avoid because bad leadership has affected the people in major ways example:bad economy,low standard of living,poor health sector,poor education how can I […]

How to express love for myself?

How to express my love for myself? What should I do? How will I know that I love myself the most and put myself first? This is hard for me to understand. Thank you very much Great question and perhaps the most important question for living a high vibration. It is hard to understand pure […]

How do I deal vibrationally with the fear of loosing money?

Fear is an emotion, part of your emotional guidance system, it is a negative frequency emotion meaning that it is telling you that your thought about money is inaccurate in terms of your power as a creator, that the thought is not vibrationally in agreement with what you want which is abundance, certainty, freedom, security […]

I am just curious to know if you have any plans for writing a book on “Money Wealth & Prosperity Consciousness”.

I will address your question in a round about way but bear with me and you will understand the answer. Many people think that manifesting is a conscious effort to use ones mind in a way that will bring specific desires, like money. In other words, people think if I spend so much time each […]

How to allow money to manifest when there are limiting beliefs?

If you have a desire and a belief that opposes it and you attempt to make specific affirmations about having that desire it will almost certainly cause resistance and prevent the manifestation. Many people say “I have been affirming that I have money, money is coming, money flows into my life easily, etc., ” but […]

How do I turn around struggling with letting go of a long term relationship?

Hi Brian I need your guidance on a matter I’m going through. My partner of 10 yrs has cut me off completely. I’m trying 2 change my thoughts but finding it difficult. I feel betrayed and hurt. How do I turn this around? Other aspects in my life are good. But I’m struggling with this […]

How much can you change your life in 30 days?

How much can your life change in 30 days? I don’t know if this is a low-vibe question because of the embedded time-frame, but I’m wondering if we maintain the highest vibration possible – love/joy, mediating on that feeling and feeling as if what we want is already in physical form for as many hours […]

How do I deal with anxiety?

Hi Brian just a question, I suffer from anxiety, even though I can feel positive, anxiety has a mind of its own. Have you come across or talked about in a post techniques on how to calm the mind and body if something has deeply affected someone. I refuse to believe that everyone can just […]

I was moving forward but now stalled on my dreams?

Hi Brian, it’s be a few months now since I’ve posted in the group and I wanted to update you. This is indeed a journey… If you recall, my husband and I wanted to find new jobs that fit our lifestyle so that we could release immediate money concerns (like living off of savings) to […]

Any helpful tips to overcome PTSD?

I suffer from ptsd from a violent childhood by my mother.. I struggle to keep positive thoughts and allow in lightness and joy or even basic relaxation.. Can anyone offer any helpful tips to overcome this please Thanks for reaching out Gigi. Ok let’s talk about this from an energy perspective, it’s quite different from […]

How can I stay high vibe when someone close dies?

Hello Brian Withers, this question may have been asked before but I will ask anyways since you are so informative and help support our growth. How do we keep our vibes up especially in trying times, like after the death of a dear one, a friend, a mentor? I am aware that they are in a […]

Why and how does manifestation of our desires happen?

We know that life experience causes you to ask for what you want and the larger part of you grants it instantly. So the house, the job, the relationship, the everything is ready for you now, right now and so is the path to it; and it’s important to remember that there is a path […]

How does energy vibration fit in with death?

Thanks again Jass for another great question. There is no death in that we are eternal, yes our body goes away but we simply transition to our singular form as Source Energy, pure positive energy. Any of our desires that we did not allow to manifest in this life time are still there and will […]

Do I have energy blockages?

Thanks for the question Pam, it gives me a great opportunity to talk about energy alignment which is really important to understand in terms of allowing out desires to manifest. That is an interesting word, blockage, it gets used by many but has many meanings. I suspect that when a kinesiologist uses it they are […]

Will high vibes lead to low in relationship?

Love.. happiness.. are higher vibrations…. Angry ..hate ..fear…jelous are lower vibrations feelings If we are in love, somewhere we fight with that person then will start hating jelous angry feelings on that same person… Considering above situation….Will higher vibrations sometimes lead to lower??? vibrations   In order to answer this question, we first need to […]

How to release an addiction using our personal energy?

Releasing addictions of all kinds (or simply undesired habits) by shifting your energy Before getting into the details, let me just be clear on the definition of alignment, it means that our present moment vibration is a match to the vibration of our desire. It also means that our perspective of our self, of others […]

How does a woman deal with the negativity from PMS?

Brian, while I was reading this a question popped up in my mind. What about days for women that are monthly female cycles? I know I tend to be sometimes in a negative state during those times of the month, I’m sure other females also feel that way, how do we stay High vibe and […]

What does this mean “If a desire is strong then it doesn’t matter what beliefs you have”

Thanks for this question. I often find myself explaining Abraham quotes. They all make perfect sense once you understand how it all works but while learning sometimes they can leave you a little uncertain as to their meaning. This quote is really important to understand. Let’s start with what we know. We know we have […]