I been floundering trying to figure this out, so much misleading information, how do I get this?

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I feel like I’ve been floundering for some time trying to figure all of this out. There is so much misleading info out there that I think it sets people off on prolonged paths. But your explanations are so thorough and logical, I feel like I’m getting it. I have a sense of peace that I haven’t felt in a very long time. Thank you!!

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I totally agree that people are off on prolonged paths. I know what you mean, in my early years of understanding I to floundered and pondered and scratched my head.

I had tried a number of programs and although it seemed they worked for others, they didn’t for me and so I was really keen to understand why, what was it that had it working for one but not another. I knew we all equally can attract so I had to know why. That’s when I realized there were really 4 legs to this thing and if you didn’t have all 4, things didn’t work. If you had 1 and 2 but needed 3 and 4 and took a program that was working on 1 and 2 well that really didn’t help. If you found a program that gave you 3, still no good because you need 4. So this is what is happening, people don’t know which legs they have and which they need to get and what offerings cover what legs.

So what happens with people offering solutions . . . they get it to work for them and think they have it figured out, but they really don’t understand why it totally works (all 4 legs). Then they attempt to teach others what worked for them, but because it lacks insight into all 4 legs, it does not work for others. Then people just jump from one thing to the next, floundering and confused.

I teach all 4 legs, not knowing if a person already has none in place or 1, 2 or 3 in place. There is no real way to know that and quite frankly its not important. But what I do know is that they DON”T have at least one leg because if they had them all, they would be just using them to get what they want and not still trying to figure it out, jumping from book to book, from program to program, from facebook group to facebook group, looking for that magic piece. You can get all of the pieces here and support for them as well.

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