It’s hard to stay positive – high vibe, all day long, why is it so hard?

I often get a comment saying that it is hard to maintain a high vibration with everything going on in the day. How do you feel good while things and people around you are challenging, not the way you want?

Well we know if you want to have the things you want to manifest, you have to give the law of attraction the instruction to do so. And the only instruction that causes the law of attraction to connect you with the path to what you want is high vibration positive emotions. So if you let the happenings of the day, memories, CNN, financial matters, relationship matters, Facebook, work matters, conversations with others, comments by others etc. get our attention in a negative way then you are not giving the instruction to the law of attraction to get what you want. So this is a really important question and topic. In fact it is the 4th leg of Successful and Consistent Manifestation – Vibrational Awareness (which gives you the opportunity to shift your vibration).

Let me first address why it can seem hard to do something as seemingly simply as feel good. First you must understand the working of your vibrational energy. It is not static, it is moving, it gets momentum; going either positive or negative. All of your life you have been practicing thinking in a certain way. That way is based on information that lacks the knowledge of your true self and the creative process. So you have some degree of inaccurate, faulty and limiting beliefs about life that you have practiced for quite some time. This means you have some level of negative energy momentum going which means it is easy for you to think the same old thoughts. They are just there and ready for you to choose, to be triggered into and then they take off because the law of attraction gives you more of what you are giving it. So right away, each day, you have currents of negative energy that is kind of luring you in and you have to swim against it to choose positive. If you want to understand this, just take note of your day and watch yourself. Watch how easy it can be to choose a negative reaction to someone, to beat yourself up or just get in a conversation and start talking about the way things are you don’t like or listening to others complain or what they don’t like. We even listen to news and other inputs that actually trigger all of this faulty thinking and get that momentum going, so when a person says it is hard to be positive, they are not kidding, this is why. But it is not a big deal when you know what is happening. It is a huge big deal when you don’t know what is happening.

So how do you deal with this negative current coming at you, this habitual thinking, this low vibe conversation in your head. The first thing is awareness. Playfully, you say to yourself, hey there I go again with that low vibe talk / perspective / attitude. I said I was not going to do that anymore. Oh well I caught it again and I am working on it, I am getting better, catching it more and turning it around. So you play with yourself, not more beating yourself up. This helps you to learn new thinking, open up for new thinking. Once you catch yourself then you just turn it around, say better feeling things to yourself, get away from CNN, stop conversing with people in low vibe ways, stop complaining, talk about what is good, what is coming that you like, why you want the things you do.

To really help yourself with this so you support yourself during the day and kind of insulate or build some resiliency into your day, you must start your day intentionally with positive momentum and prepave your day. You can meditate, really really good. This is a state of non resistance and your vibe will naturally rise and good thoughts will come via law of attraction and off you go. You can go through your story, tune into the good that is in your life, really set yourself up with the high vibe premium thoughts. If there is a particular situation that gets your attention in a negative way then you can practice a new positive response so when the heat is on, you remember the response and do not react. Then as you get into your day, you really get picky about your thoughts and conversations and don’t let anyone or anything take you down. If you do the prep work every morning you are giving yourself the best shot at going through the day with a high vibe and the more you do it the easier it gets. The more you train your thinking, you create a new habit of thought, then the momentum that is with you is positive rather than negative and instead of it being hard to stay positive it will be easy, and that is when life gets really good as you are constantly sending the “I am ready to receive” instruction to the law of attraction and it is sending you back details to get you to all of the goodies you want.

If you want more info on this you can read my article called Starting your Day with Positive Momentum and it will help you with the prepaving, retraining process. It really is worth  the time to train your mind for high vibe thinking, the quality of your life depends on it.

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