What if we breathe, trust and relax and things do not work to our favor still?

We tend to believe that in order to get what we want we have to do things to make it happen, in other words, we are responsible for figuring out how, when, where, who etc. That is a flawed believe, not true at all. The way the creative process works is this, 1) life causes you to ask, to identify what you prefer 2) source energy sets it up in vibrational reality and the path to it 3) we allow that experience to come into our physical life by being in a state of no resistance. To say that another way, to be in the receiving mode, in alignment or in a high vibration. When we are a vibrational match to what we want, then “things” happen to bring it into our life. So our job is to know what we want and why we want it. The job of source and loa is who, when, where, how etc.

When we learn to trust and live by the creative process, we know we will receive inspiration, urges, intuitions to act, we know we will find our self right time, right place and the day will flow in our favor with everything working out.

Now this does not happen over night because we have all of these flawed beliefs that cause us some degree of negative momentum. So we must displace those beliefs, by focusing on new ones and therefore let go of that negative momentum. That takes some practice, high vibration thinking takes practice. It’s a whole mindset shift we are after, a new way of thinking. So many people think, oh I will think this thought and law of attraction will bring me what I want, no it does not work like that unless we have pure positive energy, unless we have trained our thinking such that we are dominantly in a high vibration. When we make requests but have negative momentum going, its the negative momentum that determines what comes not our request. However when we make a request and we have positive momentum then the request comes because the momentum equals the request.

So if you breathe, trust and let go, meaning you have no resistance, you will receive the path to what you want. Everything will work out in your favor. If things are not working out in your favor it means one thing and one thing only, you still have negative momentum, resistance. But no big deal unless you say, oh this isn’t working and you don’t release resistance, then of course it never works to your favor. But if you say, hey that is OK, this did not go in my favor and that means I have more work to do, to keep training my vibration, I am getting better at this, I am training my vibration, I am getting new positive momentum going. Eventually this new positive momentum is going to be dominant and things will work out for my favor. Again, its like planting the seed in the ground. You are hungry but the seed does grow in 24 hours and produce fruit but if nurtured it will, even in the early stages when you cannot see it growing, it is, things are changing. This is where the trust comes in, to believe when there is nothing to visually see.

To sum up, breathe, relax and trust is the way to live that allows all things we want to manifest, but right now since we have so much accumulated negative momentum, we don’t get the results right away until we practice high vibe thinking and it becomes dominant. We have to do the practice and trust it is working even while the old momentum is still manifesting. As the momentum changes the new manifestations come, but we have to trust the training process and the creative process.

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