When do affirmations work and when do they not work?

If you use affirmations to ask for what you want, generally, they don’t work.

If you use affirmations to get into a good feeling place, they most likely don’t work

Let me explain this then I will explain when they do work. If you are using an affirmation to ask for what you want, then you have not yet come to fully understand how the creative process works because affirmations are not for asking they are for allowing; they can help you to get the frequency of what you want which causes it to manifest. So if you see affirmations as asking that would most likely mean you are thinking what you want is not already created, not available to you right now and this would cause you to wonder, ponder the how, who, when, where it is going to be created and how, who, when, where is it going to show up. As soon as you get into thinking about how, who, when and where, you are almost certainly in a low vibration because many times those elements are outside of your beliefs or thought of possibility or probability. Then worry and doubt can set in, low vibes that inhibit the manifestation. When you say I am going to feel good about this thing that isn’t here so I can get it, that is an inherently low vibration perspective. It’s a feeling of lack.

Secondly, if you use affirmations to pump yourself up and convince yourself that the thing you want is yours, kind of force yourself to feel good on that topic, that is almost certainly full of resistance. Why? Because although it may feel good momentarily, if you were at the vibe of that thing you want, it would already be in your life, would already have manifested. The fact that you notice it is not in your physical life means you have resistance that is preventing it from manifesting and that resistance comes in the form of beliefs. So every time you affirm this thing you want, your beliefs say, you don’t really believe that so you are not going to get it. To say it another way, the law of attraction says, the feeling you are offering to me is low vibe, you are saying that you don’t have this thing, so I will connect you will more of not having it. When you try to effort your way to feeling good, again force yourself to feel good on a subject you don’t really sure about because of beliefs, that invokes things like worry, fear and doubt. To affirm in this way, it virtually always backfires and just causes more resistance.

If you use affirmations when you are feeling certain, feeling knowing, feeling trust, feeling satisfied, feeling eager, feeling excited, feeling at ease for any reason, then the affirmation will resonate and produce the vibration of having, of expecting, of certainty. There are people that when they say what they want, they say it from a place of, it’s just run of the mill what happens in my life, it’s just the way it is, they are not saying it to make it happen or asking, they say because they know it has happened, it’s a done deal, on its way. This is why the rich stay rich and the poor stay poor over time, it’s why those that are successful in relationships stay successful in relationships and those that are not stay that way. It has nothing to do with money or dating sites or the cloths you wear, or your education or where you live or anything else, it has only to do with your feeling of expectation, knowing, certainty, believing, feeling the realness of it now. When you know that feeling good causes your desires in vibrational reality to manifest, you know that there is not need to ask. You just get engaged with the inspiration, urges, intuitions and right time right place that come, they feel so good and they lead you to what you want. It’s all very satisfying and easy.

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