How to we get to trust that what we want is manifesting?

I am getting some feedback and answering questions around the topic of trust – trusting the creative or manifesting process. Questions like how can we really trust that what we want is coming? How do we know it’s on its way? What should I be doing or what can I do to speed it up? How do I know if I am doing this right?

Trust is such a foundational piece of the creative process because without it you have doubt, and perhaps some worry and fear. When you lack trust you are in a low vibration and the path to your desires is simply not open to you.

In establishing solid trust, first we must acknowledge that we need to be patient with our self because there is some knowledge and understanding that needs to be gained in terms of the truth about our self and life, the truths that empower us as the creator of our reality. Then there is applying that knowledge and understanding it to use it effectively which helps us to accept that it is indeed the truth, what is accurate. If we learned about these things from the start this all would be easy, but we didn’t, we learned a good deal of flawed, limiting and faulty beliefs, that really disempower us and they have energy momentum which means they are influencing our thinking in the low vibe direction. Depending on the level of faulty beliefs we accepted, that has a bearing on how the learning processes progresses along for each of us. Our commitment and determination to engage the mind training time also has a bearing on the learning process.

Here are the elements of instilling the trust level in us that it takes to sustain the high vibration that it takes to allow the manifestation of our desires.

Know the truth about who you are and why you came here and visit it often until you accept it as true. See my article called The Truth about You

Know the 3 basic pieces of the creative process and plant them firmly in your mind. This will tell you that you are not alone, you have source energy, the larger part of you and the law of attraction on your side to set everything up and deliver it as long as you keep yourself in the receiving mode.

Practice meditation daily such that you are quieting your mind and you get to the point where you can hear the impulses calling you, the ideas, the inspirations. They will drop into your mind. Then follow them and watch how they turn out. This will give you confidence that you are being guided. Again be patient, we are not generally accustomed to a quite mind so it will take time to settle into a practice that will really let your mind settle down.

Practice intentional feel good / non resistant thinking to start your day and this will also open your mind to receive impulses as well. It will setup your vibration such that the law of attraction connects you with the details of the path to your desire, both non physical and physical.

Set an intention that is easy, meaning it has no resistance and watch it show up. As you realize that everything, no matter of size is simply a frequency of energy, you will realize it is as easy to attract a car as a pair of shoes. It’s just a matter of keeping resistance out of the way, that is, thoughts that have low vibes.

Since a belief that many have is that in order to “get” our desire, we have to assert our self, apply effort and figure things out, we need to show that this is a faulty belief because if we do not, we will not allow our self to feel good about sitting with a quite mind, or good feeling thoughts, or doing something fun as the way to cause our desires to manifest. We will feel guilty or that we are not doing enough and doubt it is happening etc. all low vibes that inhibit our desired manifestations. By doing the practice I indicated above you can demonstrate that your thoughts are your powerful way to cause what you want to happen and this will build acceptance and trust that you are indeed the creator of your reality and you do it with your choice of thought.

Another piece of trust is understanding and trusting your emotions, that they are telling you about the vibration of your thoughts. When the emotion is negative, the thought is low vibe, not true, not accurate, not in alignment, not a match to what you want. When the emotion is positive, the thought is high vibe, true, accurate, in alignment and a match to what you want. So always acknowledge your emotions and when you are low make it OK, it is OK, just start reaching for better feeling thoughts, thought by thought. Something like, I am getting better at this, it’s good to know the laws of the universe, I don’t have to prove myself to anyone, sometimes I really get this and I am getting it more all the time. No big deal, everything is working out, everything is meant to work out, that is the way life is. This is how you talk yourself into ease and let your vibe rise, with generally true statements that have no resistance.

Cultivating trust is like cultivating anything, practice over time and experience.   Further as you cultivate trust you will be more inclined to use all of your high vibe tools because you will know that your mind efforts are actually doing something in terms of causing the manifestation of your desires.    

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