How do I talk my way back to a high vibration from a negative feeling place?

This specific talk sequence below was to help a person who felt rejected after a job interview did not go as they liked.    Now this is where vibrational awareness and mind mastery helps us to remain high vibe so we can can continue to attract what we want even when things in our immediate observation are not as we like.   We want to keep sending that high vibe signal to the law of attraction even when present circumstances are not as we like.   This is the only way we can change our life.   If we let the circumstances get our attention in a negative way we will keep attracting the same old thing.

The question was this, how do I keep my vibration high after feeling the rejection of a job interview that did not go in my favor? The question could also be asked, how do I talk with my self to keep resistance away and therefore my vibration high even though what I am observing is what I do not like?
Vibrational awareness is one of the legs of successful and consistent manifestation and this is a perfect example of why mastering this leg is essential to a consistent high vibe which is required to have desires manifest.
Once we are aware that we are taking a dip in our vibration, then it’s a matter of putting on the brakes and turning it around. So once you take some deep breaths, or count by 3’s, or count down from 17, or repeat a word like ease or whatever your favorite distraction tool is, and you get your mind settled into neutral. Then you want to talk yourself back up. So below is a sample self talk stream to bring ease and relief. As we feel the ease and relief, our vibe starts to rise and law of attraction will start helping us in that direction.
It’s really interesting, as we stew over something unwanted, the law of attraction is standing on the other side of the door saying, just let it go, open the door so I can help you to where you want to be.
Although this pertains to this job situation it could be used for many situations with little adaptation. And this is just one sample, steams of soothing statements are unlimited, it’s learning what works for you that will go in your tool box

Nothing has gone wrong here

I was simply not a vibrational match to that job

I have nothing to prove to anyone

I am a powerful creator

I know the job I want is in vibrational reality

I attracted this situation, I can attract something different

I have spent a whole life time not knowing my true self

Not knowing how powerful I am and not knowing how to direct my energy

I didn’t know I had the support of source energy and it is always guiding me

and setting up my desires for me to receive

I didn’t know why things happen but now I do

Now I am learning about me

I am getting better, I am learning

Some days I fall but just like a baby learning to walk, I get up and practice more

I can’t get it wrong, I can just learn to adjust my vibration to let that job in

It’s there and waiting

I am getting this

All is well

I am thankful that my circumstances tell me about my vibration so I can shift

I know I can’t miss my ship

I know that job is there waiting for me to line up with it

No big deal, nothing missed

I think I will visit with my feels good list, my list of positive aspects and things I am grateful for

They remind me of how much good there is

I will also visit my story and it reminds me of what is in vibrational reality waiting to manifest

It feels good to think about that

I am just going to go do something that feels good

I know if I distract my self to good feeling thoughts that my vibration will rise

And I am right back on track telling the law of attraction I am ready to

receive that desire

Life is good

It’s good to know I am in charge of my life experience because I get to choose my energy

I get to ask for what I want and source grants it every time

Source never takes it away, it just keeps guiding me to it and the loa is always ready to bring it

When I feel good that is source saying, you are on your way

When I feel not so good that is source saying, change your thoughts so you get back on track

I can’t get it wrong

It’s so good to know how this works

I love knowing how this works

Things are meant to work out

Life is meant to be good

I am leaning this

I am getting better every day

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