How does Karma factor into the creative process and law of attraction?

Let’s have a look into this notion of Karma and how it relates to the creative process and you as the creator of your reality.

Some people think of Karma is what goes around comes around, what you give out, you get back and that is pretty much the law of attraction, although what you get back does not relate to your words and actions, it relates to your vibration. So a more accurate way to phrase this is what vibration you give out, is the one that you will get back.

Others think about Karma as past life or lives coming into this life to interfere, influence, payback etc. Ok to demystify this and put it to rest once and for all, let’s look at the creative process. The creative process is simply this 1) life experience causes you to ask for what you want. This means when things don’t go as you like, the experience is helping you to identify and clarify what you do want. At that moment, whether you realize it or not, the larger part of your source energy hears this asking. 2) source energy sets up your new desired experience in vibrational reality. Up to this point you haven’t actually done anything as life and source covered steps 1 and 2. Now comes your part Step 3. You got to match the vibration of your desire so the law of attraction goes to work to bring it to you and you to it. To be clear, in your present moment conscious thinking (dominantly all day long), you have to be at the vibration of your desire which is things like happy, peaceful, at ease, satisfied, eager, excited, appreciative, loving, compassionate etc. If you are then you will be led on the path to your desire. If you are not then you will attract what matches low vibration energy, not much fun at all as things don’t work out the way you want them to. Energies like anger, frustration, worry, doubt, anxiety, overwhelm etc attract all of those unwanted experiences you don’t like.

No where in this formula of creation is there any back door or side door for some other influencing component like a past life or anything else for that matter. The cycle of creation is a closed loop, precise and consistent. Any one that subscribes to such a notion as some other factor in the process cannot be the deliberate creator of their reality because they cannot be 100% responsible for what happens to them and they introduce an element that they have no direct or really indirect control over. That is a very disempowering proposition and this group is all about empowerment.

This group works on the creative process as stated which supports that we are all 100% responsible for what is going on in our life based on our NOW personal energy vibration, a vibration we get to direct intentionally with our thoughts. This is the only way we can take charge of our life, this is the only way we can be totally free and independently in charge of our life; the creator of our reality.

Over the centuries many people have come up with ways to explain why life happens as it does and there are many many faulty and baseless theories that tend to scare the heck out people and leave the feeling of what’s the use, powerless. Thankfully none of them are true and the real truth is now emerging. So you can pick for yourself, you can take the road you want through life, but my recommendation would be the one where you are in the driver seat and you get to decide on the what the quality of your life experience is -100% based on your energy.

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