The journey to your desires, understanding what causes the effortless manifestation of them?

Many people as they learn that there is a law of nature called the law of attraction, immediately want to know, how do I use this law so that I can attract what I want into my life. In this way the law is viewed as a way to get that thing that is missing from my life, that if it were here, I would be really happy and satisfied. So for many the starting point in “using” the law of attraction is from the mindset of lack and absence (wanting what I don’t have), as a law to get them to the happy circumstances. When this is the view of the law of attraction, we actually use it to attract more lack and absence. When we use affirmations, vision boards, and other methods like 5X55 and the 2 cup method and standing under a bright full moon chanting or praying, it’s like we are coercing the law of attraction to give us what we want, but of course words don’t attract, so unless those methods really help a person to sustain a high vibration, the feeling of the desire (throughout the day), they are only causing more resistance and therefore an inhibition to the desired manifestation. What is interesting is that when we use these methods, many think they are the asking and they are not at all. They are the allowing (and are effective only if they bring on the vibration (feeling) of the desire. But also remember 10 or 30 minutes of feeling good is not enough, you got to allow your vibe to be high all day long. Like a tap of water, high vibe is like holding it open, as soon as vibe drops, tap closes and that means the manifestation is held up.

So when we back off of focusing on the law of attraction and instead focus on the entire creative process (which the law of attraction is part of) and the larger meaning of life, this puts us in a completely different mind frame. Why? Because to understand these things is to know that what we want is certain and not only is it certain (upon sustaining a high vibration) but the journey to the desire is so sweet, so full of enjoyable manifestations itself, that we are never in a rush for the desire, we take on the mind set of savoring the journey. In this way every day is delicious and full of love, peace, joy, excitement, fun, satisfaction etc. Now remember, even if your present circumstances are not as desired, you can still bring the feelings (vibration) of ease, peace, satisfaction, joy, happiness etc. to your mind. In this way, instead of waiting for the happiness to come with the desire, we realize it is the happiness that brings the desire. We realize that happiness is in the knowing that the desire is happening NOW, even when we can’t see it. It’s not a matter of whether it is going to happen or when it’s going to happen, it’s happening NOW; just like the seed in the ground is growing before we can see it, and it is our intentional choice to stay in a high vibe that let’s it come. Now that is something to be happy about right NOW, even if your life is no where near the experience you want. The realization that you are the creator of your reality along with source energy and the law of attraction, can be the turning point where you simply know that you can feel good right now and it will start to change your life. And if you stick with it, your life will most certainly change to reflect your higher vibration.

So in this broader understanding of the unfolding of life, we can see very clearly that the desire is indeed simply a reason to take the journey. We know that once we realize the desire, that we are going to naturally want to be more, do more, and have more and so on we go with the journey again. The journey is not something to endure to get to the desire, the journey is something to savor, to relish, to enjoy on route to the desire. The happiness that comes in knowing about our power and the creative process, that is the energy that propels us along the road to our desire. Happiness is not something that comes from the destination, happiness is the road to it, again happiness is the knowing that you have the power and support to turn dreams into physical life experiences no matter what your current state of affairs are.

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