How do I improve my relationship with someone?

When you want a relationship with anyone to improve, whether a family member, co-worker, spouse, friend etc. it is because it is not the way you want it to be. It is not your ideal or desired relationship experience with that person. This means there a 2 sides to the relationship. It means there is a part you are enjoying and a part you are not. We know if you continue to focus on the undesired part, it will continue to be part of your experience as you hold that vibration and the law of attraction hooks you up over and over and over again.
To achieve the desired relationship experience you must
1) hold that person in a positive light so you are feeling good about them. How do you do this, for one you know that they too are pure positive energy underneath it all. So they are powerful, loving, creative intelligent beings (despite their low vibe behavior at times, where you meet them with your low vibe – yes you are there too!). Remember that they are becoming, awakening just as you and I and everyone else is. We all picked up some things along the way that are faulty and we don’t get the truth about our self so we can definitely tend to offer vibrations that are low. That part is not the true part of us, just the result of the faulty beliefs. You want to be understanding of this so you can connect with the real truth about them, see them in that pure light. That is what you call unconditional love. Additionally, you want to make your focus about the positive aspects you see in them. What qualities do they have that you really like.
2) Now you got a really nice image of them, focus is on all high vibe. BUT, then you get together with them and they do that thing you don’t like, yikes, now what. This is the big piece, the first piece is easy. You can practice that when things are quiet and easy, but what do you do when you are in the heat of the moment. You simply have to stop having a negative reaction to that part you do not like. You have to hold steady on a high vibe. You must stop pushing up against them and introducing resistance. When you react, you send out the request to the law of attraction – bring me more please. This is where your high vibe tools really come in handy. You want to make note of the triggers that take you or tempt you low vibe with them. Then you want to practice a positive response. You want to take that negative energy and return positive. You want to respond with things like. “Thank you” (in your mind). That is your way of acknowledging, “I still have a low vibe going on about you, thanks for reminding me”, so in this way “I have more work to do”, and that work is right in that moment to not react. If you stop reacting, there is no more negative energy going out to the law of attraction to cause further manifestation with them in that way. You can then have a little conversation in your mind, “I like when they . . .” or “it’s nice when they . . .” This refocuses your mind, gets you off the resistance. You can say things like, “well they are there, but I don’t have to go there”. You can use interruption or distraction strategies, for example, you can shift the focus of a conversation from a negative feel to a positive feel by bringing in a totally new subject. Let’s say someone says something and it does not feel good, then you say, did you see the sunset last night and you start to describe it. Now you have totally let the resistance go and you are both enjoying a conversation of equal satisfaction. You can also say something to them, like, “I really like that (thing you did) . . . “ and talk about something they did that really felt good to you. You could inject exciting ideas. All kinds of ways to put the focus on something that feels good. You could simply get some satisfaction by saying “oh good, something better is now on the way” And it is totally true, when you experience what you don’t like, source hears it and sets up the improved experience immediately. Then you just have to let yourself go but releasing resistance. That’s really worth it isn’t it!
If you turn away, turn away, turn away, which may mean sometimes leaving the conversation or their presence if you find you are not finding relief in your mind, that means you are letting go of resistance. Then you go away and practice the positive aspects of them, the truth about them and you can add in what they are causing you to ask for in terms of the way you see the relationship. That goes back to the, I like it when, it’s nice when they . . . kind of statements.
You just got to stop using others as a reason to go low vibe if you want the experience to change and be high vibe. This is mind mastery, being in the situation you don’t like but yet not allowing yourself to go low vibe, keeping your vibe steady and stable. That is what causes the situation to change.
Now in the mix of all of this we have to realize that we do not control the vibration of others we control ours only. So by keeping your vibration high and seeing them in a high vibe way that dictates the experience you will have with them if they decide to be high vibe as well. There is always the situation where they just choose to be low vibe and if you are practicing strictly high vibe then the law of attraction has no way to bring you together. If you truly have things in common and are / or truly endearing to each other then it is highly likely that your high vibe will pull them up with you. If you never had a good connection, met on low vibe terms, or one or the other has significantly changed where there is not much in terms of matching interest then it is likely that your high vibe will send you in a different direction.

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