How do I bring my vibration up when I am in a very stressful situation?

How to bring my vibration up to, hopefully change my situation? Took my car in hoping it was a minor problem. I was shocked to find out the transmission is shot. I can’t afford to have it fixed or another car. I desperately needed this car. My sister & I have no family left. Our mother passed away in January. Still dealing with that shock and now the shock of losing my car. Have no idea of how I am going to get to all the places I need to get to. I’m very scared right now. How to change my thoughts from: OMG, I’m stranded! I’m stuck. How am I going to get my sister to her medical appointments? Any suggestions of how I can try to go from a very fearful state to a state of higher vibration?


That is a great question Jennifer, “how to bring my vibration up”. Perhaps the best question any one could ever ask because in the answer, is the way, and when your vibration rises well then everything just works out in a really nice way. So let’s go through this. I don’t know how much you understand about the creative process, your personal energy and directing it intentionally to the law of attraction so I will do some overview. It’s a bit long but if there was a short cut I would give to you. This is what I know works.

First, it is important to realize that your natural vibration is high so it’s not so much about pushing it up as letting it float up. Kind of like what happens to a cork underwater once you let go of the string that is pulling it down. This means the name of the game is to release resistance. To put a stop to all of the thoughts that take you to worry, fear, panic, shock etc. The way to do that is to be more focused on thoughts that feel good and trusting that good feeling thoughts are your instruction to the law of attraction that you are ready to receive what you want.

Next, it is important to realize that this situation has caused you to ask the larger part of you, source energy, for the improved situation, the ideal situation and it is now ready for you to receive, the path to it is all around you and just knowing that can give you some relief, a releasing of resistance – that is, if you know and trust the creative process. By releasing resistance, you start to connect with the path which first comes as thought manifestations, then ideas, the urges and inspiration to act, then right time, right place. This could all start turning around as soon as today. BUT, you have to hold yourself in a state of pure positive energy, no worrying, no doubting, no panic, no upset of any kind.

Now I realize that can be quite a challenge because you have what is called energy momentum going on. Your current manifestations indicate that your have some low vibe active momentum. That is what has caused your current situation. Momentum means it will be easy for you to fall into those thoughts of panic, stress, worry etc. because the law of attraction will keep bringing them to you. BUT, although it is easy to fall into them because your circumstances will trigger them, this is where you must embrace that you are the creator of your reality and you have the power to choose your thoughts regardless of the current. It’s just when you are facing the current you have to be a little more crafty / intentional with your thinking.

In some cases, depending on the life situation, you can use ignoring as a tool to release resistance, but when something is in your face like this, that tool is not very effective. This takes more of the tool of talking in more general terms to yourself, soothing yourself so you can find some ease and relief in your mind. Slow that momentum down. It’s kind of like walking along a mountain trail, if you trip and fall and tumble down the hill, you want to stop the fall momentum first then inch your way back up the hill.

One thing I can tell you for sure, you can’t connect with the path that will bring you out of this from a low vibration. So you need some instant relief to deal with your physical life situation. So while you work on your vibration for relief from a thought and attraction perspective, you can also do things from an action perspective that will give relief. Even the action to look for temporary transportation for example can give you a feeling of relief although sitting in chair and meditating would do more, but we so very trained in making things happen with action that we feel terribly guilty or wrong for sitting down to direct our energy so we have to be careful that in using mind tools that we don’t bump up against beliefs that take us to a low vibe. This is why in your case you want to work on it from both sides. As you get to be more of a master of your vibration, then you wont find yourself in panicky situations. You will just manifest ease and flow.

So do what you can do from the action side to give you ease and relief, this is what you are really after because that is what will get the law of attraction helping you out. At the same time it is time to start learning how to talk yourself up the emotional scale. Learning what to say that brings relief and ease vs stress. And thanks to your guidance system you got moment by moment feedback. Feeling negative, you know your thought is low vibe. Feeling positive which includes optimism, relief and ease, you know your thought is free of resistance and higher vibe. For example I’m very scared, I’m stranded, I’m stuck. Those thoughts don’t feel good at all, low vibe. That’s a habitual reaction and what we want is an intentional high vibe response. Even something simple like, “well I could react like that, but I could also have a positive response, I don’t have to react, there are options here on what I think about next”. “And really that choice will determine what I am going to attract next”. Or you could go this way with a conversation (and this self conversation hinges on you understanding and trusting the creative process) , I am just going to breathe deeply for a few minutes, I am going to count by 3’s or count down from 100 or just repeat a word like relief or ease for a few minutes. Just that space of non resistance can get the law of attraction helping me out with better feeling thoughts. Then you can go on to say there is a way for this situation to get better, in fact, my experience has caused me to send out a desire to the larger part of me and it is now all around me. I am not alone in this, I have the power that creates universes with me. So it is possible for this to start turning around. I know what I want and know why I want it. I know when I release the resistance, I relax and get calm I can hear the answers, get the guidance, the connection and the inspiration. I also know that source and loa will take care of the who, where, when and how. I just got to stay tuned into the frequency (feeling) of what I want to see happen. It would feel really nice if . . . yes that would be really helpful. I know there are good people around every where. I know source and loa can help me connect with them.

So there is learning and training to be done, just how much, it depends on where you are now with your vibrational awareness, and how much you know about the creative process. The more you know, the faster you go.

It would be nice if this information could just enter ones mind via osmosis but like learning anything there is a learning process to get it into ones awareness and practice / train our thinking.

To put this training into perspective, I talk about the 4 legs of successful consistent manifestation. What am talking about here in this note is one of the legs, vibrational awareness and shifting negative energy to positive. The other three legs are trusting the process, telling your story (the one you see for yourself that you like) and positive aspects of current life. These 4 legs together keep your whole day covered for staying high vibe which is what it takes to allow your desires to manifest.

So some initial recommendations. Meditate for 15 to 20 minutes each morning. That puts you in a state of non resistance to receive the impulses to act / connect with the pieces that will move you to where you want to be. If you go to my website and read the article Maintaining a high vibration, it will give you a process to catch and turn negative energy to positive. If you need to really know who you are and your power, read The Truth about YOU, it’s great to give you confidence which equals relieve. Other articles are called Training your Vibration and Starting your day with Positive momentum. Look under the INFO section –

As I said, it would be nice if there was a short cut and lord knows there are millions out there looking for it, just go visit some of the other law of attraction groups, but this is about retraining our thinking, transforming our thinking, learning to think in a certain way and that is a high vibration way.

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