What does this mean “If a desire is strong then it doesn’t matter what beliefs you have”

Thanks for this question. I often find myself explaining Abraham quotes. They all make perfect sense once you understand how it all works but while learning sometimes they can leave you a little uncertain as to their meaning.

This quote is really important to understand. Let’s start with what we know. We know we have limiting beliefs to some degree because we generally didn’t get this information about energy and the creative process. So any time we want something and we have a limiting belief related to it, that belief has momentum and it can cause us to think thoughts that are not in alignment with what we want; that is, thoughts that are not a vibrational match to our desire. For example, let’s say you find yourself wanting to be in a loving relationship and that of course feels good to you for all the reasons that you want it. But along the way of life, because of your experiences, you took on beliefs like, all the good ones are gone, who is ever going to want to be with me, relationships are hard, they always end in pain, men are (something negative) . . . , woman are (something negative) . . . etc. Now we know those thoughts are faulty because they don’t feel good when we think them. And negative emotions are your guidance system telling you they are not true. And of course they are not because our experiences are simply a match to our energy, so if we do experience something unwanted we know we can change the energy and get a different experience. We are not stuck with any experience. But regardless, those beliefs have momentum, so every time you think of a relationship you get bombarded with all of these thoughts that it’s not going to be good even though you want it to be.

Now if your desire for that relationship is so strong that when you think about it you will intentionally lean (focus) most of the time to the good feeling of your vision of that relationship (rather than those faulty thoughts), then the law of attraction will bring you a path that connects you with it, because in that present moment you are a vibrational match to it. It will help you to remain focused by bringing you the thoughts, the details, the circumstances that equal your focus (your vibration on this matter).

We see examples of this all throughout history in the discovery of new things not previously experienced but imagination and desire ruled rather than resistance. In fact this is a great way to explain the creative process. Take electricity for example. When we lived on this planet without it, life was more challenging. Those challenges (contrast), caused the birth of the desire for something easier. Someone said, something like, wouldn’t it be nice if we could turn on a switch and have light. That’s all it takes, ask and it is given (by Source, vibrationally). Then as people imagined how good life would be, their determination to have that dream, to be in the feeling of that dream, was stronger than their fear or doubt of it. As this happened, the path came, the law of attraction fed ideas, solutions etc. into the minds of those who so strongly desired this experience of electricity. That focus allowed their present moment energy to match the vibration of the desire. This is true of air flight, and people around the world over centuries achieving the freedoms they wanted, it applies to starting a business, climbing mountains and anything else. There is resistance to be had in all of this, but when the desire is so strong that the person, or group of people, hold to the energy of the desire rather than the energy of the resistance, manifestation of the desire happens.

I can attest to this myself. My desire to educate people across the world on their true self, power and creative process so they could release all of the suffering, lack, dissatisfaction, fear, disappointment and dis-ease and really live the bountiful life we came to live, it was so strong it just surpassed my resistance (faulty beliefs), it consumed me more than the resistance, and I can tell you there was some strong resistance along the way. But because I was achieving alignment more dominantly, the path came, everything came to support me in realizing my vision.

So when you are consumed more with the vibration of the desire than with the vibration of the faulty belief then it happens and you can tell it’s happening by how you are feeling, more often excited, enthusiastic, eager or more often fearful.

Now here is another important aspect to further support this discussion. There are people with tremendously strong desires to have an experience. But the resistance is getting more time than the desire so it does not happen. Then they give up. BUT NOTE THIS, you can’t give up the desire, it’s in your vibrational reality, it’s all around you, it’s done and waiting for you. It can’t be undone and you can’t miss it. You can just hold yourself away from it. So what can be given up is the resistance. Once that is given up then the path comes. You can find many many stories of this in sports, music, and entertainment. People that worked so hard to make their dream happen and just wore out and gave up, only to have within days, realize the dream because all the details showed up once the resistance was let go.

Now there is one last angle on this business about beliefs. You can get the law of attraction and Source to help you talk your away around them thus releasing resistance and connecting with that desire. This can happen in 2 ways. 1) don’t talk about the subject at all. If you have 5 things in your life that are not going well and 1 that is. Focus on it and it will bring you the path on all other desires. Why? Because the vibration of your desires is happy, joy, peace, ease, eagerness, satisfaction, etc. If you get that vibe going for any reason, the law of attraction will bring you a path that zigs you and zags you around all of those faulty beliefs, on all desires, so they don’t cause you any resistance. 2) if there is a subject that you can’t really ignore then you have to find a way to get more general about it, meaning you say things about it that you know to be true and that feel good. As you get that momentum going, then law of attraction will bring you more specifics and again zig and zag you on a really nice path right past all of that resistance.

So as you can see in all cases, when the dominant present moment vibration is a match to your desire, then it’s on the way. The feeling is your indicator.

Quite frankly, I am a supporter of zero resistance so the journey of life is completely easy, the way it is meant to be. The only way to do this is to learn about your true self, the purpose of life, and the creative process. As you digest this, the new beliefs just cause the old faulty ones to be displaced and then there is no resistance to your desires. You just come to expect good, know it’s natural, know you are naturally successful, good, worthy, deserving, unique, talented, unlimited abundance, creative intelligence, you just know there is nothing to fear, you just know you can have what you want. For those of us who have been in these bodies for a few years now, we have some transition work to do and that is what this retraining our thinking is all about, but where you can, teach your children, teach any children the truth so they don’t need this transition / retraining and just get the accurate beliefs from the start that support all of their desires. That is what you call freedom, peace on earth, fulfillment, joy of life for all.

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