Why and how does manifestation of our desires happen?

We know that life experience causes you to ask for what you want and the larger part of you grants it instantly. So the house, the job, the relationship, the everything is ready for you now, right now and so is the path to it; and it’s important to remember that there is a path to your desire, it’s meant to be that way, it’s not just about snapping your fingers and presto, life is a journey of delightful manifestations on route to that desire. Of course once you get there it’s on to the next and so what you really want to do is stay connected to the path. That means your job, if you want those things to manifest is to be connected with the path.

We know that in order to be connected with the path it takes a high vibration, that means you have to feel the high vibe emotions unconditionally and dominantly. These are 2 very important aspects of your vibration in order for you to be truly in the receiving state for your desires and I will talk about them further in this post.

When you do achieve that pure high vibration, the next logical step in the path, setup by Source (the larger part of you) is brought to you by the law of attraction. You follow that step (inspired action) and then the next step comes and so on. Each step in and of itself is a manifestation to enjoy, and to savor. Even a joyful thought that drops into your mind, that is a manifestation on the path as much as reading a book, receiving an e-mail, right time, right place. In this way there is no rush, there is a continuous stream of easy flowing, good experience days. Days filled with surprises and delights in terms of how Source will navigate you to connect with your desire. Source also helps you to navigate your thoughts, to make sure they are high vibe, it does this via your emotions. Feel good, on the path and moving, not feel good, on the path and stalled.

So now we are really getting to the nitty gritty of how that thing you want manifests. Above, I used the word unconditional emotions. This is a critical piece to understand in mastering your energy to allow manifestation of your desires. You see you don’t use all of your high vibration tools to get the house, the job, the money, the career etc. You use the tools to help you achieve unconditional high vibration, that is, unconditional satisfaction, unconditional joy, unconditional peace etc. What does unconditional mean? It means to feel the emotions because it feels good to feel good, not for any underlying motive that it is going to get you the house, the job etc.

If you are using the high vibe thinking tools as a currency to “get” your desires . . . well you are low vibe because that is a state of lack, of not having, of needing, of desperation, of longing etc. So to repeat, the tools are to help you achieve unconditional high vibe, to feel good because it feels good. When you achieve that state, now your tap is open full and everything you want can flow into your life.

Here is a way to think about it, you want to get lost in the moment. Lost in the feeling of joy, lost in the feeling of love, lost in the feeling of ease, lost in the feeling of satisfaction of fun, of eagerness, of excitement, of optimism, of freedom. No motives just the unconditional feeling of feeling good.

You do this at times, think about sitting around with friends or family or coworkers and reminiscing about times that were fun and exciting. You are in the moment of those good memories, no resistance, unconditional, laughing, smiling, feeling connected. This is unconditional high vibe, you are now in the receiving mode for the next inspiration to your journey. You also get into unconditional feel good when you talk with others or yourself about something that feels exciting or interesting. Maybe the thought of taking a trip to destination X has you and a friend really excited and you talk about all of the things you will see and do. That is unconditional high vibe. Other times you are in an unconditional high vibe – times with your children, your spouse, your pets that are just shear joy, no resistance, just basking in the moment, getting lost in those moments. You can do be at your place of work and be involved in some activity that is really a discussion of interesting things that are going on or possible projects to come or appreciating some aspect. You can be watching a sunset, listening to music that moves you, this is all unconditional high vibration. Being lost in the moment.

Now we know, that we have accepted many faulty beliefs, and that has negative energy active within us, causing us to attract things in our day we do not like. So the high vibe thinking tools are to help you in those moments to find a new way to think so you do not repeat the same old negative reaction and keep that energy active, but start choosing a new positive response so you can maintain the unconditional high vibe needed to allow your desires to manifest. To harbour the resistance in your mind is to turn off the tap, to stop the flow, to not see the next step.

In fact, my 4 legs of consistent and successful manifestation give you a very effective frame work of building high vibe thinking tools that raise your awareness about how you are feeling in all areas of your day and be mindful that you are choosing high vibration thinking. They help you to start your day with high vibe momentum and carry it through your day and into your sleep.

Now as I have mentioned, you actually hit a natural high vibe without really thinking about it many times in your day but for those moments when the resistance strikes that’s when you want to use your tools to hold steady on that unconditional high vibe. Also you want to utilize those moments of natural high vibe and hold them, embellish them, parade them, milk them. This is another great way to train and sustain your vibration to the good feeling side.

So if you are saying, “I will feel good (happy, satisfied etc.) when . . .” or “I am feeling good because . . . “ you have conditions on your feel good and that makes you low vibe, not in the receiving mode. If you say “It feels exciting to think about . . . “ “It feels interesting to . . .” Now you got the pure positive present moment vibration that puts you in the receiving mode.

This is how manifestation of your desires happens.

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