How much can you change your life in 30 days?

How much can your life change in 30 days? I don’t know if this is a low-vibe question because of the embedded time-frame, but I’m wondering if we maintain the highest vibration possible – love/joy, mediating on that feeling and feeling as if what we want is already in physical form for as many hours per day for 30 days can we usher in our dream life.

* I’m really good at vibrating at the same frequency as winning small amounts on scratch tickets, getting perfect parking spot and landing mildly-stimulating, but still a job, job. But what about the things that make me come alive.

Great post Katherine. This opens up a really really important discussion on the manifestation of desires. 

Your life can change dramatically in 30 days if you have a dramatic change in the dominant vibration you are offering. In fact your life can change in hours if you go cold turkey on turning off resistance, the flood gates to your desires will immediately open. But we are so programmed to think in terms of time, taking so much time to realize such and such a dream or desire that we don’t let the gates open as quickly and fully as they can. A castle can manifest in days – easily, cancer can disappear in minutes – easily, you can receive a million dollars in minutes – easily, you can connect with a dream job, business, venture in hours. If we cut out our limiting beliefs and left it all to Source, we could take delivery in the minimum time frame it would take Source to put you into the desire in a joyful, easy, fun way. Source will not thrust you into a desire, it is always soft and gentle. The things we think take months, years could be done in days but we got to learn to let go of time, we got to get out of the way so Source can have loa deliver it. Time is what Source handles. Our job is what and why (emotional heart felt reasons). The when, where, who, how – that’s all Source and if we dapple in it, we just restrict and inhibit the manifestation. And I want to be clear. We can talk about our dreams and desires if it feels good / no resistance, but quite frankly if we never think about them but remain focused in ways that have us feeling good, they will manifest all the same. At some point, the path Source sets up will have loa dumping thoughts about our desires in our mind, but we don’t have to initiate that at all. Does this surprise you? 

You see, all this manifestation stuff, it’s not about the tools, it’s not about how much time in high vibe equals a castle, a million dollars, a shiny car, a trip etc. Our time on feeling good is not in any direct association with what manifests in terms of this much time equals this manifestation, it’s not like that at all. It’s about keeping the high vibe tap open. When it’s open, the desire is manifesting, when it closes, the desire is not. So if you get up in the morning and spend 15 minutes meditating, 15 minutes on a gratitude list, 15 minutes on a vision board and 15 minutes on positive feeling affirmations and connecting with the truth about life and self – and all of these things feel good, then your high vibe tap is open. But if you go into your day and have an argument with someone, tap closes, if you feel worry, fear or doubt, tap closes. If you have an unkind thought of another person, tap closes. If you put your self down or feel disappointed, tap closes. If you look at your finances and get upset, tap closes. If you watch the news and find you are judging, tap closes. If you notice other people are poor or living a terrible life, tap closes. If a family matter gets your attention in a negative way, tap closes. But if you look for the positive aspects of your job, tap stays open, if you walk your dog and really enjoy it, tap stays open. If your car is not the ideal car but you focus on what you appreciate about it, tap stays open. If someone cuts you off in traffic and you ignore it, tap stays open. If something triggers a happy memory, tap stays open. 

So the question is not how many hours a day am I doing high vibe techniques, the question is, now much of the day is my tap open. If you are feeling high vibe, your tap is open and the longer it stays open, the further along the path, that Source setup to your desires, you are moving. You have to trust that feel good = movement along the path of your desire and feel “bad / negative” = no movement. 

All this high vibe thinking training, it’s about making it a way of life, a habit, our natural way of being. Once you got it, you won’t have to do any of the techniques, methods etc. You will just go to high vibe thoughts naturally (so teach your children the truth and how to think naturally so they don’t have to do all the relearning). Once you return to your natural high vibe thinking, you won’t react negatively, you will respond positively. You won’t let what others say bother you, you won’t let circumstances sway you. You will remain focused on feel good thoughts, you will remain in a state of positive expectation, you will feel satisfaction no matter what, you will feel the eagerness and enthusiasm for what is unfolding with certainly. We are finally learning the true way of life and thinking. We want to drop all the old inaccurate stuff totally, reemerge like a butterfly from a cocoon, that is what we are doing, not just building a better cocoon nest, we are learning to fly. 

We didn’t even come here into this physical life for the manifestation, we came for the manifesting. The “thing” is just a reason to get our hands in the clay. Hands in the clay is where the fun is. We knew coming in that our desires were a given, totally guaranteed, so there is no real big deal about that except that we got hoodwinked thinking we are not naturally abundant and can have what we want so it has become the high priority, the main focus – get that thing, find a way to get that thing. And that is totally faulty, the thing is done, it’s letting the thing in. The fun is how it comes together, all the delightful and magical things that happen along the way, the surprises the interesting happenings. The journey is what we came for, the things are just a reason to get on a journey. 

Now is this paradigm shift in thinking or what. Our planet earth teachings up to this point in human history got us turned 180 degrees in a faulty direction. It’s like closing your eyes and someone says they are going to put a grape in your mouth and they put in a lemon, it shocks you because your brain got taste of grape going even before your senses feel it, so when the lemon hits your senses, it takes your brain a few moments to catch up. This information about our energy nature and how life is really meant to be lived, is no less than shocking, it is such a complete paradigm shift, a complete dichotomy. And what is really interesting, as you are learning the real truth about life, you have to participate and in life with many who are still completely asleep and living the old way, still buying into it. Now that being said, you do have control of your days with your vibe and so your interactions are still yours to control but it sure makes it interesting. 

So as always, know your desires are done, find what feels good and trust that feeling good is what allows them to manifest, and on a really nice path.

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