How do I turn around struggling with letting go of a long term relationship?

Hi Brian I need your guidance on a matter I’m going through. My partner of 10 yrs has cut me off completely. I’m trying 2 change my thoughts but finding it difficult. I feel betrayed and hurt. How do I turn this around? Other aspects in my life are good. But I’m struggling with this part. Thank you for your guidance as always much needed.

Let me ask you some questions that may seem redundant but I think it’s just a matter of you reconnecting with what you know to get relief. There are few more suggestions under the questions.

Do you believe you are the creator of your reality?

Do you believe that everything that happens in your life is the result of the vibration that you offered?

Do you believe that when you experience something you don’t like it causes you to know what you do want?

Do you believe that Source, the larger part of you is listening to your unwanted experiences and knowing what you want?

Do you believe that Source is granting the new improved experience instantly upon knowing what you want?

Do you believe therefore that an unwanted experience is the seed for you to receive the new improved experience?

Do you believe that it is natural for us to have unwanted experiences as the seeds to the new expanded life experience?

Do you believe that if you focus your thoughts on the feeling of new experience we want (as the result of the old experience we did not like), that it will manifest?

Do you believe that if you focus your thoughts on any thing that feels high vibration even if it is not about the improved experience, that that improved experience will manifest all the same?

Do you believe that Source knows what you want and where it is and how to get you to it easily and with fun and joy?

Do you believe that the way that you can connect with the path that leads you to your desire is by offering a high vibration to the law of attraction?

Do you believe that it does not matter why or how you achieve a high vibration, that you are a match to your desire and it manifests?

Do you know you can achieve a high vibration by thinking about the positive aspects of your life, what’s working, what you can be thankful for, what you appreciate?

Do you know that if you focus on the parts of your life that are working, and do feel good, that will cause all parts of your life to work, even the ones that are not presently working?

Do you know that your mind is fickle and moves around and you will find yourself in a high vibration naturally with no effort and then you can milk that moment and get high vibe momentum going?

Do you believe that you are worthy and deserving of a completely fulfilling life in all ways?

Do you believe you get to choose the thought you want?

Do you know it can be harder to choose a good feeling thought when you have negative momentum going?

Do you know if you speak more generally to yourself, identify with the simple truths about yourself, life and the creative process that you can slow negative momentum and cause your vibe to rise?

Do you believe you came here to have experiences and discover your preferences, and that Source creates them and then you realize them by allowing them to manifest via a high vibration?

Do you believe this cycle of discovery of what is wanted is eternal and that we can be, do and have what we want?

Do you believe you are the creator of your reality?

You can also play the “is that true game”. So when you are feeling badly, ask yourself, what am I thinking that has me receiving this low vibe emotion. Now is that thought true. Is that thought in alignment with my power as a creator, is that thought in alignment with my unlimited access to unlimited abundance, is that thought in alignment with my birthright to deserving the very best, and with my natural worthiness of all good things. In all cases you find the answer is no. Then you ask yourself, what is true. Then you affirm what is true, which you can get from my articles the truth about you and the truth about abundance.

Other statements you can make include, thank you for letting me know where my vibe is, thank you for helping me to be clear about what I want, thank you for this experience, something better is now on the way I could think that thought, or I could think this thought, looks like I got some more work to do on my vibration, this is just vibrational feedback, I like it when . . . There is nothing gone wrong here, it’s exactly as my vibration has requested and I am working on it.

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