How to change my country?

I have a question to ask which is about how to respond when it comes to talking about bad leadership in my country…how do I avoid this because it could be hard to avoid because bad leadership has affected the people in major ways example:bad economy,low standard of living,poor health sector,poor education how can I respond to this without condemning these leaders…at the end freedom doesn’t come for free

This is an excellent question as all over the world there are many who are dissatisfied with the governance in their area.

Let’s go back to basic creative process concepts. We know that our vibration is what determines what we attract (our desires or unwanted). We know that only we control our own vibration. We also know that there is a collective vibration, meaning the conglomerate of all vibrations that cause the attraction / manifestation of area happenings / circumstances / conditions. We know that no other person can control your life experience unless you allow them to influence your thinking. And this same principle also applies to religion, governments, education etc. If you allow the doings of these institutions / organizations influence your thinking then your life experience is at the mercy of those thoughts, and you are putting low vibes into the collective vibration. We want to change that.

So this situation is no different that being in a job you don’t like or a relationship that is not going well etc. You must use your mental discipline and high vibe thinking tools to keep your focus on the world you want to experience despite the one your eyes are seeing. You take people like Gandhi for example, he did not allow the conditions to influence him, he influenced the conditions with his focus (vibration) and we all have that same ability. One in alignment has more power than 1 million who are not. So you can be that one. You can look away from “what is”, you can hold the vision of what you see for your country, you can be a light or you can contribute to more unrest, you always have the choice with your focus.

So if we apply the 4 legs of manifestation to this. Tell the story of the country you see in the eye of your mind. Talk only of this story and do not allow the conditions to control your vibration, they are nothing more than manifestations of the collective vibration of the people. The beliefs of the people in all countries get passed on from generation to generation and thus we collectively cause the manifestation of the conditions we do not like. You now are understanding how this work and you can be the catalyst of change. For life to change on the outside, it must first change in minds of the people but people say, show me the change and I will be satisfied. It does not work like that, current life is the manifestation of vibration and to change it we must change the vibration. To setup the story you see for your country, use “what is happening now” that you do not like as seeds for the new vision, high living standards, solid education, thriving economy, natural wellness (via energy alignment). Let the current manifestation be the seeds for the new creation. In fact, the people have asked for these things from their current experience and Source has created this new country vibrationally. Now you must all allow yourself to go to it via a high vibration and you can’t do that be seeing corruption and bad leadership, that is low vibe, it does not match the desire.

Going back to the 4 legs, another leg is positive aspects, so you must find what is good, anything, the smallest of things so you can have a positive focus on “what is”, you must get to a place of no resistance. Even if the only thing is gratitude for the seeds to cause the new desire to be clear. Something truly better is on the way and if your people allow it, it will manifest. Your collective vibration is more powerful than any government, Source will move all of the cooperative pieces around for a desire to come to fruition. Currently the collective vibe is holding the existing government in place but a shift in that vibe can dislodge them and replace them with what matches a high vibe. It has to be done from the inside though, leveraging Source and law of attraction, and we can only do that from a place of love, not hate. If we see the government as perpetrators, agitators, dictators etc. we cannot have our desire, we must see them as seeds to the new experience and then we must foster those seeds with high vibration.

Trusting the process is another leg and that is really straight forward, trusting that a high vibe causes mountains to move. It does.

Lastly being aware of when conditions start to get your attention, turn from them to what feels better, what feels true.

If you do this your world will be satisfying despite the country condition, if the majority of people in your country do this, the country will be satisfying.

Freedom is the decision to think your thoughts no matter conditions and thoughts are free my friend. There is a statement that says we are so free we can choose bondage, and many do because they do not understand the enormity of their freedom, they do not understand their freedom is in their mind, in their thoughts and in their vibration.

You have a golden opportunity Medo to teach this to your people, they really want it, they may not yet recognize it, but they want it because the signal of love is what we all are at the core, pure positive energy, creative intelligence, eternally expanding beings, people all over the world want it and many are waking up. To have teachers is now what is needed. This is the ultimate education.

Feel for the country you want to live in and inspire others to the same and it will be yours.

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