Letting go of low vibes from past experiences

Here is a scenario where a person is looking for resolve to a past experience, to let it go and be free of it 1) so it doesn’t keep getting in their thoughts and feeling low vibe and 2) so as not to attract more like it

Hi Brian I am chuckling to myself as I just caught myself before getting into a low vibe. This was about an unpaid debt. The challenge here is I borrowed the money from my Dad some time back to invest it in the business that never was with the relationship that is now over. I want to let it go completely and not follow the guy for the money or indeed maintain contact as for some reason that whole situation still irritates me when I think too much about it. Thing is I do want to repay my Dad the money myself. Is the idea to see myself repaying this debt completely and minus the fellow? Some part of me deep down is still annoyed that he gets away with not paying but sometimes I am okay with that detachment as I have moved on. I can laugh about it now because there was a time it was a real thorn in the flesh..I would just like to get clear in my mind and totally move past it. Funny whenever I am typing and asking you about this particular situation, I know with absolute certainty that I need to let it go. It’s almost comical now actually. How can I move past it without sometimes feeling irritated that I was somehow duped and actually invite this whole situation into my reality in the first place? What was the lesson there? Is it unworthiness? And if that was in the past and I am now in a better place mentally, how do I ensure it never happens again..some underlying fear certainly still lurks there and I just wonder as it’s now coming onto two years since the whole thing unfolded.. sorry I keep going back to this..do you sometimes wonder why it takes some of us so long to move on from low vibe situations

My Response

Why does it take so long to let go of old experiences that really stung, why do they pop into mind and stir up low vibe thoughts. 2 reasons. 1) Faulty beliefs and the experiences related to them have momentum, they are like a raging fire of some degree. 2) we are not practiced enough on how / why to let them go- to put the fire. So the resolve to this is 1) to understand energy momentum and 2) understand and know how to diffuse it, redirect it, dissolve negative energy momentum – put water on it and put it out.

Be aware that faulty beliefs about an experience, they started up from accepting faulty information and looking at things from a faulty perspective. Let me explain, typically we take on the beliefs that people do things to us that we don’t like and we are not responsible for any of it. We tend to believe that people insert themselves into our life randomly or in some way that we have no say and that feels powerless and all low vibe, we feel vulnerable and intruded upon, our trust betrayed, more low vibe feeding that faulty active negative momentum. We also tend to beat our self up quite regularly when something does not go well and that is more low vibe that keeps those faulty beliefs raging and active. You can see how we tend to throw gas on the fire rather than water. It is water we want to learn to through on the fire.

So let’s put this into the real life example. When he did not repay the money, that brought thoughts from your faulty beliefs like, some self beating up as follows, “ how could I be so stupid, why did I let him take advantage of me, why didn’t I see this coming, why am I so weak, I let my father down” and the list goes on and on. Then there is another conversation that goes like this “he betrayed my trust, I gave him honesty and he . . . he is a thief, no good swindler, why didn’t he treat me with respect blah blah blah” It may even get into, men are . . . All very low vibe, all feeding the fire with gas. A perfect formula to attract more of the same.

Further, as we let that stream of thoughts go unchecked or without redirecting it (using our high vibe thought tool box), the law of attraction is not our friend at all, because it keeps bringing more thoughts like it. We can get to the point where only a nap / sleep will give us enough break from it, that we get a shot at starting new momentum.

So in knowing this is how it works give you some confidence and control back, that this is all about your vibration, you control your vibration and therefore you are in charge of your life.

So how do we through water on this fire so it goes out and never bothers us again. Well, when a thought about an experience shows up in a negative way. We say things like, well I was a vibrational match to that. We take responsibility for being there in that way, no blame, empowerment is what we are after and we can’t be empowered if we are pinning our life happenings on others. Then continue, this is just a manifestation from energy I was offering / have active. Nothing more, nothing less. Then say, well I could be thankful for that, being made aware of my vibration. Obviously from that experience I have some more work to do to get my vibe in alignment with what I want. And speaking of that, another thing I can be thankful for is that I receive clarity about what I really want. I now know more clearly than ever, the experience I want is . . . . I can be thankful for that too. Well my guidance system is working, I have awareness about my active vibe and I got clarity about what I want, that’s pretty darn good. Now all I have to do is keep myself focused on thoughts that match the vibration of my desired experience and that is what will manifest. If I keep the other thoughts going I know it will bring more of the same unwanted. There is no reason to do that. I had a clarifying and expanding experience and now I am going to go to it.

You see when you change your perspective from a person being a perpetrator to a helper, to a deliverer of your vibe, it changes everything. Further you know you are the creator of your reality and no matter what has happened in your life, you can be, do and have what you want, no one can take anything from you or stop you from having the experiences you want, just you. And this person was helping you to get out of your own way by showing you that you have a low vibe active in your energy. My dialogue above helps you to diffuse that active energy and attract what you want. Further dialogue that helps is to know your worthiness, obviously, since you are the creator of your reality you are plenty worthy and deserving. The first module of my book is focused on learning the truth about yourself and your natural worthiness and deserving, in fact the creative process, your energy nature and why you are here. Once you embrace this, there will be no question about your worthiness. You see every experience is what you want or a clarifying experience of what you want, so you can’t fail, you can’t get it wrong, it’s just not possible according to the laws and workings of this universe.

In terms of repaying your father, sure you can visualize that but quite frankly that is a desire and so it is already done vibrationally, so you don’t have to ask, but your visualizing can put you in the joy of the experience of repaying and that will allow it to manifest. Anything you can do to release resistance about it will be helpful as well. So if you have not had a conversation with him, you could say something like, I am going to repay you, I don’t know exactly when but I really appreciated that you lent me the money and it is a top priority for me to repay it. Anything you can do that will help you not beat yourself up over it is really good. You want to shed any guilt or any low vibes. So being honest about your intentions, whether they believe you our not could be a soothing inspired action for you.

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