Besides feeling good, is there another means to attract money faster?

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Creating and trusting our good thoughts feeling good and eagerness to receive are our tools to manifest what we want. Is there means to attract faster manifestations for money? aside fr. staying in high vibration mode.


If you are happy and satisfied now, if the journey is sweet, if you are certain that what you want is on the way, why would you want to attract faster, why not savor the journey because the fact is once that thing you want manifests you are going to want more. It is our nature to continuously expand, to be more, to do more, to have more. We are on the journey most of the time. The journey is not something to endure to get to the desire, the desire is just a reason to be on the journey. Now there is a paradigm shift in thinking.

Further if you have the thought of what can I do to attract it faster, that strongly suggests a state of dissatisfaction, of lack and those energies basically tell the law of attraction, I am not ready yet for you to deliver that thing I want.

Think of a crop where the farmer plants the seeds. Does he / she say, how can I get these seeds to grow faster. No, they don’t say that, they nurture the soil and nature provides the sun and water. They know the seeds will sprout and grow to a point to produce the fruit. They go about their life, they do the things that they enjoy and in some number of weeks they know the seeds will have turned to the fruit.

You have seeds of desire, you must trust that source and law of attraction will bring them along in the right timing. But it’s not like you have to bide your time, that you have endure the wait until this thing manifests, no not all all. In fact if you are waiting on it, it will never show up because to be waiting is to be low vibe. The path to your desire is all high vibe. It is a series of manifestations, joyful meeting of people, interesting coming together of “things”, discovery, fun, ideas.

When the Wright brothers were working on the 1st airplane, they didn’t say I wonder when this will be done or I wonder if this will ever be done. At that time there were no airplanes so they were totally driven by passion, by imagination, a dream, and source keep the ideas flowing to them. As they asked the questions, how do I do . . . source answered and their high vibe let the answer in. The fun, the excitement, the juice of life was in the day to day building, the testing, the seeing of little pieces of the results coming together and then one day presto, a flying airplane for the very first time. Now it was done, now what, nothing left to live for, of course not, more ideas, more passion, more dreams, it never ends. Life is a journey, but not a journey of drudgery so we can just get to the thing, it’s meant to be a journey of joy.

When you sit down to a nice meal, do you want to gobble it all down in a few seconds so you can be done. No, you want to savor it, you want to take your time, you want to get every bit of joy out of every bite. This is the way of life, see it as a beautiful meal to be savored, every bite. This is why we practice high vibration thinking, not to get the desire alone, but to get the delicious journey that leads to it.

You are rich, you are powerful, you are wonderful in all ways, we all are. It is unlimited abundance for all of us and those who learn to feel it, and connect with their power are in no hurry for anything. They want to savor every moment for what it is, for how it is contributing to the coming together of the desire.

Don’t feel good because you want the thing, feel good because it feels good and then the things will come.

When you setup a trip and you have an agenda, everything is arranged and payed for and you just got to show up. Do you want that trip to go by fast so you can get back home, heck no. You want to savor every piece of that trip. Life is like that, source got your back, it knows what you want, got the path all setup in a really really nice way, it is all layed out like a well planned trip, you just got to show up. Your can feel good simply because you know everything is taken care of. And so it with life.

Everything always works out if we let go and relax
It has to work out
It’s meant to work out
Life is meant to be good, it is only us that restricts our self from the grand life we came for

It’s time to relax, chill out and let it happen and enjoy the happening of it, moment by moment.

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