I want to be a billionaire, how?

The very short answer to this persons statement is, this person is a billionaire now, we all are (if we desire to be). It’s not about getting the billion, it’s all about allowing it to manifest. It’s done, it’s already there and waiting in vibrational reality. When a female is pregnant, you don’t hear her say I want a baby, she says I am so excited for this baby to come – she knows she has a baby. When you order a meal, you don’t say I want a meal, you say, I am eager for this meal to come. You know you have a meal being prepared.

The reason I teach the creative process in its entirety rather than a sharp focus on the law of attraction only is because to embrace the creative process is to wipe out some big time flawed, faulty and limiting beliefs which are the resistance to the things we want to have manifest.

Abundance is our birth right, we have unlimited access to unlimited abundance in all forms and money is just one. This is a universe of unlimited energy and we have unlimited access to it and the power to have it manifest into what we desire. Combine this with the fact of ask and it is given which means source energy hears our request and sets it up immediately, now there is just one thing to do – incubate it. How do you do that, same old thing, offer high vibration energy to the law of attraction.

So if you want a billion $ to manifest, then you have to really desire it with a solid reason that has high vibration energy / emotional energy, AND at the same time you offer no resistance to that desire. I want a billion $ because it feels like. . . and then you have to hold yourself in the feeling of that billion. Now here is a big important piece of information that comes from understanding the creative process. Let’s say you say that a billion $ feels like freedom, it feels like independence, it feels like satisfaction, it feels like security, fun, peace, ease. Ok great, that is the vibration it sits at. Now you can achieve these feelings for any reason, with any thought and you are a match to the billion $ and the path comes to take you there. You don’t have to think about the billion or how it feels because you may not have ever had that so how would you know. But you know how satisfaction feels, you know how freedom feels and you know how you can think about other things that feel that way. Now you are on the frequency of the billion, you are a match and it is on the way as long as you hold that frequency dominantly. For example you could say, I love flying a kite, seeing that kite flying freely in the wind, that really reminds me of freedom, gives me the feeling of freedom. This may sound silly to you but the law of attraction is receiving the frequency of freedom from you, a high vibe so it goes to work to see what you asked for and starts bringing it. Quite a paradigm shift in the way we think things come to us eh! Another example, you could say, I have this piece of music that makes me feel really confident, powerful and secure. Now your on the frequency with that billion.

The thing that gets in the way of it coming is one thing and one thing only and that is our limiting beliefs. When we allow them to dominate our thinking we are not longer on the frequency of the billion. So we got to stop triggering them and focus our mind in ways that trigger the feelings of the billion without trigger the limiting beliefs.

Another way you approach letting your vibe rise is to talk your way up through the belief to form a new more natural belief. You could say, well, I know this is an abundant universe because everything is energy and we all know that energy cannot be created nor destroyed, it just changes forms and it is unlimited, I love knowing everything is energy. I also know that my thoughts direct my energy and when my energy matches the energy of what I desire then the law of attraction puts me together with it. So this thing I want, anything I want, it’s a possibility. There is no good reason I can’t have this thing other than I had accepted some limiting beliefs about my self and life and this thing I want. You get the idea, form new beliefs with new information, the way old limiting beliefs got formed with old flawed information.

Some people desire to have money and believe in their possession of it so it manifests, no resistance, they expect it, they feel good about it. Now these same people may not have high vibes about other areas of life and the money can’t help them so money is not the best currency to hold. Vibrational currency will buy you everything and we all have unlimited amounts of that. Some have abundant lives with no substantial amount of money in their possession. They just have the frame of mind, I always get what I want and things always work out for me. Their thinking is, why go get 100 buckets of water from the well and put them on the shelf when I can get it when I want it. Having it on hand is just extra work, more management.

So if you truly have an emotionally solid reason for having a billion, it’s in your vibrational vault just like the car, the relationship, the trip, the pair of shoes and everything else. There is nothing special or different about money, just another object. Abundance in all forms is yours for the asking when you want it, so a billion in the bank or not, that does not affect your experience to have the things you want.

Some think they must go through money to get the things wanted and if you are in tune with money that works out OK, but if not, not so much. Others just get in tune with what they want and let the law of attraction and source bring the components(one which may be money) of the path to get them to the desire.

If you are in tune with a desire, it comes no matter how much money you have but if you don’t get in tune with the desire whether you have money or not, it won’t come, no matter how much money you have. I have worked with people with more money than they would ever know what to do with but it didn’t help their relationships or health situation. So you may want to think about your concept of money and how it fits in with you allowing those things you want to manifest.

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