When you have been in chronic pain for many years. What is the best way to bring yourself back to health? Also any tips on weight loss?

OK, let’s set this up using an analogy as it is important to understand the accurate perspective about wellness or lack of it. Bear with me as I set this up and go on a little rampage about health care. Let’s say you had a house and up on a hill above the house you had a water supply to your house. Let’s say that a tree fell on the pipe that allowed the water to get to your house. Now your house has very little water because the tree has pinched the pipe. Would you say that there is something wrong with your house? Would you say this is a house with very little water, must be something wrong with it? No you wouldn’t say that at all, you would look for the water supply and find why the water was not getting to the house. You would find the pinched pipe, take the tree off of it and as the pipe sprung back into shape, your house would have full water again.

So this is the way it is with health and wellness. We are naturally 100% healthy and well. Why can I say this? 1) because the cells of our body are intelligent, they know what to do to maintain their balance, what to ask for to maintain their balance until one thing happens. We introduce resistance, negative energy and then they can’t get what they want. That negative energy is just like that tree that feel on the pipe. 2) because our cells know what to do, that means we in our conscious thinking mind, it’s not our job to maintain our health, it’s simply our job to stay out of the way so our cells can do what the need to do to maintain their balance and wellness.   They inspire us to do what helps them to maintain balance.  This also means that our medical systems, and anything outside of yourself is not responsible or can really be the root reason to return to wellness. Now if you believe something outside or yourself will “cure” you well then you have released resistance and that is enough to get out of the way of what your cells want. So although it appears the medicine or the surgery or the health provider did the magic, they did not, they simply helped you to release resistance and then your cells did all of the magic. But it’s not really magic, it just seems like that because out of thin air seemingly, we return to wellness.

It’s really quite interesting, many think the health care systems are the reason for returning to wellness and all of those highly educated medical people think they are delivering the “cure” but unbeknownst to them, all they are doing is helping people release resistance so the cells can go to work and do the healing of themselves. Oh it’s going to be interesting when medicine and pharmaceutical companies get wind of this. As we make our transition to living from an energy perspective it is good to have them, but once we make the transition, that whole thing is going to go away. Imagine all of those years of education to try to figure out how to heal the body when low and behold, it knows how to heal itself once we get out of the way. The new brand of medicine is going to be those who show people how to release resistance and thus allowing the cells to do the rest. Easy, effortless and painless.

Ok Jo, you should be feeling a little better, a little more at ease right now (which is the healing mindset), because I just showed you that within you is all the healing power, so the job of returning to wellness just got a whole lot easier.   So it’s not about what “they” are going to do for you, it is what you are willing to do for yourself to release resistance. Chronic pain means there is chronic negative energy. The solution is to release the chronic negative energy and the body will release the chronic pain. A better way to say that is that the cells will get what they want. When they do they will stop screaming at you with pain to let them have what they want. Pain is your indicator that you are not letting them have what they want. Isn’t this just a radical paradigm shift in understanding health and wellness.

So if you can get some outside relief for the physical pain while you work on releasing resistance which will be your permanent solution that is quite alright. Your looking for relief of negative energy and if you have to get some body pain relief to help with that then it is well worth it, but know that if you don’t use the body pain relief as a short term solution to help with the negative energy relief . . . well you are going to be on that outside body pain relief for a long time. I always joke with people and say all medical prescriptions should have a warning on them that says “for temporary use only while you shift your vibration”

So for example, if you were to start today, monitor your emotions through the day and watch where they are negative and turn your thinking so your emotions turn positive . . . if you do this every day for 30 days you will be releasing resistance more and more and you will notice a positive difference in 30 days. If you keep going the pain will disappear all together because with no resistance, the cells get back into balance and they no longer have to scream at you with pain, they are happy.

So if you do all of the things in my book and in this group in terms of the tools for high vibration thinking then, that is your solution, that is my prescription to you. Practice the 4 legs of consistent and successful manifestation that I have made many posts about. My book contains more about those 4 legs. They are trust, your story, positive aspects, vibrational awareness. These four legs cover you from sun up to sun down on how to train your thinking for high vibration.

When it comes to trust, this is huge for returning to wellness because your body may be hurting for those first 30 days as you shift the momentum from negative to positive. And despite this you have to remain focused on good feeling thoughts. It is possible to have physical pain but emotional satisfaction at the same time and that is what it takes to heal. So if you have a physical outside remedy that gives some relief while you shift vibe that obviously will help with the process. If you don’t have trust that things are changing inside with your vibration, that will work themselves into your wellness then the pain just keeps you stuck focusing on how bad it feels, so you really need to trust that when you can’t see any changes, that they are indeed happening.

Let me give you an example of mine. Some years back when I was not so practiced in maintaining a high vibration, in the early stages of really making it my way of thinking, I had a family matter that got my attention in a negative way. From that persistent negative energy I ended up with severe migraine headaches. Believe me I took outside relief and other measures to deal with it. As I realized what was happening from a vibrational point of view, I gave up the struggle, I let go, I did all I could do and was giving up on the matter. What I really gave up was the resistance caused by my thinking. Once I did, seemingly out of the blue, things changed, circumstances changed and my migraines disappeared in a short period of time.

Let me give you another example from a business trip I was on. Upon landing at an airport I grabbed a cab and the cabby was telling me his story about his back, chronic back pain, that he refused surgery because he felt it would go away eventually and surgery on his back really scared him, thinking it would become worse. He also believed that taking aspirin gave him enough relief until it went away, so in the relief of his belief about the aspirin it released enough resistance to make it tolerable. The belief that it would go away was also relief making it tolerable. Eventually his back did start to feel better and completely returned to wellness. Now he didn’t tell me what was going on in his life, his source of negative energy that brought on this condition in the first place but what ever it was, he released it one way or another and that was his healing. He didn’t know anything about energy and at the time I was just beginning to understand. But as I understood more and more I realized what happened to him from an energy point of view, his release of resistance is what allowed him to return to wellness.

So if you have persistent negative feeling thoughts about your job, your relationship, your family, yourself, your neighbors, your house or anything else, that is your dis-ease and that is what is at the root of what shows up in your body. As soon as you let go of the resistance, one way or another, then your body returns to it’s natural state of health and wellness.

The same things applies to weight loss.  It is the result of negative energy blocking the cells performance.   So do as I mentioned above and your body will find it’s natural weight.   Excess weight usually has its roots in lack of self acceptance, self love so that would be resistance related to self.    Release that and your good to go.

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