What do you do when confronted with physical reality that limits your current ability to buy something or get something for your children?

Thank you Katherine, I really appreciate these questions as they help the group really tune into how this creative process works and how to work it. This is a great scenario to launch a very important explanation with many energy vibration teaching points.

First let’s get clear on the situation from an energy perspective. You said “What do you do when confronted by a physical reality that limits your current ability to buy something or get something for your children?” In learning about our energy nature, vibrational awareness, the creative process, and directing our energy intentionally, there are lots of learning points here in this one question and I believe you will find how to address this energetically with the information below. Be sure to read each point as they all carry energy significance.


This question has quite a clear message about what is not wanted, the focus is drawn to the current condition and so it keeps the focus on the current condition and it keeps the energy on the current condition which means the law of attraction will continue to deliver the current condition. BUT at the same time there is an opportunity to take the bounce and put the focus on what is wanted. This very circumstance, which is itself a manifestation, contains the seeds for the improved experience to manifest. That improved experience is something like I want prosperity, financial abundance and I want it because it feels good, it feels like freedom, it feels like independence, it feels secure, it feels fun, it feels easy, it feels giving, it feels optimistic, it feels exciting etc. I can do the things that I want to do and for the people I want to do things for. Now that’s it, that’s your job and you got to stop there in terms of the desire. That is the what you want and why you want it. The how, who, when and where, that is the job of Source Energy and the Law of Attraction and you must trust it or that doubt will block the road. So your job is to trust and to offer to the law of attraction the emotions that match that desire as I have indicated. By doing that you open yourself to receive the path. There also has to be trust that when you are feeling good it is coming and when you are do not, you got it on pause until you get feeling good again. So finding satisfaction where you are and feeling the eagerness for what is coming are essential vibrations to the manifestation and all based on trust. This is where all of the high vibration thinking tools come in. They are setup to take you to feel good so you can remain open for the path to keep coming.


Another learning point in this question is this. How does this question feel? Well I don’t know about anyone else but when I read that statement it makes me feel powerless, sad, and a few other low vibrations. So a person aware of their emotional guidance system says to themselves, that does not feel good, and that means that statement is faulty, it’s flawed and limiting. It does not agree with the way Source sees it and it does not match the vibration of what I want. BUT what it does do is remind me that I have a vibration going that is attracting this lack to me and that’s OK because it just means I have some work to do. I am learning, I am shifting, I am falling down, I am getting up and I am learning day by day. I know vibrationally I can’t change this situation this red hot minute and that is OK too. I know it takes time to align my focus with what I want AND that is the other good thing going on here. I am getting very clear about what I want. Now this leads us into the discussion in point 1 above and you can see how this new perspective can start to bring in relief, a sense of hopefulness and empowerment which are high vibrations that will inspire more high vibration thinking, that is, the law of attraction will bring more thoughts that match. Thoughts too are manifestation. The very first level.


Another thing we can learn here is to phrase our questions to put the focus on what we want rather than the way it is, which tends to draw more attention to that and take us to not feeling so good. So a more energy driven question could be “How can I allow my natural prosperity and abundance to flow that would enable me the freedom, independence, abundance and prosperity that feels good to me? Now we got a question that puts us in the energy of the answer of what we want.


Lastly, your beliefs. How do you see yourself as a parent? What do you think your job is? What is a “good” parent? If you beat yourself up or get down on life, which is easy to do when you ask a question as indicated, because it almost certainly points to inadequacy, not good enough, letting people down, not doing your job, not living up to your responsibilities. These things are all low vibe and now you are not helping your children out at all, it’s more of what we seen growing up which we want to get away from. So what is your job relative to your kids. What your inner being wants you to do is this, show your kids that you can face any circumstance and not be moved to a negative feeling place, that you trust your inner being and the creative process. Then you are teaching them empowerment, that they are in charge of their life, not circumstances. You let them know their true self, their true power, the creative process, why they are here in these physical bodies (age appropriate discussion of course). Your job is to encourage and support them in expressing themselves in the ways that feel good to them. Your job is to be honest with them that you are working on tuning your vibration, that you were given some faulty beliefs and you are working on displacing them with the truth. This helps them to know that in life they can pull themselves up out of anything by understanding their emotional guidance system and the creative process. Your job is to help them trust a process that the cannot sometimes see (in the early stages of manifestation) and this can be demonstrated in many ways, with seeds growing, with electricity flowing. Your job is to let them know they have a source within them that loves them, supports them, guides them, creates with them. Your job is to let them know their emotions tell them if they are in vibrational alignment with what they want or not. Your job is to let them know they can be do and have what they want using their energy. Your job is to let them know about the law of attraction, that it takes their energy and returns to them what matches. Your job is to help them identify what feels good to them and do more of that.

You don’t need lots of money, a big house and lots of fancy possessions to do this, but you know what, if you find this place of ease, peace, satisfaction and eagerness with your kids and life in general, take the pressure off, release the resistance about the way it should be, just accept yourself that you are learning and doing your best, all those things you want will come. This is another great teaching for the children, to be easy and kind to themselves when things are not exactly as they want in the moment and with the knowing it is on the way, you can set that example. You can’t give up the desire, you only have to give up the resistance that is hold you away from it. It’s only ever the resistance that holds us away, release it and off you go. If you spend time with your kids, letting them feel your love of yourself and them, that they are safe, special, unique and powerful, you are all then in very high vibes. So if your kids grow up with this attention and affection and knowing about who they truly are and how abundant and beautiful life is, they will be beyond eternally grateful despite anything else.

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