How do beliefs hold us back from attracting what we want and what can we do about them?

Our beliefs are in our subconscious mind, it’s kind of like a storage cabinet. Some topics you can use ignoring as a good tactic so you don’t tempt those faulty beliefs into talking to you telling you all the reason you can’t have what you want, and then you can continue to use many other topics / thoughts as your way to achieve a high vibe.   But money and health are 2 topics that are simply in your face, there are so many ways in the run of a day that can cause them to spin up, that you have to take a different approach. And really this approach is good for all occasions.

You see you want to understand a faulty belief for what it is. It’s a thought that you accepted as true (but it’s not) and you repeated it until it became a habit.  And although you have thought it to be true and your life experience seems to support it, you now know that it’s not true.  You now know that your life experience does not tell you the belief is true, it just tells you that you accepted it.  In fact with what you now know, your emotional guidance system tells you it’s false because any time you feel negative, the thought is false, it does not agree with your power as a creator nor in alignment with how your desires feel.  So armed with your knowledge of the creative process, the truth about you and life, you can talk / dance your way around such beliefs to not only feel better in the moment, but diffuse those old beliefs and activate the new ones as you continually repeat them.

To so really gets into the art of talking high vibration. So let’s say you want a to take a trip and your imagining it and feeling good about it and eager for it to come together then you it comes time to pay your bills and you see your bank account balance is no where near the price of that trip. Now without the faulty believe that would be irrelevant to having that trip manifest. But with a faulty beliefs, the bank balance is a major trigger for the faulty belief to start chattering at you. It says who are you fooling, you are not taking any trip. You don’t have enough money, you’ll never have enough money, trips are only for people that . . . and on an on that conversation goes. As those thoughts persist, momentum picks up, the law of attraction sends more like it and the next thing you are totally demoralized and hopeless. If you have been learning about the creative process and practicing, you may be extra demoralized thinking, I’ll never get this, how am I ever going to change. I mean there is no bottom to negative momentum if you let it go. You probably have all experienced this on some topic, you just wanted shut that voice up but no way, it was not shutting up for nothing.

So how do you deal with this, there has to be a way, I mean if we are the creators of our reality (and we are), if we are in charge (and we are), if we get to pick our thoughts (and we do) then surely there has to be a way.  The creative process does not say your beliefs are the creator of your reality so what’s the key.  The key this, as you start to fully understand the creative process and you know it intellectually, and you accept it, then you have a new solid foundation of why you are in charge and how to do it.   Add to this, the understanding of the truth about who you are and how your energy works, and why you came here . . . this information is the critical information to know, and to understand and accept, because with out it you will not have the confidence nor the certainty to talk your way out of faulty beliefs.   They bask in ignorance but they fall apart in truth.   How does that phrase go, Fear knocked on the door, Faith (truth) answered and no one was there.  This is the meaning of the phrase, when you know the truth of the creative process and self, there is simply nothing to fear because you realize that you are indeed the creator of your reality.   You are in the driver seat, you have the power to decide how your life plays out.   Fear, that is Source telling you, your thoughts are not accurate, just change them.

I must say that phrase about knocking on the door drove me crazy when I first read it because faith to me back then was blind faith, there was no real basis for trust, no knowledge of the creative process so how could I possibly have faith and trust without that knowledge.   But once I got it, faulty beliefs, see ya later.  It opened up a whole new dialogue I could use to talk my self into a place of relief and ease.

So let’s revisit the scenario. I have a desire to take a trip, I look at my bank book and have that feeling in my gut, in my heart and my throat that I can’t have it because I can’t afford it but now instead of letting that belief run wild I say STOP because I have increased my awareness to catching a negative feeling thought.   I know what is going on.    At first no good thoughts come to me which I know is natural because the law of attraction is giving me what matches that faulty beliefs,  but I now know enough to distract my self for just a minute using some simple mind focus like counting backwards from 100, counting by three’s, finding positive words for letters of the alphabet, breathing and focusing on my breath or repeating a work like relax over and over.  I now know that slows down the momentum.   Now my mind is clearing, less panic and resistance. I say just wait a minute.   That thought that I can’t afford it is one possible thought (out of endless options) I could have but I know much more now, that’s just that same old knee jerk reaction from that faulty belief that I now know is not true.   That belief is based on me having money to take a trip but I now know that I don’t need money, I don’t need to think about that part of it.  I just need to think about what I want and why I want it and the rest is all taken care of by Source and Law of Attraction.  So really this negative thoughts is helping me, it’s my friend, it’s reminding me that I have more work to do, I have to spend more time connecting with my power, who I am, how this creative process works and what I want.   I can be do and have what I want, not based on money or education or any one else, but simply on my determination to feel good.   That is called spending my vibrational currency and it can buy anything, much more than money and in fact it can buy money.

So below is a further script or stream of thoughts that helps release resistance, let go of the faulty belief and reinforce the new belief.   I talk about building these streams of thoughts in my book and they are invaluable to building your story, letting go of faulty beliefs and building beliefs in alignment with your power and desire.  You can also see the articles on my website called Maintaining a High Vibration and Your Emotional Guidance System to further your awareness, knowledge and training on building this skill of shifting negative energy to positive.  You really are in charge, you have the power.

Happiness is the road to my desires

I now know this to be true because the vibration of happiness matches the vibration of my desire

When there is a match the law of attraction brings me together with the path to my desire

Satisfaction is the spending of my vibration currency on the things I want

When I feel happy, satisfied, eager, appreciative, gratitude , at ease that is me spending my vibrational currency which has much more purchasing power than anything else I could acquire or do

When I get up every day I shall proclaim, it is my dominant intention today to spend my high vibe currency with each thought

I know I have old limiting beliefs, and I know why

But now I know they are not true, and Source is always so good to let me know when I am thinking about them, it sends me a negative emotion to say shift back to what you know, your power to create and what you desire

I know it takes time as I focus on the new thoughts, they will become my habit

So when a negative feeling thought comes up I say oh you again, I guess I have some more practice, thanks for reminding me, you are really a good friend (then go back to what you know is true and the feeling of your desire).

I know everything is energy

I know energy is unlimited

I know I have unlimited access to it

I know with my energy I can request the manifestation of anything I want

That’s just the way this universe works

It feels good to know that as I practice using my new understood power

I know I can’t miss my ship

I know it will wait until I spend my vibrational currency to get on board

I know Source sets up a really nice path

So there is no rush, my desires are certain and the path is really nice

I really like knowing this

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