How do we feel good to get our health back when we are in discomfort?

Here is a great question I received that I am sure many wonder about. The answer will show you that we are really in charge of our life in all ways.

Hi ! Brian I was thinking if feeling good is all we need. Then when we are having small health issues like stomach problems & low energy. Then how can we feel good or get our health back to normal

Very good question, one that I am sure many are interested to know. Your question shows that there is a lack of understanding in the truth about your physical being and when you get the truth you will understand the answer to your question. So here is the information and the answer.

Even though your body hurts, aches, pains is in discomfort, you can still think comforting thoughts. You can separate how you feel emotionally from how you feel physically. This is essential not only to change health but any aspect of life. This principle is the same for all areas of life as follows: You could say to me how can I feel prosperous when I have no money and I am hungry, how can I feel love when my partner just left, how can I like my job when they mistreat me so much. In all cases the answer is the same, despite YOUR manifested current conditions you got to find a way to send the law of attraction a high vibration so it can lead you through the manifestation of the circumstances you desire.

Having body pain or malfunction and feeling hopeful is a much different vibration frequency than having body pain and feeling fear. So once again we go back to why it is so important to understand the entire creative process rather than just the law of attraction which is one piece.

When you know that the cells of your body are intelligent and they know what to do for their own balance, that they don’t need you to do anything EXCEPT one thing, and that is to stay away from sustained negative energy. When you engage sustained negative energy it’s like stepping on the garden hose and stopping the water from running. When we choose negative energy we pinch off the flow of energy that allows the cells to maintain their balance.

So when you know this, you know the solution is to let go of the resistance and natural wellness resumes, it’s really that easy. And this applies to everything no matter if it’s cancer, or any of the other so called diseases. Disease is really dis-ease, meaning we have a lack of ease with something in our life. If we let go of that lack of ease then we are letting go of dis-ease. In this way there are no terminal illness, just terminal thinking.

When we know this is the way it works, we can say things like, well my body hurts but this is just a temporary condition and will go away as I stay in a more positive feeling place. Now that acknowledgment alone gives you ease and relief vs oh my body hurts and I don’t know what to do and no one can help me and is this going to get really bad. Do you see the difference where one is emotional (vibrational) relief and the other is full of resistance making the condition worse by introducing more and more resistance.

The body, like your emotions is another indicator of where your energy is, high vibe or low. Your body tells you if you are enjoying life or you have something going on that you are not satisfied with, really not satisfied with and focusing on it. When you don’t heed the alarm of a negative emotion to shift your thinking, then your body kicks in and says, hey, what’s up, you didn’t listen to that negative emotion, you didn’t change or thoughts, so I am going to give you some discomfort so you get the message, come on now, it’s time to change those thoughts to something that feels good, then your body will start to feel better.

Life is so hard and complicated without the truth, but so easy and simple when we have it, so I guess the thing to do is to really get tuned into the truth if you want that ease and simple life.

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