How does a woman deal with the negativity from PMS?

Brian, while I was reading this a question popped up in my mind. What about days for women that are monthly female cycles? I know I tend to be sometimes in a negative state during those times of the month, I’m sure other females also feel that way, how do we stay High vibe and stay out of our periods of funk? Especially during our cycle days..

Well we have to go back to the basics of energy. We know that the mind controls the body, although we are certainly conditioned to think the body controls the mind in certain situations, and this is a topic where that may be quite prevalent, but it is never the case. The body is always following the vibration.

So let’s factor in the creative process. Negative emotions tell us that out thoughts are out of alignment with what we want and our power to create. So we know one things we can do is to find new thoughts to sooth that negative energy. I talked with Lisa about it and she had some really good language to sooth herself, gave her relief. She talked her way back up the emotional scale. The best way to do that is always admit where you are. I feel . . . and it is OK, just a temporary condition . . . and so on. She also reminds me of this condition which gives her ease that she feels good about taking her space. So as with every other topic you are looking to insert ease and relief and you can find those words.

You can also meditate or take a nap. You would be amazed that by finding ways to release the resistance in your vibration, the law of attraction will start helping you find physical relief.

This stuff works the same no matter what the topic. Sooth resistance and you will find yourself on a path that gives you what you really want.

So what does it cause you to want when you feel that way during that time. It causes you to launch a desire for more ease, more peace, more – you name it. Well we know that once you have that desire, Source creates it instantly (vibrationally). So that reality that you desire is available to you right now. If you tune to it, line up your present moment energy, you get it.

It’s like my post yesterday that talked about changing your life experience is like changing your TV channel. The experience you don’t want and the one you do are both available to you NOW, which way you lean with your vibration is what determines which one you will experience.

So perhaps the first thing is to let go of the belief, if you do believe, that feeling negative at that time is natural, it is not. Not at all, we are the creators of our reality, we did not come here to endure unwanted situations, we are way to power for that. When we do have unwanted it is simply because we have allowed our self misalignment of our energy. That is the root of everything that is unwanted in a persons life, everything, misaligned energy. If you tend to that, get the alignment back, everything smooths out.

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