How to release an addiction using our personal energy?

Releasing addictions of all kinds (or simply undesired habits) by shifting your energy

Before getting into the details, let me just be clear on the definition of alignment, it means that our present moment vibration is a match to the vibration of our desire. It also means that our perspective of our self, of others and life is a match to the way Source energy, the larger part of us, sees it. If you want more details on that perspective, have a look at my article called The Truth About You in the INFO section of this website.

Ok so let’s demystify, understand, and know how to release addictions of all kinds. When we don’t know about our energy nature, the creative process and the real truth of life, we don’t know that we can have our dreams and desires, not for sure, not with total certainty and independent of any circumstance or person. We just don’t know that. So when we have our natural dreams and desires but we feel somewhat powerless to fulfill them or that the fulfillment of them seems out of reach, then we don’t feel very good. Then things get compounded because, in our lack of knowledge of true life, we do know that our emotions are telling us about the vibrational value of our thought, that it is guiding us to shift to better feeling thoughts so we can line up with the energy of our desire and let it in. We just don’t know that. If we did know that a negative feeling was the first indicator of misalignment, we would catch it and turn it around, no big deal as we bounce back into alignment. But we don’t do that because we have no concept of the creative process and the workings of our energy.

So as we go day after day bouncing between hope and hopelessness, we never achieve the high vibration that is natural to us but we want it, we want to feel it because it is natural to us, and we will do what it takes to get it. So when we can’t satisfy our self through the realization of our desires (and just knowing our powerful self) then we start looking for artificial means. So we may become a workaholic, an alcoholic, a people pleaser (to get recognition for feel good), a drug addict, food addict, compulsive gambler, etc. These things give us (at least) a temporary feel good even though it is not sustaining. It becomes our source of feel good, a way to close the gap between the life we want and where we are. But again, it is temporary at best which leads us to indulge more to sustain it but that eventually turns into other issues and compounds the out of alignment.

So the answer to releasing an addiction, is really the same answer as releasing a so called terminal illness (or any illness), it is the same answer to release a job you don’t like to open up space for the one you do. The answer to all “problems” in life is to return to energy alignment. And really there are no problems, what we call problems are simply symptoms of energy misalignment.

When helping a person release an addiction, never try to use efforts to stop them from doing that thing that may be the only thing that gives them satisfaction and relief. You really risk driving them into a feeling of deep depression and what happens from there. Never condemn them or attempt to shame them into changing, that just drives them down. There is only one good solution to this and that is to educate them on their energy nature such that they start to release resistance about themselves and life. As they do that they their vibration will naturally rise and then they will have no more need for the artificial input. With addictions there is some cellular memory to deal with but if a person stays away from the artificial input for between 3 and 5 days, that cellular memory will be dropped and no more cravings. But this only works if the alignment is restored first, otherwise, they will go right back because the addiction is not in the cells, it’s due to the energy misalignment.

So in learning about their energy nature, the 4 legs of successful and consistent manifestation is a strategy that covers all basis. It helps them to tune into their dreams with conviction as they learn to trust the creative process. It helps them to focus on the current positive aspects of life, it gives them tools to increase awareness of emotion and use it to turn negative thoughts into positive. From this place of pure positive energy, artificial inputs are completely undesired and really irrelevant.

If they are not ready to learn about their energy nature then just continue to give them positive input to attempt to “wake them up”. Tell them encouraging things, this is where thought mastery comes in, to pick those words that are inspiring to them, gives them emotional relief, some feel good about themselves and the possibility for the life they want. If you can just dream with them for a few minutes using words like wouldn’t it be nice, or just imagine, or wouldn’t that feel good. That is enough to give the law of attraction an opportunity to deliver better feeling thoughts that build positive momentum and can take them to the point where they open up to learning. You just got to keep priming the pump so to speak until it catches. Their inner being wants to go, it’s just the faulty beliefs holding them down, so if you can give them relief to see even a glimmer of light, good things can happen.

You have the power to create your reality, and you also have the power to influence others by shining your light on them so they can see their power.

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