Do I have energy blockages?

Thanks for the question Pam, it gives me a great opportunity to talk about energy alignment which is really important to understand in terms of allowing out desires to manifest.

That is an interesting word, blockage, it gets used by many but has many meanings. I suspect that when a kinesiologist uses it they are referring to physical body (cellular) energy which is different from, but the result of thought vibration energy (emotions). So let’s see if we can make sense of this and how it all comes together.

What is interesting is this, because the body is the manifestation of our active vibration, when the cells of the body have negative energy (an imbalance in the cells that may or may not have manifested into an ailment) that means there is negative energy in our active vibration – misalignment. To be clear our thought / emotion energy (which is our vibration) is out of alignment with our natural positive high vibration. The state of the body reflects the state of our active vibration. So if an area of the body is malfunctioning or not totally in balance, that means there is negative energy present in the cells in that area whether muscle, organ etc., and this is telling us that there is active negative energy in our vibration. Remember our body is one of the indicators of our vibrational alignment / misalignment. When the body is out of balance in some way it always means we have work to do on our active vibration to release negative energy (negative feeling thoughts), return to alignment, then the negative energy will release from the cells.

So it is valid for a kinesiologist to indicate that you have an energy blockage (negative energy) in the cells but the solution is not to deal with the cells because the cells are simply telling you that you have negative energy in your active vibration. What you want to work on is releasing the negative energy from your active vibration and that will release if from the cells. Now if you can engage some temporary relief by addressing the body that is fine, just know that the root cause, your energy vibration is what you really want to bring back into alignment for a permanent solution. So, no matter what the ailment is, whether a digestive issue, an organ issue, a skin issue, a muscle issue. The solution for all body issues is to get alignment back (by releasing negative thought vibrations) and then the body no longer has to give you an alarm, it will settle down to its natural state of perfect health.

What this all boils down to is this. If your body or your life circumstances are not as you like, you have an energy vibration misalignment. This means that you have an active vibration that is negative and therefore out of alignment with your natural high vibration. Your natural state is pure positive energy and if you choose thoughts that are not in agreement with that pure positive energy then you have misalignment; out of alignment energy is negative energy. For example, if you are having negative emotions around a relationship, money, job, family etc., then your active vibration on these matters is out of alignment with your natural high vibration perspective on these topics. Remember, you are the creator of your reality and you be, have and do as you desire so any thoughts that contradict this fact are low vibe (negative) and out of alignment. To say this another way, while you are seeing and feeling something negative about something in your life, the larger part of you Source Energy is not, it knows you can have what you want and that is your misalignment. The negative emotion tells you this as well as discomfort in the body and unwanted circumstances.

Finally to wrap this up. Even in this field of vibration energy knowledge, many people refer to vibration energy misalignment as an energy blockage. It’s not really accurate but what people are wanting to convey is that when you are feeling negative you are not a vibrational match to your desires so they can’t manifest, in other words, by choosing negative feeling thoughts you are blocking (preventing) the manifestation of your desire. Others will say you are inhibiting it.

If you look at this diagram on my website…/2016/11/life-cycle.png you can see that the green line represents living in alignment and what that means and the black dotted line represents living out of alignment and what that represents. If you are out of alignment, what you want to do is shift your vibration so that the black dotted line moves to the green line and overlays it, then the two lines (pure positive Source energy and present active vibrations are in alignment). When there is a gap between the 2 lines as you can see in the diagram, that is when we have low vibration energy active and attract things we do not want, including the onset of body ailments. So from this perspective there is not really a blockage, there is just out of alignment energy that needs to be realigned. Again, out of alignment energy gives the effect of blocking what we want from manifesting because out of alignment energy is low vibration and our desire is high vibration – they don’t match and so the loa can’t connect us with our desires.

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