How does energy vibration fit in with death?

Thanks again Jass for another great question.

There is no death in that we are eternal, yes our body goes away but we simply transition to our singular form as Source Energy, pure positive energy. Any of our desires that we did not allow to manifest in this life time are still there and will be things that can manifest the next time we extend out into another physical body. Think of your physical life like the wave in an ocean. The wave goes up, the wave goes down and returns into the sea. The wave is no longer identifiable but the water that it was still exists. Then the ocean gives rise to another wave and on it goes.

This is a very important thing to understand because many people have fear about death, which is resistance, and no wonder based on the information we get about it from various sources and what the after life is. Until I learned about energy I knew nothing about the truth and all I had was what people had told me over the years. Thankfully that is all faulty and the return to pure positive energy is, well pure positive energy. Nothing bad there at all. This is a universe of love and light only, pure positive energy, anything less than that is what is conjured from the minds of humans who do not have all of the accurate information.

Life / the universe is all about expansion of more life for all, that is the fundamental impulse of the universe. Expansion happens by Source extending into a body, the body has experiences to help identify what is preferred, then as we hold our self in a high vibe, we realize that desire. So you see from this standpoint nothing is ever wrong, we either see the things we want manifest, or we see things to help us get clear about what we want, shift our vibe and get them.

Also in understanding what life is, it helps us understand alignment which is what it takes for our desires to manifest. Alignment is when our present moment conscious vibration is a match to the vibration of our Source self. Source always holds steady on a high vibe and guides us to it via our emotions. When you are feeling negative that is the larger part of you saying hey, you are choosing thoughts that are putting you off of your natural high vibe, you may want to get back into alignment so you can receive all of those things you want. You may have heard people talk about duality and non duality. Duality is when we in our conscious mind have a vibration that is different from the vibration of our Source energy self. Non duality is where you want to be, a state of no gap in vibration between your physical self and source self, that is alignment. That is where all the good stuff happens.

Another aspect of understanding eternal life is that getting old, getting sick and dyeing, or even getting ill at any age, is completely unnecessary. This only happens because of the resistance we carry through life, and as it increases, the cells of our body get further out of balance, and we experience the result of that imbalance – some ailment. Our body ailment is actually telling us that we are out of alignment, so there is never ever anything wrong with the body, it is either in its natural state or telling us to let it get back to it by releasing resistance. We could return to our perfect health state at any time by simply releasing resistance. Because many do not understand this, when someone recovers from a so called terminal illness they give it the label of spontaneous recovery or remission meaning, they don’t know what happened, but if you understand energy you know for sure what happened and you know how to allow your health to return. So we can all transition to Source energy in peace and ease, not with tubes sticking out of our nose and loaded up with pharmaceuticals etc. Again that is totally unnecessary and done out of ignorance of the truth. As we come into enlightenment, the realization of medicine as a field of study will become obsolete as we understand what causes an ailment and how to allow health to return from within ourselves. Our bodies are self healing if we know how to get out of the way.

Well I think that covers most of the mystery and confusion around death.

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