How can I stay high vibe when someone close dies?

Hello Brian Withers, this question may have been asked before but I will ask anyways since you are so informative and help support our growth. How do we keep our vibes up especially in trying times, like after the death of a dear one, a friend, a mentor? I am aware that they are in a better and comforting place but I find myself down and sad at times like this. How can we move from sadness to a place of happy for ourselves and them, knowing they are at peace and not suffering anymore? Kindly answer. It’s a struggle I’m facing currently with a loss of a person whom I admired very much.

Hi Saira, a few things I find give a great deal of comfort and peace (maintaining our high vibe) around this topic. 1) is to know that life is eternal so although we give up the body we do not go anywhere 2) and because we do not go anywhere, well we can still communicate, body or not, in fact I heard a recent interview where a fellow indicated he now has a much better relationship with his father now that he (his father) has no body! We just got to embrace the non physical communication 3) We knew coming in that we are here for a period of time in this body, we came for the joy of the expanding experiences and so we enjoy the moment for what it is and know more and more joy is always on the way 4) those who shed their body, they are now on your team, supporting you, guiding you and wanting you to ride the wave of life for all it is worth, they are not gone, far from it and if you tune it you will know. Nothing has gone wrong, nothing bad. With each of our lives, no matter the content, when we leave (each time), the universe for everyone has expanded to be more. It’s just all good news.

You see, like so many things, we get this believe about life and death so we kind of automatically go to the sad side when someone transitions, but it’s out of habit, not truth. As we embrace the truth, it will be all celebration. And when you think about it, that is the way it has to be because to have a low vibe over the transition of another, well that makes no sense at all, to cut our self off from our desires because someone came for what they wanted and leave as they expected to do knowing they would be coming back for more. It just doesn’t even make logical sense to be sad about that and that tells us we are just in the stream of an active faulty belief when we do. In fact that sad emotion is Source saying, you are missing the point of this, your perspective is out of alignment, they are wanting you to be successful and have fulfilling experiences and you are thinking things that are not letting you go, they want you to go. As an attempt at humor, I suppose if they could put a shoe on they would give us a good kick in the rear end to get moving towards our desires.

Here is a little story I found interesting when I heard it. A young boy is crying, a man asks him, “what is the matter”, the young boy says “my Grandfather has died”. The man says ah this explains everything, the boy looks at him startled. The man says “each day there is a parade of spirits who walk with their candles burning bright but your Grandfather’s is never burning”. The boy is shocked “why, what is wrong with his candle, why does his not light”. The man replies “because you tears keep putting it out”.

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